Customized cuplock scaffolding system bottom cup made in Rizhao,China

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self color or as required


scaffolding bottom cup for cuplock system


Black,zinc plate




0.22kg or as required


bottom cup for cuplock scaffolding system

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Packaging Detail:scaffold accessories:pallets or as required
Delivery Detail:scaffold accessories:15-20 days after confirmation


cuplock system bottom cup 
1 Material:cast steel/45#forged 
2 surface:black 
3 weight:0.45kg

Cuplock bottom cup


cuplock system bottom cup
1 Material:cast steel/45#forged
2 surface:black
3 weight:0.45kg



We are scaffolding manufacturer in China . We have more than 10 years experience in Scaffolding production and have a good reputation in this field. More than 90% of our products are export to Western Europe, Northern Europe, North America, South America, Australia. Hope we can establish longtime cooperation. 

Pls have a check of our scaffolding accessories products below: (We can also provide other types as u required)

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Q:is there a scaffold piercing like this that exists?
Well for the piercing, you'd just get a normal industrial piercing and change to that type of bar when it has healed (fully!). As for the bar... I have never seen one like that, so you'd have to get it custom made - that could be expensive. You'd have to get in contact with a manufacturer of body jewellery and see what they can do. Good luck :) Edit: That bar, however, looks like it would be very hard to get in, so you'd definitely have to check with a piercer to make sure the piercings are healed well before you put the new jewelry in.
Q:On the high-profile model erection of fastener-type steel pipe and door scaffolding mix, combined with work and professional knowledge, not less than 2000 words of the paper
Pole (here mainly said floor or beam support pole) structure, the main solution to a "pressure bar stability" problem. Here is only given the general situation according to the recommendations. (Recently reported in the building of the collapse of the accident, many are not attached to the template support system, did not work in accordance with the provisions) . vertical and horizontal spacing, should be based on load, according to the calculation to determine. In addition to calculating the weight of concrete, but also consider the template weight, but also consider the impact of concrete is the impact of concrete load, but also consider the workers, tools, equipment weight. When pouring concrete is very fast, the impact load is great. (Large construction company, the template support system must give the calculation book) . if the long pole with a fastener (not butt fastener), should consider a fastener bearing maximum load can not exceed 700 kg (sliding friction) , Generally not more than 500 kg in terms of calculation (can not guarantee that each fastener in accordance with the standard fastening). . in order to strengthen the pole stability, must be required to set the standard two-way node constraints: ①, must have "sweeping pole." Two-way set, from the bottom of the pole 20 to 30 cm. To prevent the bottom of the pole from slipping. ②, the middle of the pole should be set to bidirectional horizontal tie rod (contact bar), the first rod height of not less than 180 cm, not more than 200 cm. (In order not to prevent the workers through the work) burden Cao Xiao 丨 consumption check the same intestinal pp, above the level of horizontal bar, each about 150 cm. . must ensure that the bottom of the pole placed in a solid support. Do not allow direct placement on the soil. And to prevent the soil from being softened by flooding. Above is only the basic requirements, specifically to see the relevant norms.
Q:Single-row fastener type steel pipe scaffold for decoration works in the construction of small horizontal bar spacing should be the number of mm.......................................................................................
