CNBM--CFE lithium battery 2.4Kwh Ess battery

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Material: life po4 Max. Power(W): 2 Number of Cells(pieces): 1

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CNBM International Corporation, established in 2004, an important member of the Logistics Trade Section of CNBM
Group(Rank 187th the World Fortune Top 500 enterprises 2020). With our efforts to develop the market domestic and
abroad, we have built cooperation and partnership with 1600 manufacturers in China, and have established stable
business relationship in more than 120 countries and regions abroad.
Following the trend of reducing carbon emissions, relaying on our advantage in solar and energy development
simultaneously utilizing our competitive position we achieve sales revenue of USD 15 Billion in 2020.
CNBM International is highly recognized by its business partners and clients all over the world and has obtained rapid
development under the spirit of win-win. We will carry on the mutual beneficial, innovative and revolutionary trading
structure as we did before, create value for our employees, share holders and clients and benefit the whole society in
our future development.


and CNBM signed the global exclusive agent with CF energy for CFE brand ,CF-Energy was founded in 2018. A high-tech enterprise located in Xian Yang ,China. Engaged in the development of
energy storage and micro-grid systems.
CF-Energy owns the most sophisticated team(2 doctors, more than 20 electric/software engineer/electronic masters)
with top class R&D experts from lithium battery system design, BMS management, and system integration, Fire and
explosion protection etc.
In the future, the company will continue to uphold the concept of "early, fine and precise", devote itself to the full life
cycle management of lithium battery systems, continue to optimize the application of lithium battery systems in
different application scenarios, and continue to create value for customers.





CNBM--CFE lithium battery 2.4Kwh Ess battery

CNBM--CFE lithium battery 2.4Kwh Ess battery

CNBM--CFE lithium battery 2.4Kwh Ess battery


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Q:The advantages and effects of solar energy
The advantages of solar energy: solar energy as a new energy, it has three characteristics compared with conventional energy: First: it is the most abundant energy available to humans.It is estimated that in the past 1.1 billion years, the sun consumed Its own energy of 2% .In the future enough to supply the Earth human beings, the use of billions of year
Q:Solar panel resistance is changed with what
the lower the ambient temperature, the smaller the internal resistance of the battery, power generation The higher the effect; the other hand, the higher the temperature, the greater the internal resistance, the lower the efficiency.
Q:Is it complicated to make a solar cell work well?
For the professionals, it is not complicated at all.
Q:Are there any library or exhibition halls where I can show students at school how the solar cells works?
Sometimes there are some theme shows focused on solar cell technology in the National Science and technology Museum. You can take your students over there.
Q:Is the solar cells factory in China good and trustworthy?
We are a foreign company selling the solar cells all over the world, we actually set up our solar cell factory in China 5 years ago, and it turns out to be very good.
Q:Is there any easy way to make a solar cell? I want to make a DIY solar cell with my child at home.
Search "wikihow". And you will find very simple but clear instructions.
Q:How does the solar cell work properly?
The material which is used to absorb the energy from sunshine should be silicon.
Q:Can I trust the suppliers for film solar that I found on alibaba ?
The film solar product is a mature product in the market, so most of the information of the film solar suppliers are quite transparant, which means easy to track.
Q:I have a turnkey solar power project starting in 6 months, now we are searching the market in south China to find the best solar cells manufacturers. Any professional suggestion or recommendation?
In south China, you will have more resources than in north China, because there are many solar cell factories over there, which means you get to have more choice to select from.
Q:What are the applications of solar cells?
User solar power: - small power supply 10 ~ 100W range, for remote areas such as the plateau, islands, pastoral areas, border posts and other military life electricity, such as lighting, television, tape recorders and so on. - 3 ~ 5KW home roof grid-connected power generation system. - PV water pump: to solve the non-electric areas of deep wells drinking, irrigation.

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