Concentric Butterfly Valve DN150

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No.Part NameMaterial
1BodyCarbon Steel/Stainless Steel/Cast Iron/Ductile Iron/ Al-Bronze
2DiscAl-Bronze/CF8M/Ductile iron/WCB
4StemCarbon Steel/Stainless Steel314/Stainless Steel316
6O ringEPDM/PEFE/Buna/NBR/Hypalon


DIN PN10/16/25; ANSI B 16.1
BS4504; ISO PN10/16
JIS B 2212/2213
BS 10 table D; BS 10 table E


1. Small in size, light in weight, easy installation and maintenance.

2. Simple and compact construction, quick 90 degree on-off operation.

3. Minimized operating torque, energy saving.

4. Flow curve tending to straight line, excellent regulation performance.

5. Long service life, standing the test of tens thousands opening/closing operations.

6. BUbbles-tight sealing with no leakage ubder the pressure test.

7. Wide selection of materials, applicable to various medium.

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Q:how do i gap valves on a 3406B motor. ?
try using this link here to help you out. Dont know if you have engine brake or not. but u should be able to still adjust the valves correctly if you follow along with the process.
Q:Leaking water valve under my kitchen sink?
The faucet is the problem, not the valve under it. If you just bought the faucet, it shouldn't have any washers in it. Washerless faucets have been the norm for 15 to 20 years now. You need to replace o rings or entire cartridges and the cartridge valve seats. Cartridges are designed to only work one way, but can be installed backwards, so pay close attention to directions that come in the package. To get the proper parts, you need the manufacturer of the faucet (Moen, Peerless or whatever) and you need to know if it's a one handle or two handle faucet and if it's a vanity or kitchen faucet. When getting these parts, you are better of going to a small hardware store or plumbing supply store. They do sell them at Lowe's and Home Depot, but the personalized, professional and knowledgeable customer service at a small hardware or plumbing supply store is invaluable if you don't know exactly what you need. The guy in the plumbing department at Lowe's may or may not know what he is talking about. If you type replacing faucet cartridge and seats into google, you will come up with several videos and how to web sites to show you how to do the job. You should also look at replacing the valve under the sink and the main, so you can shut the water off all of the way. Sometimes on the main if you just open it and close it a couple of times it will break up the lime residue on it and work properly. If it leaks externally, rebuild or replace it.
Q:Standing water under sprinkler valves?
Sounds to me, like you have one of two things happening. Either you have a leak, which needs to be fixed. Or the valve box is in a low area where the water drains to... Turn on the water and watch the valves.. you might be able to see where the water is coming from. It may be as simple as tightening down the valve screws, or you may need to turn off the water at the main and repair or replace it. If the water is draining there or the leak isn't all that terrible the only way drain rock would help is if you were to dig underneath the valve a little, and to replace what you dig out with rock... Just make sure you can still access everything when you are finished. Good Luck!
Q:What are 'Valves' in a car engine? (V6 24 Valve)?
Valves in an engine have two purposes. There is a set of valves to let the air/fuel mixture IN to the engine cylinders. Those valves then close, sealing the gas in for combustion. Once the fuel has burned, the outlet valves open and let the spent fumes out through the exhaust. Cars and trucks usually have 2-4 valves per cylinder. So, in a V6 with 6 cylinders, there could be anywhere from 12 valves to 24 valves. More valves typically mean that the engine can produce more power and be more efficient.
Q:Installing kitchen faucet/shut off valves?
Im assuming that third pipe is to a dishwasher? will have to shut off you main water valve, most likely located in your basement. Then crack open all faucets to drain any water in pipes, before you disconnect the water pipes and valves under sink. The other pipe may also be the hot water coming in...hard to tell without a picture!
Q:A quick question on Idle control valve?
Generally, a bad ICV will either be stuck open from carbon or dirt making the idle stay too high. Or dead which usually kills the engine when put in gear. Mileage would be affected, but if it idles good, it's probably ok.
Q:how to replace an egr valve on a 2002 mercury sable?
Un plug the vacuum hose on top of the valve, loosen and remove the big tube nut on the bottom of the valve, I have found if you hit it sharply with a hammer 3 or 4 times before you try to loosen it won't break the valve off, once the tube nut is undone remove the 2 bolts holding the EGR valve to the intake manifold. Remove and discard the gasket and install the new valve in the reverse order. If the tube nut still won't come loose try heating it with a torch, if it's really rusted on you might have to replace the EGR tub along with the valve.
Q:Closed valve on a Rainbird sprinkler system?
they dont really stick from the winter. i would say if the valve has a problem the diaphram needs replacing on the inside of it. ( all you have to do is find the same kind of valve and take the old parts out of the valve and replace them, the top, and the solenoid with the new valve's parts. they can be anywhere in your yard. ive even found the valve boxes buried under bushes. some installers don't put them in boxes, they just bury the valves. if you know where any of the green boxes are open the lids and see what's inside. sometimes more than one valve will be in a box. turn the solenoid on the valve. ( this will be the peice that the wire are connected to on the valve. dont turn the solenoid too much or it will come out. just a 1/4 to 1/2 a turn or so maybe a little more or less. and when you find the valve that turns on the zone 8 that is not working that is the valve for that section. you may even be able to hear the valve trying to come on when the timer shows it is running. if not, then check for power at the valve. if no power. there is a short, bad connection, or bad module in the timer. if power- replace just the solenoid first. if that doesnt work rebuild the valve. if you have no luck finding the box with zone 8 in it then try a few tips. get a screwdriver and poke around where some other valve boxes are. they may be close together. use a wire locator or hire a professional to locate the valve and show you how to repair it. to manually open and close the valve- open upthe solenoid like i said. or use the bleeder if the valve has one.
Q:99 eclipse bent valve?
tell him that you dont sand down the seat.if he does,then he could get it so it wont seat right.he needs to lap the 1 of the valves are smaller then the other.if it backfires through the exhaust then its the exhaust valve.if he know how to do it,then all he has to do is take a piece of paper and hold it up to the tailpipe and see if it sucks the paper in.
Q:Mitral Valve Prolapse?
My 8 yr. old son was thought to have this at birth, thankfully he out grew it It can cause your heart to beat rapidly, especially during physical activity. There are different types also, but mainly a valve in your heart is not formed correctly causing it not to seal witch creates the back flow of blood. Look up MVP on the web and you can find tons of info. on it! Also, make sure to have a sonogram and speak to a great cardiologist!

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