Dry Roasting Equipment---Draught Fan (It can be customized according to specific projects)

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Product introduction: including hot air blower (smoke heat), moisture exhaust fan (smoke heat), tunnel kiln smoke exhaust fan, kiln tail cooling fan, under-vehicle cooling fan, air supply fan (waste heat), and moisture exhaust fan (waste heat).

Note: It can be customized according to specific projects.

The fan is a machine that relies on the input mechanical energy to increase the gas pressure and discharge the gas. It is a driven fluid machine. Fan is the habitual abbreviation for gas compression and gas conveying machinery in China. Fans include ventilators, blowers, and wind generators.

Fans are widely used in ventilation, dust removal and cooling in factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings, ventilation and induced draft in boilers and industrial furnaces; cooling and ventilation in air conditioning equipment and household appliances; Drying and selection of grain, air source of wind tunnel and inflation and propulsion of hovercraft, etc.

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Q:The working principle of belt dryer
The material in the hopper is spread evenly by the feeder, and the mesh belt is generally made of 12-60 mesh stainless steel wire and is moved by the transmission in the dryer. The dryer consists of several units, each unit of hot air independent cycle, in which part of the exhaust by the special discharge fan 4 discharge, each unit discharge exhaust gas by the control valve control. In the upper circulation unit, the wind coming out of the circulating fan 5 enters the lower chamber of the unit by the side air duct, the air flow is heated upwardly through the heater 7, and the dispenser 6 is dispensed to form a jet stream into the mesh belt, Cavity.
Q:What are the common types of dryers?
The belt dryer consists of a number of individual unit segments, each of which includes a circulating fan, a heating device, a separate or common fresh air extraction system and an exhaust gas extraction system. The amount of drying medium, temperature, humidity and exhaust cycle
Q:What is a combination of drying equipment?
Recently, a combination of different drying methods and different drying principles has been widely used, and a drying device capable of exerting their own advantages and making up their respective shortcomings.
Q:What are the characteristics of the drum dryer?
According to the dry material is heated, the current rotary drum dryer can be divided into five types, that is, direct Heating dryer, indirect heating dryer, compound heating dryer, steam calcining dryer, spray granulation drying machine.
Q:Frozen sublimation drying equipment which consists of several systems
the vacuum system: by the freeze-drying room, condenser, vacuum valves and pipes, vacuum equipment and vacuum instrument composition, the current vacuum equipment is extremely combination of three: the Roots pump, cryogenic condenser, and multi-stage steam ejector, which , Multi-stage steam ejector structure is simple, no mechanical power, easy maintenance, low failure rate, the material requirements are not high, usually need to set 4-5 level.
Q:The development prospects of the dryer
As a compressed air post-processing purification equipment, cold and dry control system will follow the host control technology and continuous improvement. Frequency control, online dew point measurement and control, operating conditions, real-time display and record preservation and so there is a lot of things to do.
Q:What is the best drying equipment?
After the wet air is withdrawn from the inclined duct beneath the baking tray, a portion of the wet air is discharged from the oven through the centrifugal fan.
Q:How to choose the right drying equipment and drying technology
In determining the drying process, it is of vital importance to identify the drying properties of the material.
Q:What are the basic types of common drying equipment?
(3) drum scraper dryer drum scraper dryer is through the rotation of the cylinder, heat conduction way, will be attached to the outer wall of the cylinder liquid material or ribbon material, a dry continuous operation of equipment The The material to be dried is passed from the upper tank into the receptacle of the drum dryer. The drying drum is driven at the specified speed by the drive.
Q:What are the common drying methods?
Drying method Drying is the process of removing moisture from various materials. Various materials can be solid, liquid or gas, solid and can be divided into large pieces of material, fiber material, pellets, fine powder and so on, Is the moisture in the material, it can be other solvents. In this water for the object. Drying equipment, there are three ways to dry: (1) mechanical dehydration

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