Dinning Talbe T801

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1000 Pieces per Month set/month

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dinning table/glass dinning table

moden design/good quality

best price


dinning table/glass dinning table

moden design/good quality

best price



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Q:Do you need a fireproof board for making cabinets? What is a fireproof board?
Professional cabinet manufacturers of cabinets are usually used to fire board cabinet for kitchen cabinets, so relatively safe, there are also some people love with waterproof plate under the cabinet, some people love Daxinban do cabinet, this is not good, often the kitchen water is wet, damp with big core board is easily deformed, so not recommended.
Q:Euromonitor yupang egger is what plate? Is it imported?
Euromonitor Yubang egger is Austria FRITZ EGGER GMBH Co. authorized egger group cooperation, egger in 17 factories in Europe the production of man-made sheet, environmental protection level to the European E1 level.
Q:Now furniture is generally used what plate, and wood grain is how to transfer the?
This is hard to say you want to use beautiful furniture furniture plate to more environmentally friendly with Chinese fir knuckle board furnitureThe wood grain is free to choose from the panel
Q:Top grade stainless steel furniture, will it rust for a long time?
Stainless steel rust treatment: when the stainless steel surface is contaminated by grease and lubricating oil, it can be wiped clean with soft cloth and then washed with neutral detergent or ammonia solution. When the rainbow appears on the surface of stainless steel, it is caused by excessive use of detergent or oil. When washing, it can be washed with warm neutral detergent. When the surface of stainless steel is dusty or easy to get out of dirt, use soap, weak detergent, or rinse. Stainless steel surfaces, labels, and films should be washed with alcohol or organic solvent when used with warm water or weak detergent. When corrosion occurs on the stainless steel surface, it can be washed with 10% nitric acid or abrasive detergent, or washed with special detergent. Therefore, if you want stainless steel to maintain a bright, clean surface, while extending its service life, the above must be done.
Q:European style cabinet line and Rome column useful?
Material Science。 The choice of cabinet, the material is very important, because according to some knowledge of kitchen furniture, kitchen furniture should have some special characteristics, that is moisture-proof, fireproof, heat insulation, so as to ensure the normal use of the cabinet, so when choosing a cabinet, study must make use of the material, after all, to be safe in the first place, before not freeloaders.
Q:What material does cabinet cabinet use well?
The cabinet is an important role in the kitchen, special kitchen space, the cabinet material has some exquisite, general kitchen cabinets materials to choose one of the following three: ecological plate: the sandwich (commonly known as blockboard, wood board) is a wood core plywood, the original wood cut into strips core processing, splicing, cover material to force the whole plate from the thin layer two veneer, middle wood mosaic, the substrate is basically not stressed, it is easy to fracture and deformation. Most of the lumber used in the first two years of Chinese fir as raw material, as long as the finger can be broken wood block, nail holding force is less than the national standard several times. Composite solid wood, moisture-proof board, solid wood paint free board: both moisture-proof, and environmentally friendly, and cost-effective
Q:How many parts are there in the whole house?
After full house custom company, the first step must be to two rooms, where the need for customization, you need specific measurement, now the whole house custom furniture basically includes: bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, office furniture, children room furniture etc..
Q:Could you tell me the width of the door panel?
Cabinet door, minimum 200mm width, maximum not exceeding 600mm, floor door height from 500mm to 700mm, this depends on the height of the cabinet, the height of the baseboard, and the height of the table top droop.
Q:White walls, beige ground, kitchen cabinets and what colors are good
What color cabinets color affects people's appetite good kitchen cabinets? Generally speaking, high brightness color collocation can make the kitchen, kitchen furniture showed a clean, pleasant atmosphere, thus stimulating the appetite of people. Such as white, milky white, creamy yellow, yellow, the color seems to be milk, egg yolk, cream and fruit delicacy synonymous, a fall into a reverie. And the cool blue and green are also attractive, and the refreshing feeling is like the cool drink in summer.
Q:Heard that the cabinet to buy a pair of good decorative finishes, two good cabinets are expensive, knowledgeable to recommend.
Double panel, also called melamine board or whole board. It is based on particleboard as a substrate, and then both sides covered with melamine glue impregnated computer pattern decorative paper, with a certain proportion of adhesive high temperature pressed into decorative sheet.
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