double ended cylinder hydrocylinder hydraulic ram

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2.Seal:Merkel or Parker
3.Working pressure:16-25Mpa.
4.10 years of experienc

CMAX series engineering hydraulic Cylinder

(1)working pressure:16MPa

(2)Piston diameter: 40-250mm

(3)Seals:Merkel or Parker

(4)Sensor: MTS or Balluff

cylinder diamete r      (mm)
piston rod diameter (mm)max stroke (mm)

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Q:What is the essential difference between hydraulic oil and lubricating oil?
Hydraulic oil is used for cylinder work! Lubricating oil is used for bearings! The place is different!
Q:The difference between gas cylinder and cylinder
The advantages of both gas-liquid pressurized cylinder above two: environmental protection and energy saving, convenient control, adjustment is simple. But the output of travel is limited, suitable for short stroke, large output, and environmental protection and energy saving and low configuration settings.
Q:What are the differences and characteristics between punching machine and hydraulic press?
First, understand the definition of the two:Stamping machine: punching machine, also known as punch, mainly used for sheet metal parts processing.Hydraulic press: hydraulic press is a kind of machine which uses liquid as working medium and uses liquid to transfer pressure to realize various process.There are still many differences between the two, as followsIn principle: the stamping machine drives the flywheel through the motor, and through the clutch, the transmission gear drives the crank connecting rod mechanism, causes the slide block to move up and down, and drives the drawing mold to form the steel plate.
Q:What are the uses of hydraulic equipment, cylinders and cylinders?
As hydraulic technology has many advantages, from civil to national defense, from general transmission to precision control, it has been widely used. In the mechanical industry, currently has 85% machine tool drive system adopts hydraulic transmission and control, such as grinding, milling, planing, pulling, and combined lathe; in engineering machinery, is widely used in hydraulic transmission, such as excavator, wheel loader, auto starter, bulldozer, scraper, grader, roller machine; in agricultural machinery, which has been used to combine harvester, tractor, tool suspension system; in the automotive industry, hydraulic brake, hydraulic dump, fire etc. are widely used; in the metallurgical industry, such as electric control system, rolling mill control system, charging, ing converter control, control of blast furnace;
Q:What are the characteristics of a piston hydraulic cylinder? How many kinds are there? What are they used for?If anyone knows, just say something
The hydraulic cylinder from the structure can be divided into the piston cylinder, piston cylinder and oscillating cylinder. The cylinder from the structure can be divided into the piston cylinder, pneumatic cylinder, telescopic cylinder hydraulic cylinder. The working principle is: as its principle I must first say 5 basic components, 1- and cylinder 2- cylinder piston and piston rod sealing device of 3- 4- buffer 5- exhaust device to work each cylinder is almost similar to the original, I took a manual jack is its original work, Jack is a simple cylinder. By manually pressurized straw (hydraulic manual pump) of the hydraulic the oil through a single valve into the cylinder, the hydraulic oil into the cylinder because the reasons for individual valve can not be returned back, forcing the cylinder rod upward, then work to continue to keep the hydraulic oil into the hydraulic cylinder continuously, thus increasing, hit when to drop Hydraulic valve, hydraulic oil back to tank. This is the most simple of the original work, others have improved on this basis, because of the time I would say the most simple principle. The advantages and disadvantages of the cylinder cylinder cylinder and the cylinder with almost I said the following 3 bit 1-- as the pneumatic system pressure is generally in the range of 0.2-1.0Mpa, so the cylinder is not bigger.
Q:How do I calculate the flow rate of the hydraulic cylinder?
Hydraulic cylinder flow = hydraulic cylinder piston cross section * speedFor example: the cylinder speed of D10cm requires 10cm per secondThe hydraulic cylinder piston cross-section =pi * D * D, 4=3.14 * 10 * 10 4=78.5 / cm2Flow per second =78.5 * 10=785 ml =0.785 litersThe flow rate is =0.785 * 60=47.1 liters per minute
Q:Compared with hydraulic cylinder and cylinder, what are the advantages of electric cylinder?
The utility model has the advantages of low noise, energy saving, simple operation and maintenance, simple structure and low cost
Q:Which pressure is the cylinder or hydraulic cylinder?
I used 80 hydraulic cylinders, and now I want to change the cylinder. I don't know how many cylinders I need to buyChasing the answerThis is not clear, sorry
Q:What are the characteristics of the cylinder compared with the hydraulic cylinder?
High speed, quick response (but less response than hydraulic cylinder)Compressed media cheapThere is no pollution problem (or pollution problems are easy to solve - for food processing and other industries which are very sensitive to pollution)
Q:What type of cylinder do you have?
3) classify the functions and uses of cylinders (1) ordinary cylinders: single acting and double acting cylinders. This type of cylinder is generally used without special requirements. (2) buffer cylinder: the cylinder is equipped with a buffer device, which prevents the piston from striking when it moves to the end. This kind of cylinder is often used at higher pressure and higher speed. (3) air liquid damping cylinder: cylinder and hydraulic cylinder are connected in series, which can obtain more accurate movement speed. (4) swing the cylinder: the action of the cylinder revolves around the axle line. It can be used for the jig shift, valve switch and so on. (5) impact cylinder: it is a high energy cylinder with high impact force formed by piston rod. It can be used for punching, cutting and so on.

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