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The carrier equipment of the green brick in the secondary dryer is a drying car. The bricks are stacked on the drying car by the racking system. After drying, the drying car is unloaded by the lowering system, and then the bricks are stacked on the kiln car by the racking system. This operation adopts a single layer drying method, which is suitable for raw materials with high moisture content, because each green brick is fully dried, and the drying efficiency is high.

The drying medium is generally provided by the waste heat of the roasting kiln and is supplemented by the burner when the heat is insufficient. The drying room is equipped with a hot air supply system, a moisture exhaust system and a temperature and humidity monitoring system. By monitoring and adjusting the system, the supply air temperature and air volume can be controlled to ensure the drying quality of the bricks.

The structure of the secondary dryer is a multi-channel brick-concrete structure or a multi-channel frame structure without partition walls to adapt to different drying requirements.

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Q:The working principle of belt dryer
The material in the hopper is spread evenly by the feeder, and the mesh belt is generally made of 12-60 mesh stainless steel wire and is moved by the transmission in the dryer. The dryer consists of several units, each unit of hot air independent cycle, in which part of the exhaust by the special discharge fan 4 discharge, each unit discharge exhaust gas by the control valve control. In the upper circulation unit, the wind coming out of the circulating fan 5 enters the lower chamber of the unit by the side air duct, the air flow is heated upwardly through the heater 7, and the dispenser 6 is dispensed to form a jet stream into the mesh belt, Cavity.
Q:What are the common types of dryers?
Roller scraper dryer is through the rotation of the cylinder, in a heat conduction way, will be attached to the outer wall of the cylinder liquid material or ribbon material, dry a continuous operation of equipment to be dry treatment of liquid from the high
Q:What are the characteristics of the drum dryer?
direct heating type Rotary drum dryer This kind of dryer is directly connected with the dry material, mainly by convection heat transfer, the most widely used.It is divided into conventional direct heating rotary drum dryer, Rotary drum dryer and ventilated tube rotary drum dryer
Q:Frozen sublimation drying equipment which consists of several systems
the heating system: for heating the freeze-drying room shelf, to promote the material within the ice sublimation, direct and indirect heating in two ways, direct heating is the direct heating in the box inside the shelf, indirect heating is the use of electricity Or other heat source heat transfer medium, and then pass it into the shelf.
Q:The development prospects of the dryer
performance, the use of compact heat exchangers, such as plate fin heat exchangers, is promising. (The current difficulties may still be in terms of price). Promotion of the use of green ring-type refrigerant R134a, including cold and dry machines, including all the direction of development of refrigeration equipment, technically there is no insurmountable obstacles. But this is a great social engineering, an industry, a separate action of a business in addition to some commercial publicity significance, the overall goal of the macro is not much practical effect. In the final analysis, this is a government action, the need for the introduction of policies by the state to define a unified time limit.
Q:What is the best drying equipment?
In the traditional horizontal fan-type dryer, the air flow only in the material surface flow, the drawback is the low heat transfer coefficient, poor heat utilization, material drying time is long.
Q:How to choose the right drying equipment and drying technology
Hygroscopic materials can absorb moisture from the surrounding environment, non-hygroscopic materials can not absorb moisture from the environment.
Q:What are the basic types of common drying equipment?
Common types of common drying equipment (1) slime dryer slime dryer its working principle is as follows: moisture content of 25 to 40% of the wet slime first after a special material scrambling device after the break up by the belt The machine is transported to the feeder, and then the wet slime is fed into the drying drum by the feeder. The slime is spread under the drying drum, and the slag is evenly dispersed and fully communicated with the hot air to reach the heat transfer, Mass transfer of purpose.
Q:What are the common drying methods?
heating and drying method
Q:How to solve the dryer a series of failures
The moisture absorption capacity of the dryer is limited, so the moisture it adsorbs must be removed by regeneration. The process is: when the ambient air is inhaled, through a filter into the blower, and then be sent to a group of heaters. The heated air passes through the machine. When the temperature of the dryer rises, the adsorbed moisture is released. When the hot air to absorb water vapor to saturation, it was discharged into the atmosphere. The high temperature regenerative dryer must be cooled before returning to the dry loop to restore the moisture absorption function of the dryer.

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