steel vessel

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Product Description:

Product Description:

steel vessel

Our factory supplies manufacturing various stainless steel tanks with orwithout jacket, agitation etc.


1)Materials: SUS304, SUS316.

2) Design Tem: asper design

3)Design P: as perdesign

4)Capacity:as per design
5)Manufacture standard: ASME  GB/T

6)Design service:provided

7)After-salesservice: provided

8)Service lifefifteen years

2. Our products contain 5 assortments :


2) food assortments,

3) dairy assortments,

4) pharmaceutical assortments,

5) beverage assortments.

3. Here is the main products of stainless steel tanks:

1) Water tank,

2)storage tank,

3)prcoess tank,

4)beer tank,

5)dairy tank,

6)reactor tank,

7)fermenting tank,

8)vacuum tank,

9)any style of tank made of stainless steel ,platform,worktable,goodsshelf,wheel car,tank car,whatever made of stainless steel products.

If you have any interested in our products please contact me feel free.

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Q:Is the bathhouse a pressure vessel for direct combustion
You can look at the TSG R0004-2009 fixed pressure vessel safety technology monitoring protocol, which is detailed
Q:What does "outside" mean in a pressure vessel
The outside class may refer to the normal pressure vessel
Q:Must the pressure vessel be tested for safety?
Look at the pressure vessel, the pressure vessel is a lot of classes, most of which have to be tested safely.
Q:Is the distillation column a pressure vessel
It's good to have a good look at the spline, TSR0004-2009 No class, no rules.
Q:The air compressor can be used for special equipment
If the air tank pressure reaches 0.1 MPa, it is a special equipment.
Q:The design pressure of the blasting piece must be less than or equal to the design pressure of the pressure vessel
Hello, this is the rule: Blasting pressure of 8.3.3 shot Blasting device mounted on the pressure vessel, the design of blasting piece burst pressure generally shall not be greater than the design pressure of the container, and the minimum burst pressure blasting piece shall not be less than the working pressure of the container. When the design drawings or nameplate on maximum allowable working pressure, burst pressure of blasting design pressure vessel shall not be greater than the maximum allowable working pressure. See: "Fixed pressure vessel safety technology monitoring procedure" TSGR0004-2009
Q:What are the main components of the pressure vessel
Pressure vessel ontology of main pressure parts, including shell, head flange (cover), expansion joint, equipment, ball shell of spherical tank, heat exchanger tube plate and the heat exchange tube, M36 above (contain M36) equipment main stud and nominal diameter greater than or equal to 250 mm is over and the flange.
Q:Pressure vessel during the use of maintenance should pay attention to
To strengthen the container maintenance during outage. For long-term or temporary discontinuation of container, should strengthen the maintenance. Discontinuation of container, exclude internal medium must be clean, corrosive medium should pass emissions, replacement, cleaning and other technical processing. Attention should be paid to prevent container "blind Angle" accumulated corrosive medium. Always keep containers dry and clean, prevent atmospheric corrosion. The experiment proved that under the condition of damp, steel surface dust, dirt, atmospheric corrosion of steel is.
Q:Is it a pressure vessel???
Pressure vessel is belong to GB150 tube, but should the rules don't return to dish tube, if the coil diameter dn < 150 mm, even if the product is greater than 2.5 MPa - P * V L, is zoned category is not only the inspection, but the coil diameter dn > 150 mm, nine times out of ten classes and inspection.
Q:Pressure vessel registration what data to need?
Use the unit to apply for registration shall, in accordance with the following provisions, by Taiwan submitted to the registration authority boiler pressure vessel and safety valve, rupture disk and emergency cut-off valve and other safety accessories related documents: (a) safety technical specification requirements of the design documents, product quality certificate, installation and use of maintenance, manufacturing, installation supervision and inspection certificate; (2) import boiler pressure vessel safety supervision and inspection report; (3) the installation of boiler and pressure vessel quality certificate (attachment 4); (4) boiler water treatment and water quality index; Transportable pressure vessel (5) of the vehicle the left part and the pressure on the attachment certificate of quality or product quality certification and the mandatory product certification certificate; (6) using boiler and pressure vessel safety management of the relevant rules and regulations.

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