DIN Threaded Butterfly Valve

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DIN threaded butterfly valve 

SUS304 with 8 Ni;SUS316 with 10Ni

Minimum order quality:1Sets/Style



DIN threaded butterfly valve

1. Description of valve

Standard:SMS,DIN,3A,IDF,ISO,NON-standard products can be request by user to drawings

Material:AISI304,AISI316L,high polished,recision from little Giant CNC Machine

Plux domination of pipeline:DN25-DN100&1"-4"

2. Detailed all parts of butterfly valve

Connection:welded ends/clamped ends/clamped ends/flange ends

Handle:Metal and plastic


Disk:It is made of full machine,high polished

3.Technical data






4.Application:Beer,food,beverage,wine,pharmacy,biology ect.


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We specialize in the production of sanitary level stainless liquid equipments (such as water treatment equipments, pre-treat equipments for beverage, sterilization equipments, whole set equipment for drink water in bulk and in bottle), valves and pipeline connection products, which can be manufactured according to different glossiness, materials and industrial standards, including ISO, DIN, IDF, and SMS standards.

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Location Wenzhou ,China
Year Established 1996
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Nearest Port ningbo,shanghai
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