Dry Roasting Equipment---Chain Plate Dryer

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Product Description:

chain plate dryerWhen the moisture content of the raw material is high, the secondary dryer equipment is used







Device Name

Chain Plate Dryer


Dry Variety

Hollow bricks and hollow blocks, porous bricks and porous blocks, common bricks, etc.


Dry Qualified Product Rate




Daily Output

(Common bricks)

ten thousand



Dryer Structure

Detachable combination of steel structure


Delivery Method

Chain Conveyor


Chain Layers




Dryer Length



Length can vary


Dryer Height



Determined by Product


Dryer Heat Source

Tunnel Kiln Waste Heat(cooling product heat, smoke heat separation heat)


Heat Source into The Dryer Temperature



Dryer Exhaust Gas Temperature



Drying Cycle




dryer control

Electronic computer program control

Remote monitoring possible

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Q:What are the types of drying equipment?
According to the operating pressure, the dryer is divided into two types of atmospheric pressure dryer and vacuum dryer. Microwave flour sterilization drying equipment can reduce the moisture partial pressure of the space and accelerate the drying process, and can reduce the wet boiling point and material Drying temperature, steam is not easy to leak, so the vacuum dryer for dry heat-sensitive, easy oxidation, explosive and toxic materials and wet steam needs to be recycled occasions.
Q:What are the common types of dryers?
The belt dryer consists of a number of individual unit segments, each of which includes a circulating fan, a heating device, a separate or common fresh air extraction system and an exhaust gas extraction system. The amount of drying medium, temperature, humidity and exhaust cycle
Q:What is a combination of drying equipment?
Recently, a combination of different drying methods and different drying principles has been widely used, and a drying device capable of exerting their own advantages and making up their respective shortcomings.
Q:What are the characteristics of the drum dryer?
The current resistance is small, you can use it to dry the granular material.Currently the development of domestic drum dryer has been in the world advanced level, from the practical sense, the drying device in addition to improving the shape of the internal device design, gas transport regulation and other details Factors, in other areas no longer have the technical leap and innovation, the current technology has been able to meet the general needs.
Q:Frozen sublimation drying equipment which consists of several systems
the heating system: for heating the freeze-drying room shelf, to promote the material within the ice sublimation, direct and indirect heating in two ways, direct heating is the direct heating in the box inside the shelf, indirect heating is the use of electricity Or other heat source heat transfer medium, and then pass it into the shelf.
Q:What is the best drying equipment?
Through the filter to make hot air purification, and then by the left shunt plate to the layers, so that the average hot air through each layer of dry material.
Q:How to choose the right drying equipment and drying technology
Hygroscopic materials can absorb moisture from the surrounding environment, non-hygroscopic materials can not absorb moisture from the environment.
Q:What are the basic types of common drying equipment?
(2) Belt Dryer Belt Dryer consists of several independent unit segments. Each unit section includes a circulating fan, a heating device, a separate or common fresh air extraction system and an exhaust gas extraction system. On the drying medium quantity, temperature, humidity and exhaust gas circulation operating parameters, can be independently controlled, so as to ensure the reliability of working with dry and operating conditions optimization.
Q:What are the common drying methods?
Drying method Drying is the process of removing moisture from various materials. Various materials can be solid, liquid or gas, solid and can be divided into large pieces of material, fiber material, pellets, fine powder and so on, Is the moisture in the material, it can be other solvents. In this water for the object. Drying equipment, there are three ways to dry: (1) mechanical dehydration
Q:How to solve the dryer a series of failures
The moisture absorption capacity of the dryer is limited, so the moisture it adsorbs must be removed by regeneration. The process is: when the ambient air is inhaled, through a filter into the blower, and then be sent to a group of heaters. The heated air passes through the machine. When the temperature of the dryer rises, the adsorbed moisture is released. When the hot air to absorb water vapor to saturation, it was discharged into the atmosphere. The high temperature regenerative dryer must be cooled before returning to the dry loop to restore the moisture absorption function of the dryer.

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