Drawer Type Oil Cooler/ Cajon Tipo enfriador de aceite

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The role of the oil cooler 
The engine oil temperature rise is faster at the beginning, heat transfer oil to the engine casing has a time lag Within this time oil cooler has effect When you touch the engine casing will feel very warm feeling You will feel good
Wait until the engine running after a long time The speed also Oil cooler is also the best working condition Shell temperature of the engine at this time has been elevated to a higher degree of quick touch the motor shell will find very hot but not that kind of touched touch shall not degree At the same time, oil cooler temperature is high This situation shows the thermodynamic process has balanced the motor speed of air cooling and heat conduction process is in balance will not raise the temperature This time the temperature of the 2 points of two 1 oil temperature the temperature of the engine casing The former is higher than the latter
The absence of oil cooler
Under the condition of not installed oil cooling In the same process as above Will find start engine temperature rises fast in the short time engine shell is almost touch after driving for a long time The temperature of the engine case you can't use hand to touch Even a very short time contact We usually use judgment method is to use water in engine case heard the sound of nothing The engine casing temperature has more than 120 degrees

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Q:Is the electrical resistance of the earth really zero (or negligible)?
A house is usually grounded through its piping systems that have generous contact with the damp earth, resulting in negligible resistance. An AC circuit alternately pushes electrons into the earth and draws them back out (60 times a second) for each separate phase similar to the power generation station. Electrons need not travel from power station to house and back full cycle. A separate ground wire (cable) would be required if the earth's resistance resulted in appreciable power losses.
Q:do mechanical engineers also design electrical equipment such as machines with electrical energy conversion?
Engineering is usually a team sport. The mechanical engineer consults with the electrical engineer for the development of the product, then it gets reviewed for approval by the principal engineer.
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If the holes in he receptacle are the same size, there are two possible reasons. 1. This is a very old receptacle, which I doubt. 2. This is a receptacle polarized for another voltage. The different configurations of the receptacles and plugs are by design, to keep people from connecting electrical devices to the wrong voltage supply. There is equipment with plugs having the same receptacle blade width, but this equipment is double insulated and code does not require the plugs for this equipment to be polarized. TexMav.
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Two weeks ago we had a heavy duty thunder storm. it went through the Phone Line this is what got fried, Telephone, DSL modem. Router, Ethernet card in desktop computer, PS3 So I guess it went through phone then modem then Ethernet card, to router that was wired to the PS3. This is why you want to protect your phone lines if you have DSL. I learned a very expensive lesson. I now have my phone/DSL line surge protected.
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i will grant you with a itemizing, yet you should search for the makes use of your self. Microscope, centrifuge, pipettes, analytical balances, 8-properly plate, photospectrometer, stirrers, hotplates, gyratory shakers, computing gadget
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Q:Electrical engineering forced on mechanical engineers in real world?
You need to talk your employer into subcontracting the electrical design work out to someone capable of dealing with it, or get an electrical equipment rep to help you with your problem.

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