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Quartz tube

1 high purity

2 strong heat resistance and low coefficient of thermal expansion

3 used for heat and light


Quartz tube, we can provide quartz tube with size of OD1.5--250mm. high quality and resistance high temperature.

The quartz tube widely used in semiconductor or other industry.

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Q:Does the oven quartz tube light up properly?
The oven will be heated and lit when it does not reach the set temperature. When the set temperature is reached, the heater will stop heating (out).
Q:How to identify the trombone quartz stone
The process of tube for feeding, melting, forming, cooling, drawing. General quartz can slide, is the different quality requirements, if required, transparent no bubble, it should use silica of high purity, less gas-liquid inclusions of quartz stone, processed into high purity quartz sand to the trombone.
Q:Is the light wave harmful to the body?
A light wave stove, with its convenient, healthy environmental protection, quickly into the homes of ordinary people, to become a family "wife". But "wife" also have their own temperament, cooking time to pay attention to the following questions:1, in the light wave furnace can use a variety of high temperature resistant containers, but if the choice of microwave cooking fire, it is best not to use metal or metal containers. Because the metal has a reflection on the microwave, not only the food is difficult to mature, the reflected microwave will damage the components of the microwave oven, affecting the service life.2, if you cook frozen food, you must defrost first. Defrost should pay attention to:Use microwave low power gear to make it defrost evenly;For some different thickness of food, in the thaw to half, in order to prevent a part of cooked, you can first stop the thaw, with aluminum foil wrapped the thin place, and then continue to thaw;A thaw of food should not be too much, nor should it be too thick, the thickness of meat is best not more than 3 cm, other food thickness is not more than 5 to 7 centimeters.3, avoid using wave oven heating sealed canned, bagged food, which is easy to cause sealing explosive explosion, but the special marked microwave food except. If you want to prevent evaporation of water, add a plastic wrap to the food container and prick some small holes in it.4, avoid using light wave oven fried food. Fried foods are generally required to be heated slowly, while light waves and microwave heating are very fast and prone to danger.
Q:What is the working principle of the electric heater of the quartz tube? Is the heating wire made of ordinary electric stove?
It is produced by the special electronic paste at high temperature by thermal decomposition or magnetron sputtering or evaporation, etc., according to your description, it should be heated by semiconductor type electrothermal film.
Q:The difference between a quartz tube and a halogen tube
Halogen tubes have their main properties:1. The electric performance is stable, the electric heating power is stable, the heating rate is fast, and the electric heating conversion rate is as high as 70%;2, high thermal efficiency, heating non oxidation, service life of up to 3000 hours or more, safe and reliable;3, the work of the light emitted by visible and near infrared light based, more than 84% concentrated in 0.75 m ~ 3.5 mu m region. Fully comply with the basic environmental test procedures for GB/T241993 electrical and electronic products, as well as the general safety requirements for GB4706.1-19921 household and similar electrical appliances.
Q:Does the quartz tube have no open flame?
The quartz tube is heated inside the quartz tube. The heating wire is heated and has an open flame. It radiates heat into the space in the form of radiation. The service life of ceramic PTC heating is many times longer than that of quartz tube heater.
Q:The quartz tube that has just changed into the sterilizing cabinet will soon burn out. Why?
If the original is easy to burn out the quartz tube into the original position of the old pipe after a sudden burn, and the original old tube position of the original new tube this very durable -- certainly is what resistance capacitance is bad, it is only to open the closed area carefully.
Q:Can quartz tubes produce infrared rays?
Quartz glass tube is made of silica dioxide special industrial technology glass, is a very good basic material. Quartz glass has a series of excellent physical and chemical propertiesFor electric fire bucket, electric heating stove, electric heater, heating up.
Q:Which is better, light wave oven or induction cooker, for cooking or cooking?
Light wave furnace is also called light wave microwave oven. The biggest difference between it and ordinary microwave oven lies in its heating mode. The ordinary microwave oven, the inner barbecue pipe, generally uses the copper tube or the quartz tube. It is difficult to cool the copper tube after heating, which leads to scalding. The heat effect of the quartz tube is not very high.
Q:What's the difference between double quartz tube, metal heating tube and stainless steel barbecue pipe?
In essence: light wave is the auxiliary function of microwave oven, only for barbecue. Without microwaves, the light wave oven is only equivalent to the ordinary oven. The light wave furnace in the market is a combination of light wave and microwave. In use, it can be operated by microwave, and can be operated by light wave alone. It can also be combined with light wave and microwave. That is to say, the light wave oven is compatible with the function of the microwave oven.
We are the first professional manufacturer which adopts the continuous melting way. Our annual output is more than 800 tons, and product quality can meet the international level. We have obtained the certification of SO 9001:2000, TUV, CE, ROHS and MSDS

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Liaoning,China
Year Established 1986
Annual Output Value US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
Main Markets North America
South America
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Mid East
Eastern Asia
Western Europe
Central America
Northern Europe
Southern Europe
South Asia
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000;TUV; CE; ROHS;MSDS

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Nearest Port Dalian port
Export Percentage 91% - 100%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6-10 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean
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Factory Size: 3,000-5,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 4
Contract Manufacturing
Product Price Range Low and/or Average