steel vessel

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Product Description:

Product Description:

steel vessel

Our factory supplies manufacturing various stainless steel tanks with orwithout jacket, agitation etc.


1)Materials: SUS304, SUS316.

2) Design Tem: asper design

3)Design P: as perdesign

4)Capacity:as per design
5)Manufacture standard: ASME  GB/T

6)Design service:provided

7)After-salesservice: provided

8)Service lifefifteen years

2. Our products contain 5 assortments :


2) food assortments,

3) dairy assortments,

4) pharmaceutical assortments,

5) beverage assortments.

3. Here is the main products of stainless steel tanks:

1) Water tank,

2)storage tank,

3)prcoess tank,

4)beer tank,

5)dairy tank,

6)reactor tank,

7)fermenting tank,

8)vacuum tank,

9)any style of tank made of stainless steel ,platform,worktable,goodsshelf,wheel car,tank car,whatever made of stainless steel products.

If you have any interested in our products please contact me feel free.

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Q:The reaction kettle is a pressure vessel?
Reaction kettle is a pressure vessel, the specific reasons are as follows. Definition: pressure vessels pressure vessel is internal or external gas or liquid under pressure, and have higher request for security airtight container. Pressure vessel is mainly for the cylindrical, minority for spherical or other shapes. Cylindrical pressure vessel usually consists of cylinder, head, takeover, flange and other parts and components, the higher the pressure vessels working pressure, cylinder wall should be more thick.
Q:The pressure vessels are divided into three categories, which are applicable to the three types of pressure vessels
He's a new method of dividing the old tolerance rules.
Q:What are the requirements for pressure vessels?
The design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and use of the pressure vessels listed above shall be in conformity with the laws and regulations issued by the state.
Q:Is a dust collector a pressure vessel
Not, is the main purpose of precipitator dust filter, purify air, dust collector with internal air pressure, but at the same time have a discharge outlet pressure, so do not belong to the pressure vessel.
Q:What kind of pressure vessel is the pressure vessel
The second type of pressure vessel is the secondary pressure vessel. From the 4th edition of the first class builder's book, page 465. The estimate also comes from the January 1, 2014 version of the special equipment safety law of the People's Republic of China.
Q:Does the pressure vessel need to be reinforced after the reinforcement
Pressure vessel only in certain circumstances can use reinforcing ring reinforcing: 1) the cylinder body wall thickness less than or equal to 38 mm, 2) the thickness of reinforcing ring is less than 1.5 the delta) standard tensile strength of steel and the lower limit is less than 540 MPa Cr - Mo steel container 4) 5) design pressure is less than 4.0 MPa pressure vessel container when the medium is not extreme, highly toxic hazard 6) 7) fatigue pressure vessel design temperature below 350 ° C is more than 20 ° C, a total of the seven kinds of cases you can use the reinforcing ring, if all comply with the seven kinds of conditions and the calculation, without reinforcing ring satisfy strength requirement, the designer has a lot to autonomy, can add don't add
Q:Does PVC medical oxygen tank belong to the pressure vessel
Does not belong to, the hospital use oxygen tank low pressure, said oxygen cabin just inside the hull high purity oxygen than ordinary air, oxygen tank need oxygen therapy is directly into the human body, pressure is less than 0.1 MPa, lung capacity good desperately blowing to the pressure list of adults, not more than 0.3 MPa, can blow hot water bag, 0.1 MPa was enough to blowing up balloons, enter human body can't breathe, say simple point is the hull atmospheric oxygen of high purity.
Q:What are the main components of the pressure vessel
Including shell, head, flange, the spherical tank of spherical shell plate, the heat exchanger tube plate and the heat exchange tube, M36 above (contain M36) equipment main stud and nominal diameter greater than or equal to 250 mm is over and the flange.
Q:Whether a nitrogen machine is a pressure vessel
Depending on the size of the adsorber, the state has strict rules on the pressure vessel, which is the new definition of the pressure vessel
Q:Pressure vessel qualification level how to differentiate?
A1A2A3D2D2 category category three categories

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