cable wrapping aluminium foil

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Product Description:

Application: Cable Wrapping

Alloy: 1145/1200/1235/1100/1050/8011


Thickness& Tolerance:0.10mm-0.20mm(±6%)

Width& Tolerance: 200mm-1650mm(±1mm)

Mechanical Properties:Tensile Strength (U.T.S)≥60Mpa, Elongation≥10%

Standard: GB/T3198/ASTM-B209/EN546

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Q:Question about Aluminum?
Spanish Meatloaf Serves 6 1-1/2 lb Ground Beef, lean 1 (5.5 oz envelope) Wyler's ''Hearty Beef Stew'' Soup Starter 1 (8 oz bag) Mexican Style Cheddar Cheese, shredded 1 (4 oz can) Diced Green Chili Peppers 1 (14-1/2 oz can) Diced Tomatoes, drained 1 Cup BBQ Sauce (recommended: Kraft Carb Well) Instructions: Preheat the oven to 350ºF In a large bowl add the soup starter, diced green chili peppers, and the diced tomatoes; mix until the liquid is absorbedAdd the ground beef and BBQ sauce and mix thoroughly until well combinedPlace 1/2 of the mixture in a loaf pan, making a well in the meat, top evenly with the cheese and place the remainder of the meat mixture on top to sealBake for 45 minutes; drain any residual fat if necessaryPlace the meatloaf on a warmed serving platter and serve immediatelyServe with mixed vegetables or a salad.
Q:Apparent Weight in Fluid Question?
use no sealant and replace the defective filter with a new one, better brand better filter, no need for an oem filter unless your an anulretentive poop head
Q:Chemistry question, please help!?
3 aluminium the others would go more towards the electron config of neon
Q:What is the best way to clean sterling silver;while at home???
The gentlest way I know involves heating it gently in a large pan of water (not an aluminium pan) with some baking soda dissolved in ithe water and some crumpled up aluminium foil Best of luck - Mike
Q:sugar free fudge recipes?
Sugar-Free Fudge 2 1-ounce squares unsweetened chocolate 2 8-ounce packages cream cheese, room temperature and softened ½ cup Splenda sweetener 1 teaspoon vanilla extract ½ cup chopped walnuts Melt the squares of unsweetened chocolate in the microwave, a few seconds at a time, or over a double boilerWhile the chocolate is cooling, line an 8- by 8-inch baking pan with aluminum foilIn a medium-size mixing bowl start beating the cream cheese on low with a mixerAdd in the melted chocolate, Splenda and vanilla extractBeat until cream cheese mixture is smooth and well blendedStir in the nutsPour the mixture in the foil-lined baking panSmooth out the top, and coverRefrigerate for at least 8 hours before serving and cuttingServe chilled.
Q:I want to make a spirit stick in the shape of the letter MWhat materials can I use to make a sturdy one?
Does your rant actually have a purpose other than showing the world your ignorance?
Q:What are the characteristics of aluminum foil and aluminum foil, what is the difference?
X B pinyin is coated with a thin layer of tin paper, multiple folded or paste into the ingot shaped, superstitious people used to give a ghost incineration. Aluminum foil aluminum rolled into sheets of hot stamping material, the effect of stamping and silver foil stamping similar effects, so it is also called false because of silver. Aluminum soft texture, good ductility, with silver white luster, if after rolling sheet made of aluminum foil in the offset paper with a sodium silicate material mounted, can also be printed. But the foil itself easy oxidation and dark, friction, touch will fade, so it can not be used to save Yu Changjiu the book covers the hot stamping foil. Because of its excellent characteristics, widely used in packaging materials, food and beverages, cigarettes, drugs, daily necessities, household photographic plates; electrolytic capacitor materials; thermal insulation materials for building, vehicle, ship, etc. housing can also;
Q:Has anyone heard of large wall mirrors causing connectivity problems with a wireless G access point?
Hello: Mirrors use an aluminum foil alloy to create the reflective surfaceIt is possible for the aluminum to reflect the microwave frequencies used in 802.11GUnder some circumstances that /might/ cause problemsMicrowave communications reflectors are large aluminum sheetsAnd yes, 802.11G is 2.4GHz, the same frequency range used by Microwave ovens, very much in the Microwave rangeIncidentally, aluminum reflects Microwaves.steel alloys absorb themThis is not at all the same kind of thing as a TV remote control, which uses pulses of infrared lightCheers!
Q:Can you please help me balance this equation?!?
Please recognize first that this is an oxidation-reduction (redox) reactionTherefore, something gets oxidized, and something gets reducedWe must identify those first and write their half reactionsH2O + 2e- - H2 +1 0 The hydrogen in water is reduced to elemental hydrogen gas, resulting in a gain of 2 electrons and a reduction of +2 in oxidation state (one per hydrogen)Al - AlCl3 0 +3 Metallic (oxst0) aluminum gets oxidized to +3 in AlCl3, resulting in a loss of 3 electrons We must make the electron transfer equal so electrons are conserved (no excess gain or loss)In order to balance them out, we must multiply the H2's by 3 and the Al's by 2Let's see where that leaves the chemical equation at the moment: CuCl2 + 3H2O and 2Al - 3H2 + 2AlCl3 + CuO This should result in 6 electrons gained and lost; therefore conservedThe reaction however is not yet balanced, as the Cl atoms are not conservedLet's multiply the CuCl2 term by 3 (as well as the CuO term to keep the Cu's in balance)3CuCl2 + 3H2O and 2Al - 3H2 + 2AlCl3 + 3CuO A quick inspection leads us to think that our reaction is now balanced However, in order to complete our redox balance we must check TWO THINGS: 1Mass balance 2Charge balance Mass balance is what we have been doing; making sure there are the same number of atoms of each side of the reactionLet's be sure that is the case: 3 Cu on both sides 6 Cl on both sides (3 Cl2 vs2Cl3; OK) 6 H on both sides 3 O on both sides 2 Al on both sides Mass balance is correctWe must also see that the net CHARGE on both sides is the same(Does not have to be zero!) We are lucky here that we have no ions, no charged speciesSo the charge on both sides is zero (OK)We're finished.
Q:Using Polymer Clay to repair Air-Dry Clay and baking it in oven?
I stumbled across your question trying to find an answer to my similar question of covering air dry with polymerSo I'm not going very helpful except to say that I really don't think you should put it in the oven due to the bubble wrap and masking tape Use aluminium foil and if you need to electrical tape.

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