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Tunnel roasting kiln can be divided into straight tunnel kiln (with kiln car) and mobile rotary tunnel kiln (without kiln car). Straight tunnel kilns can be further divided into masonry tunnel kilns and prefabricated tunnel kilns in terms of construction methods. The mobile rotary tunnel kiln belongs to the assembled tunnel kiln.

The Mobile Rotary Tunnel Kiln:

(1) Main products: sintered common bricks, porous bricks, hollow bricks

(2) According to the different output, the gauge of mobile rotary tunnel kiln can be divided into the following types:

the gauge is 7.2 meters, suitable for 150,000-200,000 pieces per day (common bricks)

the gauge is 8.6 meters, suitable for 200,000-300,000 pieces per day (common bricks)

the gauge is 10.8 meters, suitable for daily production of 300,000-400,000 pieces (common bricks)

the gauge is 12.98 meters, suitable for daily production of 400,000-500,000 pieces (common bricks)

the gauge is 16.8 meters, suitable for daily production of 500,000-600,000 pieces (common bricks)

(3) Kiln body structure

Using prefabricated structure, the kiln wall and kiln roof are factory processed into different units and spliced on site. Aluminum silicate refractory fiber is both the working layer and the insulation layer, and different thicknesses and materials are used in different temperature sections. The exterior is composed of steel frame and color steel plate and relates to the transmission mechanism to complete the movement of the kiln body.

(4) The drying and roasting of the mobile rotary tunnel kiln is completed at one time, and the length of the tunnel kiln is more than 160 meters. The diameter of the inner rail of the tunnel is greater than 78 meters, and the diameter of the outer rail of the tunnel is greater than 90 meters.

(5) Firing temperature: 900-1050

(6) Firing cycle: 48h

Q:What are the types of drying equipment?
he equipment used for the drying operation. Many types. According to the operating pressure can be divided into atmospheric pressure and pressure (vacuum dryer also known as vacuum dryer). According to the operation method can be divided into intermittent and continuous. According to the drying medium can be divided into air, flue gas or other drying medium. According to the movement (material movement and drying medium flow) can be divided into parallel, countercurrent and cross flow.
Q:The working principle of belt dryer
Material from the feeder evenly spread on the mesh belt, mesh with 12-60 mesh stainless steel mesh. Moved by the drive in the dryer. The dryer consists of several units, each unit of hot air independent cycle, part of the exhaust by a special exhaust fan discharge, the exhaust gas from the control valve control, the heat from the bottom up or from top to bottom through the shop in the material on the net, heating Dry and take away moisture. The mesh belt is slowly moving, the running speed can be adjusted according to the material temperature freely, and the dried finished product falls into the feeder continuously. Up and down the cycle unit according to user needs can be flexible equipment, the number of units can be selected according to need.
Q:What are the common types of dryers?
Hollow paddle dry dryer, also known as leaf dryer, mainly by the jacket with the W-shaped shell and two hollow blade shaft and transmission device composed of the shaft is arranged in the hollow blade, the shaft is equipped with heat medium
Q:What is a combination of drying equipment?
As we all know, each dryer there are some shortcomings, through the same or two or more models in series, using their own advantages, often play a single device can not achieve the purpose.
Q:What are the characteristics of the drum dryer?
The main body of the rotary drum dryer is a slightly tilted and rotatable drum, and the wet material is fed from one end thereof and passes through the inside of the drum and is dried in contact with the hot air or the heated wall in the cylinder. , Chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials and other industries have a wide range of applications. Rotary drum drying and other drying equipment compared to the production capacity, continuous operation and simple structure, easy operation and less trouble, low maintenance costs
Q:Frozen sublimation drying equipment which consists of several systems
the heating system: for heating the freeze-drying room shelf, to promote the material within the ice sublimation, direct and indirect heating in two ways, direct heating is the direct heating in the box inside the shelf, indirect heating is the use of electricity Or other heat source heat transfer medium, and then pass it into the shelf.
Q:The development prospects of the dryer
performance, the use of compact heat exchangers, such as plate fin heat exchangers, is promising. (The current difficulties may still be in terms of price). Promotion of the use of green ring-type refrigerant R134a, including cold and dry machines, including all the direction of development of refrigeration equipment, technically there is no insurmountable obstacles. But this is a great social engineering, an industry, a separate action of a business in addition to some commercial publicity significance, the overall goal of the macro is not much practical effect. In the final analysis, this is a government action, the need for the introduction of policies by the state to define a unified time limit.
Q:What is the best drying equipment?
Through the filter to make hot air purification, and then by the left shunt plate to the layers, so that the average hot air through each layer of dry material.
Q:How to choose the right drying equipment and drying technology
For non-hygroscopic materials, the moisture present in any environment remains on the surface and becomes "surface moisture" and is easily removed.
Q:What are the basic types of common drying equipment?
(3) drum scraper dryer drum scraper dryer is through the rotation of the cylinder, heat conduction way, will be attached to the outer wall of the cylinder liquid material or ribbon material, a dry continuous operation of equipment The The material to be dried is passed from the upper tank into the receptacle of the drum dryer. The drying drum is driven at the specified speed by the drive.

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