Construction Scaffold Ladder Clamp

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Guangdong China (Mainland)

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Scaffold Ladder Clamp
Scaffold Ladder Clamp,Scaffolding beam clamp
High protected painted / galvanized scaffolding couplers
Q235 steel
For fastening steel tube and beam in construction
Safety brand scaffolding beam clamp
Life span:
5 years

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Scaffold Ladder Clamp is in bare package, suitable for shipmen. One container can load about 26 tons Scaffolding Beam Clamp .
Delivery Detail:after deposit 10 days


Scaffold Ladder Clamp
1.Galvanized clamp
2.Drop forged ladder clamp
3.Size : 48.3*45mm
4.Hot sale in African market.

Construction Scaffold Ladder Clamp

Details of  Construction Scaffold Ladder Clamp

1. Scaffold ladder clamp is made of Q235 steel which has high stength and superior ductility.

2. The production technique is drop forged which assure scaffold ladder clamp presicion specification and strong structure.

3. Galvanized surface clamp has excellent anti-rust property & a longer working life.

4. Diverse type and size of scaffold ladder clamp  are provided.

Specification of the  Construction Scaffold Ladder Clamp :

clampCasting Fix clamp48.3*48.3mm0.85
Casting Swivel clamp48.3*48.3mm0.9
Casting Sleeve clamp48.3*48.3mm0.9
Drop Forged Double clamp48.3*48.3mm1
Drop Forged Swivel clamp48.3*48.3mm1.1
JIS Press Fix clamp48.3*48.3mm0.58
JIS Press Swivel clamp48.3*48.3mm0.58
BS Press Fix clamp48.3*48.3mm0.85
BS Press Swivel clamp48.3*48.3mm1.05
Inner Joint clamp48.3*48.3mm0.77
Putlog clamp48.3*48.3mm0.62
Board Retaining clamp48.3mm*40mm0.62
Beam clamp48.3*45mm1.52
Press Sleeve clamp48.3*48.3mm1
Limpet clamp48.3*45mm0.3
German Double clamp48.3*48.3mm1.2
German Swivel clamp48.3*48.3mm1.4

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Q:How should the scaffolding be used in the project with a height of 21m?
Practice proved 20mm thick XPS extruded insulation board, the insulation effect is equivalent to 50mm thick foam polystyrene, 120mm thick cement perlite
Q:Did you ever see the inside of a hollowed out mountain around 1975 or at any other time with metal scaffolding maybe and a scrying bowl?
No, not personally. I did live directly over a hollowed out hillside. Iron mining from 1850 to 1960 had left a large cavern under most of the town, but as it was full of water no-one had entered it since the mine closed and the pumps were switched off. Many slate mines in North Wales have left what are virtually hollowed out mountains. Many of these mines fell into disuse in the 1930's and are now much too dangerous to be entered.
Q:Brackets Cast-in-place beam support must be used with bowl button scaffolding, can not use fastener scaffolding, there is no mandatory, or standard file requirements!
Fastener steel scaffolding of the wall pieces should not be embedded in the concrete floor inside
Q:Bubble on industrial/scaffold piercing?
If the bump does not ooze any fluids and does not hurt, also has the color of your skin you know it's a hypertrophic scarring bump. Those bumps are formations of scar tissue ( new skin that is naturally created to heal a piercing ) and it goes away with proper care just takes time to do so. If the bump does ooze any fluids like blood or pus or whatever and it does hurt you know it's a cyst/boil. If this cyst is filled with yellow fluids or pus you know that it also got infected. Both of those bumps are treated with sea salt soaks twice a day. Soak the piercing in and do not just use a tissue. Warm water (8oz) + non iodized salt (1/4 teaspoon) mixed in a cup. Soak the piercing in for 10 minutes, 2 times a day. Use a q-tip to clean around the piercing thoroughly, rinse with water and pat it dry with a paper towel. Another alternative which helps for hypertrophic scarring bumps is the chamomile soaks. Industrial is a piercing that goes through cartilage and not just skin. It's not an easy piercing and healing time is 1 full year. Do not stop the sea salt soaks and do not get lazy because cartilage piercings have their ups and downs while healing. They can stay irritated, swollen and painful for long, bumps can be formed around them which can also get infected etc. All this goes away after proper care but can happen again days or even months later. So you need to be extra careful with those piercings and follow your piercers aftercare instructions by the book. Until the piercing is fully healed don't : Touch it, twist the jewelry, change the jewelry or take it out, sleep on it, play with it, but only touch it with freshly washed hands to clean it.
Q:whats a scaffold? the olden times one?
A scaffold is simply a raised platform, usually for the public performance of a punishment. So the guillotine was on a scaffold, so more of the crowd could see the action.
Q:My mom is making me choose between and industrial/ scaffold ear piercing or a six pack of contacts?
Piercings last longer that contacts. 'Nuff said. :]
Q:Scaffold/Industrial Piercing Hypertrophy Scar Tissue..?
Some places do and some places don't. For one Clairs is only equipt to do first and second holes the FIRST time. anything after that you have to go to places that do more than just ears because it might have to be done with something stronger than a piercing gun. I recommend tattoo shops that have piercers as well. They will be able to do it.
Q:What is a scaffold of lighters?
A scaffold of ladders?
Q:Steel pipe scaffolding door, bowl button, button button, plate sales are what they look like?
Steel structure, activities board room sandwich panel tapping screw selection: roof: 7.5cm with 135 self-tapping nails; 10cm with 165 self-tapping nails. Wall board 5cm with 75 self-tapping screws; 7.5cm with 100 self-tapping nails; 10cm with 125 self-tapping nails Self-tapping screw, the English name Self-tappingScrew is a metal or non-metallic materials in the pre-drilling hole in the self-drilling with a female thread with a threaded fastener. Self-tapping screws are used for connection between thin metal plates (steel plates, saw boards, etc.).
Q:Industrial Piercing help? (Scaffold)?
mine was $30 but 2 separate is the way to go or else it get irritated and infected even if you take good care of it. it gets pulled on and its just Alot better to get 2 separate. I took mine out because it looked kinda trashy but if your going to get it no it didnt hurt me there was a little blood but that was it.

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