carbon Steel Rigging Hardware

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  • Place of Origin:Chongqing, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number:CHRH20101207

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Packaging Details:Gunny bag,Carton or pallet
Delivery Detail:15days.


Rigging Hardware
Stainless Steel AISI304 or AISI316; Self-color , Electric Galvanized , Hot Dip Galvanized

Rigging Hardware

Material:  Carbon Steel and Stainless 304 or 316

Surface:  Self-color,   Galvanized , Hot dip Galvanized




Load binders



Chain accessories

Eye bolts

Steel stick

S.S. products

Chain accessories


Pipe fittings

Turn buckles

Q:I was re-wiring a light switch and a fan control knob and I accidentally cut a wire too short. This wire comes out the front of the fan dial and goes around to the back, connecting to another wire, thus placing a wire nut impossible. Can I just link the two ends together, then seal it with electrical tape? Or do I have to buy a new fan dial (which will cost $25, a cost I'm trying to avoid)? Will just the tape be safe enough?
No they are NOT absolutely necessary, however the typical DIY'er does not have the skills or the tools to make a splice the old fashioned way. You can solder the two wires together after twisting them together in line and then cover them with shrink wrap. If you know what I am talking about and have the tools then wire nuts are not absolutely necessary, however if you do not have a clue how to do this or the necessary tools are then yes wire nuts are necessary. Just twisting them together and wrapping the connection with tape is not a good way to go.
Q:im installing a JVC raido in my 1990 nissan maxima and cant figure out how to properly conect the wires
The easiest way to install the head unit is to buy the harness adapter that's for your car and match the colors of the harness adapter to the head unit wiring harness. An antenna adapter will also be needed for the new head unit. A dash kit will obvious will be needed to make the installation seamless.
Q:Peugeot Speedfight 2, How can i find out what colour wire is fuel? indicators? .. Would it all be shown on the wiring diagram?
most bikes use the same wiring system... 50% anyway Black=Common Negative Red= Ignition Positive Grey= Ignition Kill Black+White=Ignition Kill (Ground) Green+Yellow=Ground Yellow= left indicator Yellow + Stripe= right indicator I recommend going on OKorder and asking a seller offering bike alarms for a wiring diagram for your bike, they will have them 99% of the time (it would be wrong if i sugested you tell them you bought an alarm from them in the past... as a reason for them to e-mail you a diagram - dont do that ;-) cgi.OKorder .uk/CYCLONE-MOTORBIKE-...
Q:Does anyone have a schematic?
on the wires it should tell you want the wires are four you should have a red wire black wire.the red is live wire and the back wire is earth wire.and the four you got left is speaker wires
Q:My telephone doesn't work. No Dial tone. When I plug the phone into the box outside the phone works so that tells me it is the wiring going into or in the house. The phone repairman put in a new phone box outside because the old one wasn't accessible anymore (we accidentally built a porch over it) when he did that he spliced the wire going from the old box to the new box. The wires that he spliced hang down under the porch. There are 4 wires coming out of each wire, but only two are spliced together. Should the other two be spliced also? I'm thinking maybe they were but my dog has messed with them. The phone service went down all of the sudden and I don't really know anything else to check. Any ideas?
each phone line uses a pair of wires (2 wires) these wires would normally be green/red or blue/white and solid blue for line 1 and if needed yellow/black or orange/white and solid orange for line 2... you did the first step in troubleshooting to know that the trouble resides inside your home... so when you call into your line does the phone ring busy (or go straight to voice mail) or does it just keep ringing.... if it rings busy (or straight to VM) then there is a short on the line... this is possibly a defective phone, a phone that is off the hook, or a bad jack or wire... if the phone just keeps ringing, then there is a broken wire somewhere...... since the old NID is no longer accessible, you may need to run a section of wire from the new NID to one of the existing jacks in your home to back feed the jacks... if you do this i recommend disconnecting the wire that is going from the new NID to the old NID, as if you reverse the polarity you may end up shorting out your line with the new wire...
Q:I just bought an exhaust tip with leds which needs to be wired up to the brake lights on my mazda 626. Can somebody tell me which colour wire it is (positive) on the wiring to the brake light? There are a few wires and I dont know which one it is! Thanx
get a 12 volt test light to find power and just ground it to the vehicles chassis if your not sure about the ground
Q:trying to install a 7 inch dvd,cd player but do not know what all the wire colors mean , some1 has cut off the harness now all i got is a bunch of strange colored wires , it has 2 reds and many other odd color wires
Dodge Dakota Wiring Diagram
Q:I got molds done a while back for my finishing wires on my braces. I'm getting them Tuesday, but I'm not really sure what the difference is between finishing wires and the wires I have now. So I'd be delighted if someone could explain:) Also, after you get finishing wires, about how much longer is it until you get your braces off? And, would you recommend the wire retainers, or the clear ones? Why? Thanks in advance!
Finishing wires are for the final stage of braces. They are pretty strong wires that snap tightly into your brackets so the orthodontist can finely control the teeth and line everything up nicely. I can't say how long until you get your braces off...that's kind of a case by case basis. Typically the wire retainers are better than the clear ones from a hygiene perspective. They can also be adjusted unlike the plastic ones.
Q:Two wires are placed parallel to each other. What would be the effect of passinga) upward current through both wiresb) an upward current throgh one wire and a downward current through the other.Explain.
a) When the currents through both the wires are in the same direction, the magnetic field due to each midway between them, by right-hand thumb rule, will be in opposite directions. This will result in attraction between the wires. b) When the currents through both the wires are in the opposite directions, the magnetic field due to each midway between them, by right-hand thumb rule, will be in the same direction. This will result in respulsion between the wires.
Q:I have a 98 RS Eclipse (420a) and i would like some opinions and recommendations for spark plug wires. Who makes the best or very good wires for my engine??
The stock ones are made by Mopar. They fit and work.

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