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10000 watt/month

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Rate power: 3.6V 25W; 4.8V 30W; 6V 40W; 7.2V 45W; 8.4V 45W; 9.6V 45W; 12V 75W; 14.4V 75W;  

Battery:  Ni-MH AA battery or Ni-Cd SC battery;                                            

Wet & Dry function, not only work dust but also work for liquid;                           

Noise level: <80dB;                                                                        

Water capacity of container: 65ml;Dust capacity of container: 550ml;                      

Portable, Easy operate; With wall bracket and installation material;                      

 Washable dust and water filter;                                                            

 Quiet effective motor;                                                                     

 Red LED charging indicator;                                                             

   Accessories: squeegee nozzle, crevice tool, small brush


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Q:where do sea cucumbers live and where are they found in the marine environment?
they are the vacuum cleaners of the ocean. they live primarily on the bottom and can range to several miles down! very slow moving, and even have the ability to purge their entrails when threatened! In some asian countries they are eaten as raw and as pickled, as well as being used dried like a fish base. having no bones they are rather like hollow tubes of thick flesh that just sucks up what ever it can find.
Q:Do they make heart-shaped vacuum cleaners?
Wow, is this really what Valentines Day is coming to? SAD.
Q:How do I repair the belt of the vacuum cleaner?
The replacement of the new belt plug in the vibration rod and the motor pulley.
Q:Who has owned and recommends Electrolux vacuum cleaners?
I bought a Guardian Aerus Electrolux. The Electrolux at Sears is a Fancy Kenmore with the Electrolux label. The true Electrolux has to have the Aerus Logo. Check with dealers. At first I loved mine but then it started losing suction. I had it serviced but it was never the same. I would recommend the SEBO it is a hospital grade vacuum and I like it SOOO much better! I have three kids with allergies and a dog... I had to have a good vacuum and I have owned Kirbie's, Electrolux, Stand up traded it up right away, for the Guardian, after a few years hated it it was bulky and lost suction, traded up for a Sebo and WOW I love it... And it is a stand up. But the suction is just as good as a canister.. Usually Canisters have more suction.... My mother also loves her Sebo and she has 4 dogs. We are corky and one day bored we argued over who had the better vacuum... Needless to say she won... I used the Guardian and then she went over the same spot with the Sebo and I was impressed on how much stuff she was able to pick up!!!
Q:Bagged Vacuum Cleaners?
non bagged vacuum
Q:household appliances and entertainment with wheels?
Household Appliances With Wheels
Q:Does a professional manual and parts list exist for repairing old Hoover upright vacuum cleaners?
HESCO inc. sells vac parts they might also be able to supply a repair manual...they do sell lots of hoover parts
Q:why do dogs hate vacuum cleaners so much?
The sound wave of the vacuum cleaner is at 80gh and dogs can only tolerate about up to 60gh. In other words, it hurts their ears.
Q:Canned Air for laptops vs Vacuum Cleaner?
Portable Vacuum - Sucking the dust, dirt, hair, cigarette particles, and other particles out of a computer can be one of the best methods of cleaning a computer. Over time, these items can restrict the airflow in a computer and cause circuitry to corrode. Do not use a standard vacuum as it can generate a lot of static electricity that can damage your computer.
Q:when buying a vacuum cleaner?
make sure it is made by a good company such as sears. i prefer a canister verses an upright. just go for the basics. not too flashy.

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