Bathroom Cabinet - Bathroom Storage & Vanities BC002

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Q:What is the standard of illuminance in various designs in interior design?
In line with the national standards promulgated by the lighting, to ensure that the indoor space has a suitable illumination. For example: the living room (living room), here to receive visitors, and family gatherings, need to balance work and study, illumination should be slightly higher; the restaurant to prevent accidents when feeding, illumination is higher; and the bedroom illumination should be low, easy to master the rest.
Q:How to choose kitchen light
The kitchen is the home heavy land, when choosing lamps and lanterns, must choose simple, good and clean lamps and lanterns, need waterproof, dustproof, good wipe.Kitchen lamp suggested using 4000K-6500K color temperature, after all, when cooking needs the knife, can see clearly to avoid unnecessary harm.
Q:What's the standard size of a cupboard door?
Cabinet size standards, usually in accordance with the standard plate size opening rate to calculate, the same abroad. Particleboard or MDF specifications are: 4X8 feet, the maximum discharge rate, calculated (non special) height of the cabinet, that is, side panels: 700-720mm, just half of the narrow surface of the plate. Side panels are the most used. According to the depth of the OTC yield: just the narrow face of 1/4, namely 350-360 mm. The depth of the kneel according to the output rate: it is about 1/4 of the width, and 560-600mm. As for the width, but also according to the output rate, there are some basic international standards, that is, standard cabinet: minimum from 150mm start, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm. The national standard stipulates that the cabinet length shall not exceed 1200mm, otherwise the strength of the cabinet can not meet the requirements.
Q:How to clean the kitchen in order to achieve good results?
Grease spots on the glass.Many kitchen windows, glass containers or countertops leave unsightly water marks, grease stains, and detergents are also hard to remove. This can be in a small basin of water with half a cup of vinegar, half a cup of alcohol and 2 drops of detergent, mixed with a cloth dipped in a small amount of cleaning glass, before dry, wipe clean again, will achieve the effect with bright windows and clean tables.
Q:What is the order of kitchen furniture?
Secondly, the kitchen furnishings, such as stoves, dishes, dishes, boxes, etc., should be placed in the right place. The stove is most avoid water tap jet, are easily infected with diarrhea and gastrointestinal disease. If the bowl and stove are in a straight line, the fire and water will not affect the feelings and health of the couple. If the stove placed position and tap into square type (L type), you can avoid fire shooting, also in line with the auspicious Road
Q:What's the size of the cupboard? What's the height?
Cabinet table size minimum 200mm width, maximum not more than 600mm, floor door height 500mm to 700mm between, this depends on the height of the cabinet, skirting board height, and the height of the table top droop. The cabinet table size can be from 300mm to 1000mm wide, if it is 300mm to 700mm between the small drawer, you can use ordinary three day slide can, if it is 700mm to 1000mm such a large drawer, you need to use stealth slide or horse pulling.
Q:New house decoration, I do not know what color kitchen cabinets?
In addition, some strong, strong colors can also stimulate appetite. Red, for example, gives a feeling of energy and a strong appetite for energy. The red seat effect is most obvious. If you have poor appetite, sitting on a red chair will make you hungry. Coffee also has a good effect on stimulating appetite, which makes it smell like chocolate or coffee. Proper placement of small coffee sets or accessories in the kitchen is an elegant adjustment.
Q:What is the whole cabinet, and what is the difference between the general cabinet?
But there are many businesses on the market of the name is different, and some called Moumou Moumou cabinets, some called the whole cabinet, the price is calculated by Yanmi, mainly including stove hood basin like, if not containing if the price is higher if it is preparing and using good materials, but in there is no overall cabinet cabinet market than your cabinet that said, if there is a sale to say this to you that she also tell you, you don't believe this.
Q:How to use the kitchen cabinet as a whole? What issues should be consulted when purchasing? Should sink and hearth be bought first?
Correct the above mentioned "artificial marble", as the market now says, "no one says artificial marble, all man-made stone, there is no artificial marble."!!!!! To what parts, and some places may be separated from you, and some places do not have, he is even with the table and cabinets together.
Q:Why should the open kitchen force the installation of gas alarms?
If your open kitchen is a kitchen, you should consider the harmony of living room, dining room furniture and kitchen furniture. Now the Home Furnishing furniture businesses to provide more diverse products and services can find some comprehensive operational projects for decoration or furniture enterprises, such furniture and cabinets can be in style to harmony, to ensure that "open kitchen" can naturally into the overall atmosphere of Home Furnishing.

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