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YC series heavy-duty single-phase motors are suitable for small size machine tools and water pumps,
especially suitable for family workshops where only single-phase power be supplied. This series motors are designed with the latest technology,manufactured with the quality materials,have following features:good performance,safe and reliale operation,nice appearance, convenient maintenance,meet the IEC standards.

YC series motors are of lP44 totally enclosed fan-cooled(TEFC)type.capacitor starting for rated output up to 3HP.on rated voltage and 50hz,the starting  torgue is three times more than the rated torque while 60HZ is 2.75times more.Capacitors start and run type ror Motors 4hp and above.it have following features:high starting torque.smooth running,low temperature rise,low noise and greater overload performance.

YCL series heavy-duty capacitor start and run.single phase induction motors are suitable for driving small-size turning machine.especially sultable for household and workshop where only need single-phase power be supplied.This series motors are designed with advanced technique and made of quality materials.it also has follaring features:low noise,low temperature rise.small starting current,high starting torque.reliable operation.easy maintenance and nice appearance,they also meet the relative standards of IEC.

YCL series motors are similar to YC series in appearance.Comparing with the same output of YC series motors.YCLseries temperature rise be reduced 8.74k on average.efficiency be increased 4.21%power factor be increased 0.16.

Rated voltage; 110V,115V,120V,220V,230V,240V
Rated frequency: 50HZ or 60HZ    

Protection class: IP44,IP54
insulation class : B,F,H    

Cooling method: ICO141
Duty: S1(continuous)

Power Factor
Starting Torque
Rated Torque
Max torque
Rated Torque

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Q:New water pump leaking out of bolt hole?
my first response is, you used a wrong gasket or you mucked up the gasket when you installed it. Then i think of maybe the water pump casting cracked when you tightened the bolt. ( but not likely) . I guess you could try the sealer thing. but you could test it to see if it leaking from under the bolt head. The way you could do that is put a soft washer , like copper washer under the bolt head and put the bolt back in. the soft copper washer will make a water tight seal. if it were me , i would remove the pump and find out what the hay is wrong . i have replaced at least 6 water pumps on my own chevys, and have never had that problem.
Q:Why does the GB/T3216 specify the pump performance tolerance as positive and negative?
Only half a year after graduation. Professional stuff is forgotten...I can't help you...
Q:97 Dodge Stratus Timing belt & Water pump?
yes its probably worth fixing ,you shouldn't have no engine damage to it because that one doesn't run an interference engine ,all that should have to be done is new pulleys and a water pump,and new timing belt kit put on it,all of this will cost around 3-400 bucks though for everything,but its probably worth repairing,you cant buy a good car for 400 bucks,and if it ran well before then it should be alright once you get it repaired,good luck with it i own on of those and their good cars.
Q:Thermostat or water pump problem?
Generally, a water pump won't stop pumping unless the belt is off. The usual water pump problem, that requires replacement, is when the shaft seal starts leaking coolant. A thermostat, on the other hand, can work normally, or maybe stick open (makes getting heat in the winter very slow) or maybe stick closed (overheat within a few minutes of starting the engine, and blowing coolant out of the tank). The coolant level (in the engine/radiator) could be low. Don't look when the engine is hot.
Q:Volkswagen...Leak from the water pump housing... or something else?
You say it has been below freezing for a while. *IF* it has been very cold and *IF* your pipes are not below the frost lines in your area, then the pipe could be frozen. That would cause the pump to likely trip out as it would over-work while trying to push water through ice (not easily done!) The good news is if the pipe is frozen, it is most likely frozen near the point where the water goes into or out of the ground. If you have access to 110 power in both of those areas, (or can get it there by some safe means) try this. Take a heating pad (like you use for sore backs/ knees) and wrap it around the pipe right at the point where it transitions into the ground. Tie it in place with string or yarn and turn it on at it's highest setting. After about an hour try turning on the pump. Still trip? Give it another hour. Still trip? Do the other end. Believe me this works surprisingly well, and once you get the water flowing, even just a little bit, the rest will melt quickly. Good Luck. James
Q:Where to install Water Pump on 1999 Jetta?
A instruction manual would be on hand to steer you by. it incredibly is a reasonably extensive pastime. As a run down, you will prefer a huge floor jack with a block of timber so which you will placed it below the oil pan. you're able to try this so which you will eliminate the motor mount which would be on your way. The water pump is pushed by the timing belt. you will prefer to get a sparkling t-belt, t-belt tensioner, rollers for timing belt, etc. additionally notice that as quickly as you're refilling equipment with coolant, there'll be lots of air interior the equipment. in case you do not have a device that vacuums all the air and pressurizes the coolant for the period of the equipment, you will could shop topping off the coolant for a whilst till all the air escapes as youchronic it. desire this facilitates.
Q:Well water pump quit working.?
it relatively is probably not appropriate. a threat that the sump pump and the nicely pump have been tied jointly and has a GFCI breaker interior the line. See in case you will discover a GFI it relatively is likewise tripped.
Q:Hi: How can i adjust water pressure on a submersable well water pump the switch is outside beside expan. tank?
This is very simple i would sugest the pressure to be set betwene 60 to 70 NO MORE THAN 70. 1. turn off power to pump (ether the circut breaker or a switch near the pressure switch) you dont want to weld the wrench to the switch. 2. remove the cover to the pressure switch its self (usly one #2 phillips screw) 3. now you will see 4 wires under some sloted screws nearest to the front of the switch, behint that is 1 or 2 bolts with a spring and a nut. 4. if you see 2 bolts you will want to turn the nut on the larger one to the right. you will want to tighten it about 1 to 2 full turns. (the same goes if there is only one bolt also) 5. now open the valve that is on the tank untill you here the switch click. then close the valve. 6. turn the power back on tio the pump and watch the pressure gauge on the tank. i DO NOT RECOMEND MORE THAN 70PSI. 7. if it goes over the pressure you want repete steps above exept loosen the nut in about 1/4 to 1/2 turns untill you reach the desired pressure 8. if it does not reach your desired pressure then you do the same thing exept tighten the nut in 1/4 to 1/2 turns untill you attain your desired pressure. 9. when the pressure is reached, replace cover so you dont risk rusting the contacts. if you need more help feel free to email me. and i will assist you in any way that i can.
Q:Coolant leaking had water pump replaced 4 days ago?
The pump may have indeed been bad. Did the shop put on the new pump or did you do it yourself? If it was done by the shop, take it back and make them fix it correctly. You have already paid them for the work. If you did it yourself, it should be fairly easy to spot where the leak is coming from. It is also rare but possible that the pump you put on was bad out of the box from the parts store. Not likely...but slim possibility. Hopefully it is just a loose clamp or hose.
Q:Pump impeller diameter plus assembly what changes? What's the effect on the motor?
Two 1.5 kW desktop self-priming pump impeller 14.7cm primary current 15.5cm problems may occur.After the impeller increases, the flow, head, shaft power will increase (increase in volume see the following formula), the original 1.5KW motor may overload operation.

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