Concentric Butterfly Valve BS5155

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1. Small in size, light in weight, easy installation and maintenance.

2. Simple and compact construction, quick 90 degree on-off operation.

3. Minimized operating torque, energy saving.

4. Flow curve tending to straight line, excellent regulation performance.

5. Long service life, standing the test of tens thousands opening/closing operations.

6. BUbbles-tight sealing with no leakage ubder the pressure test.

7. Wide selection of materials, applicable to various medium.

Material List:

No.Part NameMaterial
1BodyCarbon Steel/Stainless Steel/Cast Iron/Ductile Iron/ Al-Bronze
2DiscAl-Bronze/CF8M/Ductile iron/WCB
4StemCarbon Steel/Stainless Steel314/Stainless Steel316
6O ringEPDM/PEFE/Buna/NBR/Hypalon

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Q:Tippmann A5 gasline/valve problem?
You examine your volecity with a chronograph your interior reach paintball shop would desire to have them, you additionally can purchase one on Ebay i would not propose a handheld get one you are able to set up on a tripod like a digicam. a diffusion chamber we could the liquid Co2 increase into gas to keep away from the liquid Co2 to circulate into your marker The low stress kit is designed for working Compressed air no longer co2 it enables with decreasing the the working stress of your marker so which you get greater cosistant photos use much less gas
Q:what does a vacuum switching valve do?
This valve probably is the EGR control valve - the computer monitors the EGR flow and controls the EGR valve opening by switching vacuum to it for opening or bleeding vacuum off for closing. If this valve fails to completely close the EGR valve at idle, the problem will mirror your symptoms
Q:what is the difference between a pressure control valve, a temp control valve, and a flow control valve?
In principle all valves are flow control valves. What changes is the variable they are controlling. A temperature control valve controls a flow to heat or cool another fluid. A pressure control valve, controls a flow to maintain the pressure in a vessel. As pointed earlier, valves can be self contained, i.e., the sensor is part of the control mechanism, usually a diaprhagm which moves the valve stem. and a spring to adjust a set point. Or, they can be pneumatic or electronic, in which case there is an external power source, transducer and controller to adjust set point, gain, reset and rate. This gives additional flexibility, if needed, depending on the process to be controlled. .
Q:ERG valve needs cleaning?
The term is E G R Valve. Stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve. This valve Recirculates exhaust fumes back into the intake of the engine to burn the fumes 2 times.
Q:Dodge Valve Cover Gasket?
take the bolts off pull off old cover and do the same with new cover!
Q:Removing shut off valve?
if the valve handle just turns and turns and never stops the stem is broken off on the inside. Behind the handle of the valve there is a nut about 1 in size, loosen this nut, when it gets loose turn the valve handle in the on direction and the valve handle should spin out. remove the broken pieces from the inside of the valve and replace it with the guts from a new valve. When you tighten the nut back in place make sure the valve is in the open position. Then close the valve. Turn the water back on and open the new valve, if water drips from around the handle of the new valve, tighten the nut a little more.
Q:Integra Valves Ticking?
The valve lash is supposed to be adjusted like every 60k. Your's might need it bad.
Q:EGR valve removal of a 1997 Lincoln Continental?
I am assuming you want to replace the EGR valve because you are getting an insufficient EGR flow trouble code. Before you replace a perfectly good valve with an inferior aftermarket part that will likely fix nothing, a little more diagnosis is in order. If you have access to a scan tool and a vacuum gauge, perform a KOER (key on engine running) test on the engine with the vacuum gauge connected to the hose to the EGR valve. When self-test reaches the EGR test, look for the vacuum guage to move during the self test. If it moves, the vacuum source and EGR solenoid are good. If not, trace the vacuum harness for leaks. Without the scanner and vacuum gauge, find a length of hose and suck on the hose, or connect to other vacuum source to test the valve. You are looking for an RPM drop at idle when you open the valve in this way. I suspect your problem is a passageway clogged with carbon. Remove the valve and throttle body to access the clogged areas and manually decarbonize. This is the most common reason for an insufficient EGR flow on a Lincoln, along with a faulty DPFE sensor or related hoses. My money is on the clogged passages or the bad DPFE sensor.
Q:Does a diverter valve make the same basic sound that a blow off valve does?
Diverter Valve Sound
Q:How do I change a under the sink water shut off valve?
More ofter than not the innards of a valve will deteriorate and start to leak, when that happens its best to replace the valve. Since you ask about soldering the shut off valve, I'm going to assume that you have a copper line coming out of the wall. Older valves required soldering, nowadays there is a compression fitting that eliminates the need for soldering. Once you have the correct size of the pipe turn off the main water supply. Remove the old valve (may need to take a hacksaw or tubing cutter, if its soldered on). Then slip the new nut and compression ring over the pipe. Next bring the valve up to the pipe and tighten the nut to the valve. Once the valve is secured on attach your lines, preferably new replaced lines. Open the valve line, and then turn on the main water line and check for leaks.

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