m, and should not be greater than 65Nm; the end of the rod out of the fastener cover edge should not be less than 100mm at the main node fixed horizontal horizontal bar, vertical horizontal bar, scissors, horizontal bracing and other right-angle fasteners, rotating fastener center point of the distance should not be greater than 150mm; docking fastener opening should be (48 or 51); 6 Steel pipe scaffold application outside diameter 48 ~ 51mm, wall thickness 3 ~ 35mm, no serious erosion, bending, flattening or crack Of the steel pipe Specification is recommended to use 48 * 35mm There are 483 * 3483 * 32 and several other 7 Steel scaffolding bar connection must use qualified steel fasteners, shall not use lead wire and other materials lashing; 8 outside the scaffolding pole spacing steel pipe shall not be greater than 18m, large bar spacing of not more than 18m, small bar spacing Not more than 15m; 9 Scaffolding must be pulled by the floor and the structure of solid, pull the vertical distance of not more than 4m, the horizontal distance of not more than 6m Rack knot material strength shall not be less than the strength of double-stranded 8 # lead wire High shelf should not use flexible materials for knotting scaffolding of the operating surface must be full of scaffolding, from the wall shall not be greater than 200mm, no gap and probe board, fly springboard The lower part of the scaffold is equipped with a horizontal net The outside of the operating surface should be equipped with two body railings and a foot plate or set up a body railings, standing safety net, under the seal, the protection height should be 1m Bamboo scaffolding is strictly prohibited; Reference to the "construction of the fastener type of stare Cao Yu 丨 Ga check frost intestinal steel scaffold safety technical specifications" JGJ130-2011 Ministry of Construction of the People's Republic of China Bulletin No 2011-01-28 approved, 2011-12-01 implementation
Q:Question to do with the industrial/scaffold piercing?
Stretching shouldn't injury while you're giving it sufficient time... so this particularly isn't a solid assessment! A single cartilage piercing would not injury plenty better than your usual earlobe (lobe being 2, cartilage piercing being 3 on a scale of a million to ten). yet i've got in no way had a scaffold or orbital of any sort, so i've got not got plenty first hand journey. definitely in spite of the indisputable fact that i would not complication approximately it. it relatively is going to be over in 30 seconds, a million minute tops. and you get to come again away with a enormously new piercing! Yay!
Q:What is the safety device and setting method for cantilevered scaffolding?
Cantilever beam tail should be more than two fixed on the reinforced concrete slab structure, the specification is so to say, but the actual operation should pay attention to whether the balcony part, because the balcony can not load, so there must be reinforcement measures The specific requirements to see the specification JGJ130-2011 "construction of fastener-type steel pipe footsteps long storage of bursa plug chop chicken shelf safety technical specifications"
Q:Single-row fastener type steel pipe scaffold for decoration works in the construction of small horizontal bar spacing should be the number of mm.................................
With a steel pipe or wood under the support of the template on it. Take me oh
Q:Who can give a calculation of the amount of scaffolding, and now offer the market!
The scaffolding and building structural engineering link to ensure that the overall stability of the scaffolding and the use of security
Q:a few questions about scaffold piercing!?
1. The chances are that it's going to be a 14g (1.6mm) 2. do not twist/play/move the jewelry! this is a BAD idea-- it will prolong healing time, destroy the fistula and bring in unwanted bacteria into the wound. 3. You can use tea tree oil, just make sure you dilute it in water beforehand. Keep doing the salt soaks and you should be fine, you can do them for 5-10 minutes so if you want to do them longer than 5 minutes, you can.
Q:Construction construction fastener type steel pipe scaffolding safety technical specifications of the latest version of what is
2 Since the intention to paste the wall, then the external walls need to chisel and then brush the cement mortar to shop
Q:a 200N uniform scaffold of length 8m is supported by two ropes?
The total force acting on the two ropes is equal to the total weight. T1 + T2 = 200 + 350 + 950 = 1500 N Counter clockwise torque = Clockwise torque Let the pivot point be at the left end. Counter clockwise torque = T2 * 8 The weight of the scaffold is at the center. The distance from the left end to the worker = 8 – 3.25 = 4.75 m Clockwise torque = 350 * 2.5 + 200 * 4 + 950 * 4.75 = 6187.5 T2 * 8 = 6187.5 T2 = 6187.5 ÷ 8 = 773.4375 N T1= 1500 – 773.4375 = 726.5625 N 0 …… 3.25 … 4.00 .… 4.75 ……… 8.00 T1↑ …350↓ … 200↓ … 950↓ ……… T12↑ I hope this helps you understand how to solve this type of problem!

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