Corrosion resistant lining fluorine lining swing check valves H44F back-pressure valve

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Corrosion resistant lining fluorine lining swing check valves H44F back-pressure valve



Design:GB 12239

Face to face:JB 1688

Flange dimension:JB 78 Or accoring to contract

Test:GB/T 13927

Symbol:GB 12220

Supply: GB/T 12252

Usually, the fluid under pressure to make the disc of the valve opening, and exported from flow inlet side to side.When the import side pressure is lower than the export side, the disc under the action of fluid pressure and gravity itself automatically to channel closed, to prevent fluid backflow.Disc in different ways, according to the check valve is mainly divided into the lift, swing and butterfly 3 classes.Lift check valve body more similar to cut-off valve body, the fluid resistance is larger.This type of check valve for high pressure small, often using the disc and spherical shape.Swing check valves on the fluid resistance is small, suitable for medium and small size, low pressure, large diameter pipelines, often on the channel baffle valve set up multiple disc, become more disc type.Similar to the shape of the butterfly check valve and butterfly valve.It has simple structure, small resistance for fluid.Check valve such as closing too fast, could cause a liquid in the liquid pipe, noise, and even cause the damage of valve parts.In order to avoid this kind of situation, when need can choose buffer function of the check valve, extend the closing time.

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Q:What's the size of the check sleeve?
According to the quota items can be set corresponding to the valve diameter less than DN40, the thread sets, DN50 sets of flange connection can, according to the actual unit price to enter it.
Q:What does the check valve h44t-16 mean?
Flanged swing check valve [H stands for check valve, 4 represents flange, 4 represents structural form (swing type), T represents internal copper alloy, and 16 represents pressure 16 pressure. I hope it will help you
Q:Check valve H15B-16 DN25 is that product?
Screw swing multi valve check - nominal pressure 1.6Mpa, product caliber 25mmOur company has production!
Q:Back pressure valve and check valve difference
Oil is generally put into the wells of the check valve calling back pressure valveCheck valve is a general name, mainly lifting type and swing type.
Q:How to use the check valve when the size of the pressure?
1, the use of check valve, the pressure level should be the size of the pipe corresponding to the pressure level.2, check valve and other valve class, the pressure levels for 0.6Mpa, 1Mpa, 1.6Mpa, 2.5mPA, 4mPA, 6 Mpa...... Wait。 If your pipe is between standard pressure, use a higher pressure grade. Such as: pipe pressure 1.8Mpa, the minimum choice of 2.5Mpa check valve.
Q:The role of the clip lift check valve
It only allows the medium to flow in one direction and prevent the flow in the opposite direction. Usually the valve is automatically work, fluid pressure flow in one direction, the valve open; the opposite direction of fluid flow by gravity, fluid pressure and valve closing effect on the valve seat, thereby cutting off flow. Check valves are generally applicable to clean media and are not suitable for media containing solids and viscosity.
Q:The difference between backflow preventer and check valve
The backflow preventer consists of two separated check valves and a drain valve. Due to the local head loss of the check valve, the pressure in the middle cavity is always lower than the pressure at the inlet. This pressure difference causes the drain valve to be closed and the pipe is in normal water supply.
Q:Is the check valve in or behind the gate valve? Why?
Pump outlet, check valve, gate valve.Gate valve plays a regulatory role, is the main pipe. Such a sequence can ensure that the water flow during power failure does not cause damage to the gate valve.
Q:When are the fire dampers and check valves located on the ventilation pipe? through ventilation, air conditioning room and important or fire danger room, partition and floor. vertical air duct with horizontal pipe section at each level of the horizontal air pipe. passes through both sides of the deformation joint.8.5.4 fire valve action temperature should be 70 degrees.
Q:Why can't the check valve on the air pipe be used when the wind speed is less than 8 meters?
First of all, you must understand the working principle of the check valve, indeed, as you said, you can adjust the position of the hammer by adjusting the position of the drop hammer.If you are in their own design and production, consider the thickness of the blade, drop hammer size, weight, and other parameters considered.Hope to be of help to you!

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