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Rate power: 3.6V 25W; 4.8V 30W; 6V 40W; 7.2V 45W; 8.4V 45W; 9.6V 45W; 12V 75W; 14.4V 75W;                                                   

Battery:  Ni-MH AA battery or Ni-Cd SC battery;                                                                

Wet & Dry function, not only work dust but also work for liquid;                                 

Noise level: <80dB;                                                                                                              

Water capacity of container: 65ml;Dust capacity of container: 550ml;                             

Portable, Easy operate; With wall bracket and installation material;                      

Washable dust and water filter;                                                                                               

Quiet effective motor;                                                                                                          

Red LED charging indicator;                                                                                        

Accessories: squeegee nozzle, crevice tool, small brush    


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Q:When did the following become common in homes?
Individually, the time line could spread out over 60 or 70 years. As a whole, there are still items on your list that are not common in all homes. For instance, when I was married my wife did the dishwashing by hand and now I still do it the same way. I have no need for a hair dryer but if I did, what other type would I be likely to use in my home other than a hand held?
Q:Brooms or vacuums ?
Broom, because I don't own a vacuum. =))))))
Q:Which is more powerful-amps or volts?
Volts and amps are different things. Power is the product of volts times amps. The motor in the vacuum can be rated in watts or in horse power. 12 volts times 6 amps is 72 watts. This is about 0.1 horsepower (746 watts in one horsepower). Some vacuum cleaners rate their machines suction power in air-watts. A bigger or more powerful motor doesn't always mean better suction. The design could be poor or inefficient so you really need to know how well the machine acutally picks up dust and dirt. The air-watt rating should be a better indicator than just watts or motor size. If you want a good vacuum cleaner, check out Consumer Reports.
Q:Does anyone know of anything to hoover keyboard and get rid of crap between keys?
You can buy miniature vacuum cleaners hat are USB powered to use on your keyboard, but the £2.99 one I bought didn't have that much power to be of any use. An actual cleaner with the crevice nozzle (or upholstery nozzle if it's a powerful beast) would do fine, Alternatively, you can buy cans of compressed air that have a thin straw on the end. This can be put inbetween the keys to blast muck out. Only pop off keys if you remember where they go. Note that laptop keyboards and some other types of keys (Generally the ones that don't make a 'click' sound when pressed) don't clip straight on and could be damaged by removing them the wrong way.
Q:Do you know a VACUUM that sucks?
I have a Dyson, it is very good with good suction but it will cost you around $599 but is worth paying a bit more for in the long run. I have had two cheap vacuum cleaners and both were hopeless. Hope this helps
Q:Vacuum reviews?
I have a Eureka upright, Boss bagless upright (with hose attachments). I have 4 kids and an indoor allergy bearing, super shedding dog. That vacuum has been a really good vacuum and when it dies I will get another Eureka. Walmart has Eureka, and I am sure I paid under $100 for mine. I will say I have a Bissell carpet cleaner that I also like. One brand I have never had good luck with is Dirt Devil.
Q:Do people know that dyson vacuum cleaners are ****?
Let me quess, the person in the vacuum industry that you talked to was a vacuum cleaner sales person and Dyson isn't one of the brands they sell. A friend of mine owns a cleaning company and Dyson's are all they use and they love them.
Q:Are vacuum cleaners tax free right now?
Depending upon where you live they would be. Some states are having a tax free week-end that ends today (Sunday) Some states like (New Hampshire) a vacuum cleaner is tax free all the time.
Q:Is the Hoover Tempo Widepath a good starter vacuum?
Check out Masons they are experts on vacuum cleaners...
Q:I have 2 vacuum cleaners, both need new electrical cords! How do I replace them?
I ran over my cord one time and had to take my vacuum cleaner to a repair shop to have a new cord put on. It was cheap. Maybe it was about 12 or 15 dollars.

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