Model Sofa Bed 7001

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Product Description:

Detailed Product Description

popular model sofa bed


2.Sofa size:800(L)*720(W)*780mm(H)

3.high quality&best price

popular model Sofa bed 7001


2.sofa size:800(L)*720(W)*780(H)

  bed size:1960(L)*800(W)*260(H)

3.high quality&best price

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Q:How to choose kitchen light
Color, personal advice toilet 4000K-6000K, although most of the bathroom will install the Yuba, but we can not have the time to open the bathroom fixtures of Yuba, personal advice is best to use 6000K color temperature.
Q:What's the difference between furniture, furniture and home furnishings?
Narrow sense furniture means a kind of equipment and equipment for people to sit, lie or support and store things in life, work or social practiceThe furniture is not only a simple functional material products, and is a widely popular public art, it must meet certain specific purposes, but also to meet for people to watch, make people have a certain aesthetic pleasure and a rich legend spiritual needs in the contact and use of the process.Therefore, furniture is both a material product and an artistic creation, which is often referred to as "dual characteristics of furniture".
Q:Home decoration, kitchen appliances choose what kind of integrated kitchen?
Many people remember when the kitchen ran into the kitchen, saw a mother in a smoke filled kitchen, waving a spatula, a thin layer of sweat on his forehead. Mother will say, "leave here, the kitchen is hot and smoke, just a moment," the fumes, hot air, busy mother, this is typical of the Chinese kitchen in the past days. The emergence of environmentally integrated stoves has revolutionized the kitchen.
Q:How to clean the kitchen?
Thorn, meal leftovers should be kept in ventilated place, do not store too long, the surface of the bag, should pay attention to moisture, re heating them thoroughly before eating.
Q:Home kitchen and toilet do waterproof, how should choose waterproof coating?
Waterproof paint selection key point is waterproof effect is good, environmental protection, after-sale. Waterproof coating for home, we must first consider the quality and environmental protection, because if it is bad, may contain such as formaldehyde pollution, home of bodily injury, the waterproof coating of environmental protection, good waterproof effect, strong adhesion. Waterproof coating to carry on the construction according to the construction process of the right, to the details carefully, especially the water experiment
Q:How much is the density of Hawthorn wood suitable for furniture?
Because not bulk timber, no specific density measurements were found.It belongs to the hard wood, sawn after the pattern is good, but it is easy to temper large deformation.
Q:Kitchen cabinet door UV board or paint board is good?
Personally think the UV board is a good advantage: 1. UV board surface is hard, not easy to scratch. 2, UV is not easy to fade shortcomings: UV can not do styling
Q:What cabinets are of good quality? How do I see the quality of a cupboard?
Hardware requirements are good, durable, can only be imported, domestic are not durable.- the ability to install technicians, big brands have professional installation team, strong binding, so will be dedicated installation. The local installers can not do this, professional ethics can not guarantee!
Q:Do you use toughened glass for the kitchen cabinet door?
1., the glass after tempering can no longer be cut, and processing, can only be processed in the glass before the glass to the required shape, and then steel processing.2. although the strength of toughened glass than ordinary glass, but glass has a self destruct (their rupture) the possibility that the possibility of ordinary glass does not exist and.
Q:Is the whole cabinet good or carpentry?
Carpenter will use wood board, hand woodworking machinery cutting edge particleboard and explosive, blasting side plate can not use edge modification, wood board is suitable for the manual or machine operation, cheaper prices, better particleboard so that carpentry carpentry board preference.
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