Class B Zinc Layer Of Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire

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China (Mainland)
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Cold Heading Steel
Zinc Purity:99.995%
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Packaging Detail:Coil, Spool, Big Coil packing
Delivery Detail:20-30 days after signing the formal contracts


1.ISO9001:2008 Certificate
2.Zinc coating:320--610g/m2
3.high quality attractive price

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Q:Can anyone interpret this wiring diagram?
The schematic drawings for a large electrical installation will 'normally' have a 'key to symbols' sheet. However some symbols you will have to work out for yourself. (comes with experience). Schematics for control systems may be a different kettle of fish. After 45 years as a maintenance electrician at sea and ashore I came to the conclusion that not only do different countries have different standards, but so do the individual electrical design engineers. Normally control drgs of many pages will have some reference to page No. and grid No's. Each page will be divided into grids, say 1 to 10 across top and A to H vertical. A relay with many contacts, but each contact on different pages, will have a symbol showing all contacts below the coil symbol. Each contact will show :- contact No's, page No and grid ref. IE. 13-14 (4) 2D. This is contacts 13-14 on page 4 at ref 2 across and D vertical. Sorry I can't help you any more with this but I'd be here for the next week or more going through all the different standards.
Q:how to wire a spl grla 5500/1d?
wow I have never heard of this amp until u mentioned it. the ratings seem good. ur best option would be to call sonic electronics have them send you a manual on how to wire this amp. they sell this amp. I mean u ask how to properly wire it. wire it to get power ? or to the woofers ? red wire + goes to your battery. black wire - goes to your ground (not your battery) to the frame of ur vehicle. then u need a blue wire, your remote this wire goes to ur stereo's remote wire it should be the same color or it will be marked. but if u do not know how to hook up an amplifier u should go to a professional shop due to the fact if u improperly hook ur amp up YOU CAN START A FIRE IN YOUR CAR.
Q:immersion heater wiring diagram??
Immersion Heater Thermostat Wiring Diagram
Q:my thermostat has8 wires?
Most thermostats have multiple wires because they can be set to control different kinds of systems. Check the manual to see which connections you need for your situation. If it can turn on your heater (and air conditioner if you have one), then it is connected properly.
Q:How to extend my speaker (wires)?
What kind of speaker connectors do you use? If the speakers can be disconnected from the source, I recommend getting extension adapters and long speaker wire so they will reach behind you (for example, if you have mini 3.5mm stereo jacks, get headphone extension cables and use those, and if you have RCA connectors, get RCA to RCA adapters and get long RCA cables). This way you don't need to cut any wires. But you can cut the wires and extend them with any type of speaker wire and use black electrical tape to seal them up. Make sure the positive and negative wires don't touch or you won't get any sound. I suggest wrapping up one set of wires with tape before taping up the other set (tape the positive wires up first and then tape up both sets of wires).
Q:Double pole breaker with one hot wire?
You can use the 10/3 wire, but you wire it so that the black and the white are hot wires and the ground is the neutral. Of course you won't have the bare ground to use as a ground anymore, so if you want it wired with a bare ground to the cabinet, you will need to run a separate bare ground. Or get different wire with a red a black a white and a bare ground. Red and black will be hot, white will be neutral and bare ground will be ground.
Q:How to replace electrical outlet 6 wires?
This Site Might Help You. RE: How to replace electrical outlet 6 wires? I am replacing an electrical outlet that currently has 3 white and 3 black wires plus the ground wire. The bad outlet has 3 holes already in it for each of the wires but my new outlet does not, there are only 2 holes and/or the 2 screw on each side. How do I install this new outlet? Do I need to do...
Q:car audio. remote wire?
Well, you have 2 options. I used this first method when I installed subs in my cousins car because there was no remote turn on wire on his car. In this case you can run wire directly from the battery to a toggle switch that you can mount on your dash, then run the wire from the toggle to your amp. So the amp only turns on when you slip the switch.(Usually, even if there is a remote turn on I run that to a toggle and then to the amp, so then you can turn your amp on and off whenever you want not just when ever the radio is off or on. Your second option is to use a circuit tester to find a wire that has power when the radio is off has no power but it has power when the radio is on, then you can splice your remote turn on into that.
Q:1983 chevy 350 starter wiring?
depending on how it was set up to the solenoid, you could have two or three wires, including the battery cable. that large wire goes from the b terminal on the starter to the battery positive. there is also an i terminal on some, that is a wire that goes from that terminal to the ignition coil indirectly for a full 12 volts or close to it while cranking. the last terminal should be the s terminal. it goes back to the ignition switch.if you only get a single solid click, i think the solenoid is a good potential for the problem. if you pull that off and remove the plastic cover at one end, you will find the moving contact section. either flip that copper piece around or use a fine file or sand paper to clean it up along with the contacts in the cap itself. after all of that is clean, reassemble and bench test it before you reinstall it. if it cranks over well and at high enough a speed, then install it. if not, check the battery and then maybe have the starter tested at a shop. if you reinstall it and it still only gives you a solid click, then see if you can crank the engine over with a socket on the crank. bolt. if that does not work, then pull all of the plugs and try again.
Q:Need help from ceiling fan/wiring expert??
The black and black/white are the hot legs for the fan and the light kit.If you have separate switches on your wall then you could operate the fan and the light without having to pull the string.On my house all the switches are that way.Up in the ceiling there is an additional hot wire.It is colored red.

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