Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner Cordless rechargeable Handheld Wet and Dry

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200 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Cordless rechargeable Handheld Wet and Dry Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner


Vacuum Cleaner
Model No.


Vacuum Cleaner

Big voltage output
Power brush
Environment-friendly battery
Desk top charger
Fast charge and long working time
Strong suction power
Big dust capacity

Vacuum Cleaner

* Unit dimension


* Color


* Dust tank capacity


* Charging time(hour)


* Noise(dB)


* Accessory

2pcs samll nozzles

* Desk top charger


* Battery

1300mAh Ni-cd/Ni-mh

* Using time(min)


* Motor power(W)


* Output voltage(V)


Vacuum Cleaner

* Gift box:


* Master carton(4 in 1):


* Quantity/GB:


* N.W.:


* G.W.:


* Packaging material:

Double corrugated cardboard

* loading qty (20'/40'):

3120/6400 pcs



Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner Cordless rechargeable Handheld Wet and Dry

Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner Cordless rechargeable Handheld Wet and Dry

Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner Cordless rechargeable Handheld Wet and Dry


1.What's the normal payment terms ?

 A:30% T/T deposit , the balance should be against the copy of B/L .


2. Q: What is your MOQ?

 A: our MOQ is half 20FT.


 3. Q: Can I get some samples?

 A: Of course you can. It is our pleasure to make samples for you.


 4. Q: How is your product quality?

 A: Pls take care about our quality. We pass CE/EMC/EMF/GS/RoHs.


5.Whether the order can be OEM ?

 A:Of course , once the order meet our MOQ, then each item will be packed into a color box with OEM brand .


6.Are you only mass production?

A:Of course we can retailer. We can sell but you should pay the delivery cost.



7.How many years have your company been engaged in the field of electrical appliances ?

 A:We have more than 10 years' experience in the supply of electrical appliances.


8.What kind of vacuum cleaner do your company supply ?

We have various models for your choice :robot vacuum cleaner,cyclone vacuum cleaner, bagless vacuum cleaner,bagged vacuum cleaner,stick vacuum cleaner,upright vacuum cleaner,handy vacuum cleaner,car vacuum cleaner,cordless vacuum cleaner,dry & wet vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner , pond cleaner , power ash cleaner , backpack vacuum cleaner , etc.

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Q:Why don't vacuum cleaners work as stomach pumps?
Vacuum cleaners have suction that is way too powerful to use on internal organs. Didn't you see the 1000 Ways to Die episode where the idiot used a shop vac to perform his own liposuction and disemboweled himself and bled to death? Same principle. Besides, pumping the stomach would not help with food poisoning, which comes from bacteria or toxins in the food. By the time you use a pump, the bacteria or toxin is in the bloodstream and your vacuuming action is futile.
Q:Kirby vacuum cleaner?
I have had a Kirby for twenty years and the only time I had a belt break was when something got wrapped around the brush and stopped it and when the bearings at the end of the brush seized. The bearings seized because of hair getting past the end caps and jamming them. I fixed it by removing the brush from the housing, pulling the end caps off and removing the hair. This took sometime as there's not much room between the roller and bearing. Once I had the bearing rotating again I used a needle to carefully prize the rubber seal from the bearing and get some grease into the bearing and replacing the seal. It's a fiddly time consuming job but I got it done. I presume yours has a little light on the head to tell you that the brush is turning. If so then that is due to a small magnet on one end of the brush roller passing a coil mounted in the housing. If the light doesn't work after you put it back together then you have the roller in the wrong way round. Don't listen to those others, I still think it's the best vacuum cleaner I've had.
Q:Is it true that if you accidentally vacuum metal, that can cause a fire?
If the metal is hitting against metal as it is being sucked into your vacuum cleaner, then it could cause a spark would could cause a fire. This used to be a problem with the older types of vacuum cleaners because they had a lot of metal as part of their makeup, but plastics have replaced most formerly metal components, so there is little chance of that happening anymore.
Q:Vacuum cleaners, are dyson better than bagged ones ?
NO, Gone through 3 dysons in 5 years, just bought another henry for the house cheap, powerfull best in my book, had the same one for 8 years (im a plumber) it picks up anything
Q:Are the kirby Vacuum cleaners really a good investment?
Kirby Vacuum Generations
Q:Is it bad for vacuum cleaners to vacuum kitty litter?
It depends on the vacuum. In older models with bags to collect the debris, kitty litter will create too much dust and eventually clog up the vacuum. If you have a vacuum like the Dyson, it will be fine. My Dyson has been doing duty for more than 8 years and lots of kitty litter over that time with no problems. good luck!
Q:a retailer sold 50 vacuum cleaners at $90 and 35 vacuum cleaners at $140...what is the weighted mean price of?
110 dollars
Q:best small vacuum cleaner?
Q:Is a black hole a cosmic vacuum cleaner?
some distance from the black hollow, the gravitational field of a black hollow is not any distinctive than that of a celebrity having the comparable mass. Stars do not suck issues in, although stuff hitting the floor will stick. further, stuff getting close to the form horizon of a black hollow will fall in, yet stuff on a trajectory whose closest attitude is a few Schwarzschild radii will merely zoom around like a comet.
Q:Why do some vacuum cleaners have head lights?
It makes it much easier to see in dark corners and darker areas, such as under beds and in closets. I have found quite a few things because the light from the headlight reflected off something that the room light didn't show up. Also, it makes pet hair show up easier, so you know when it's clean. I do vacuum during the day, but there's two dogs in my house, and some areas have more dirt/hair/lint/etc. than others.

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