counter basin for wash hand with the ceramic basin - 516

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Product Description:


Ceramic Wash Hand Counter Basin
1-High Quality Bathroom Ceramic Wash Basin
2-Standard production
3-Unique GlazeSpray

1Model No.:516


4Mounted Type:Bowl Sinks / Vessel Basins Top mounted
5Surface Finish:

1- Nanometer glaze Polish without Pin Hole and Spot

2- Exhause Pipe:Fully Glazed inner part

3- Glaze Surface:Sanitary glaze/Nanometer glaze feel Smooth

4- Charateristic:Eco-Friendly


2-Shape:Round /Retangular

3-Spilway Hole:Back

4-Drain Hole Size:450 mm

5-Faucet:400 mm --1 hole Top Mounted



8Packing:1 PCS Pack in an individual 5-ply white color box

1-1x20GP:466 Pcs

2-1x40HQ:1133 Pcs






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Q:What the pipe wrench is suitable for the nuts on the drain below the basin and sink
You are talking about hexagonal wrench, RIDGID hexagonal jaw design for hexagonal nuts, square nuts, pipe joints and nuts on the valve. Increased opening design of the hexagonal wrench is particularly suitable for the basin and sink under the drain on the nut. Narrow, smooth jaws are suitable for operation in a small space.
Q:How to unclog bathroom sink with an undetachable stopper?
If you can take the trap off the sink then you will be able to unclog it. You need to remove the piece of the stopper and replace that part. That is what is catching hair build-up. It will amaze you what the trap looks like inside. Jo Ann
Q:Why the home wash basin, including the toilet around the water
There is rust in the water
Q:Changing a bathroom sink faucet?
its all there, but the right tools it will make it easy
Q:Under the basin of the old wet despair, the water does not overflow normal
Stretched into the white tube inside, there is no problem.
Q:Bathroom sink cleaning help?
try nail polish remover. but only on the tile! i've used nail polish remover to get wax and other impossible junk off my bathroom counters.
Q:Why doesnt my bathroom sink drain right?
Your problem is likely hair and residue from shaving, makeup removal etc. I have done this very successfully in the past. On the back of the tail piece under the sink is a nut that seals the rod that raises and lowers the stopper. Remove it and the rod then the stopper from above. Take a piece of plastic like a lunch bag and cover the hole and screw the nut back over the hole. Take a washcloth and wet it and place it in the drain hole in the sink. Use the handle from a plunger to hold it there and fill the sink 2/3 of the way with hot water. Remove the washcloth and place the plunger over the drain then place the washcloth over the over flow hole in the sink. Now let some water down the drain and start plunging. It's messy but you should see all kinds of black junk start to come up into the sink. Repeat this process a few times and your sink will drain properly. Obviously you need to reassemble the rod and nut and pop up after.
Q:Will the artificial stone basin where to do ah?
After reading such a strong article, I want to say something, but do not know what to say, want to want to just want to
Q:What good house cleaning liquid could i use to unclog a bathroom sink?
you need draino or liquid plumber - can get it at the drugstore, supermarket, almost everywhere.
Q:How can I unclog my bathroom sink?
If you have a stopper in your drain, you can disconnect this and bring it up.....Most likely, there is hair attached to it, keeping your sink from draining properly....There should be a lever conecting the stopper underneath the sink...If you're proficient at fixing things, you could de-attach this stopper, bring it up, remove all the gunk, put it back in, and reattach it....If you live in an apartment, it might be better to have maintenance come in and do this for you....

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