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We can design and produce excavator buckets for all brands, scientifically solve stress problem as different construction conditions and customer requirements, and have ability to ensure structural strength, use performance and product quality by selection of high-quality material, advanced computer-aided design and complete control over process welding quality. The specification ranges from 0.1m3 to 12m3.

By bucket type and material, there are common bucket, imitated original bucket, reinforced bucket and rock bucket, which are made from domestic high-tensile structural steel 16Mn (Q345B), in addition, the tooth plate and side edge board of reinforced bucket and rock bucket can be made from domestic high-quality wear-resistant steel NM360 and Sweden ultrahigh-strength wear-resistant steel HARDOX according to customer demands.

By function, there are ditching bucket, grid bucket, cleaning bucket, and tipping bucket, etc. The ditching bucket is suitable for ditching in different forms, and is featured by once forming, no finish and high work efficiency. The grid bucket is used to separate, excavate or salvage bulk materials excellently at a time, and is widely applicable to municipal administration, agriculture, forestry, water conservation and earthwork, and cleaning bucket and tipping bucket are suitable for finishing of slop and other planes and huge desilting and cleaning of riverway and ditches, and the tipping bucket can change the dip angle of cleaning bucket by the hydro-cylinder, which greatly improves work efficiency.


By Material and Type



Configuration and Performance

Application environment

common bucket


Standard General-purpose Type, Standard Board Thickness, Single-layer Reinforcing Plate at Bottom, Homemade High-quality Bucket Tooth Seat;

Light working environment like excavation of clay and loose soil, and loading of sand, soil and gravel;

imitated original bucket


Imitated Original Type, Standard Board Thickness, Single-layer Reinforcing Plate at Bottom, Homemade High-quality Bucket Tooth Seat;

Light working environment like excavation of clay and loose soil, and loading of sand, soil and gravel;

reinforced bucket

Q345B or

Thickened board, double-layer reinforcing plate at bottom, welded reinforcing plates at two sides, preventer plate installed on the side edge board, reinforced bucket tooth seat;

Common heavy-load working environment like excavation of pan soil mixed with broken stones or loading of broken stone or gravel;

rock bucket

Q345B or

Thickened board, double-layer reinforcing plate at bottom, welded reinforcing plates and creeper treads at two sides, preventer plate installed on the side edge board, special bucket tooth seat for rock bucket; strong wear resistance and bending resistance.

Heavy-load working environment like loading of broken stone, gravel, secondary hard rock, weathered granite and exploded ore;


   Comparison of Chemical Composition and Mechanical Performance of Material



Main Chemical Composition

Brinell Hardness

Elongation δ

Tensile Strength σ

Yield Strength σ






Manganese Board











Homemade Wear-resistant Board











High-strength Wear-resistant Board












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