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                           Carbon fiber tube,carbon fiber bar,CFRP tube

Carbon fiber tube description : Pulwell has designed and produced carbon tubes especially for new generation tripods. Our carbon tubes use an exclusive process based on pull winding of long carbon fibers, which are precisely wrapped and combined under high pressure and temperature with epoxy resin to a 1.2-1.5mm wall thickness. This manufacturing process ensures stiff, light tubes resistant to bending, has good tensile and compression strength, a high degree of stability in extreme temperatures, absorbs vibration
and withstands fatigue better than other carbon fiber tube processes.


Carbon Fiber Tube Features:
1) High strength
2) Lightweight but strong, 30% lighter than equivalent alloy version without compromise on  strength, torsional stability or durability
3) Amazing and unique carbon finish
4) Carbon/fiberglass hybrid products and different finishes are available


Carbon Fiber Tube Photo:


When not in contact with air and oxidant, the carbon fiber can tolerate more than 3000 degrees high temperature, has outstanding thermal resistance, compared with other materials, carbon fiber temperature is higher than 150 DEG C strength began to decline, and the higher the temperature, fiber strength more.

Carbon fiber tube, also known as the carbon fiber tube, also known as carbon nanotubes, carbon tube is using carbon fiber composite pre immersion in benzene vinyl polyester resin by heating curing pultrusion, winding deflection) and. Through different mold production a variety of profiles can be in the process, such as: carbon fiber with different specifications of round pipe, square tubes of different specifications, different specifications of the sheet, and other sections: in the production process can also package 3K to beautify the surface packing and so on.

Characteristics of carbon fiber tube

1, tensile strength: the strength of carbon fiber is 6-12 times of steel, can reach 3000mpa above.

2, the density is small, the weight is light. Density only steel 1/4 less than.

Two, physical and chemical properties and uses

Carbon fiber tube with high strength, long service life, corrosion resistance, advantages of light weight, low density, widely used in kites, model aircraft, a lamp bracket, PC equipment rotating shaft, etching machine, medical equipment, sports equipment etc. machinery and equipment. Dimensional stability, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient of small, self lubrication and energy absorption can be a series of excellent performance. With high specific modulus, fatigue resistance, creep resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, etc..

The disadvantage is that it has a conductive (cm--1.5 x 10-3), the advantage is that there is a very good tensile strength (such as the number of filaments to 12000 units of the calculation, the tensile strength of kg/mm2--400).

For carbon fiber pipe production of carbon fiber content, directly determine the performance and value of its mechanical properties. The carbon fiber tube has the characteristics of light weight, high strength and high tensile strength, but special attention should be paid to the use of the carbon fiber tube.


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Its advantages and disadvantages:(1) good mechanical performance;1., good pressure resistance, shock resistance, rupture resistance2., with a strong plastic deformation ability, can be greater than 5D radius within the arbitrary bending, without heating, not rebound; (D for pipe diameter)3. light weight, same flow diameter composite pipe weight is 1/3 of steel pipe, 1/12 of galvanized pipe;
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That will help you do better plugging without changing the new foundation. But the cost is several times higher than the new one. Ha-ha

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