Model Sofa Bed 7001

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popular model sofa bed


2.Sofa size:800(L)*720(W)*780mm(H)

3.high quality&best price

popular model Sofa bed 7001


2.sofa size:800(L)*720(W)*780(H)

  bed size:1960(L)*800(W)*260(H)

3.high quality&best price

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Q:What about the quality of Optima's kitchen appliances?
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Q:Is it difficult to open kitchen furniture with white sanitary?
Your home and family decoration style is exactly the same. I suggest not to use warm color (such as red, pink, yellow and other warm, will increase your inner turmoil;
Q:What about stainless steel countertops?
To more than 1,2 thickness, to achieve stainless steel standards, with a lifetime.
Q:What is the difference between the whole kitchen and the whole cabinet?
In fact, the "whole kitchen" is not a commodity, not only refers to a simple combination of a series of kitchen utensils, a set of service system design, but on the whole kitchen, construction material and matched with the household furniture and kitchen equipment and related customer service service. The overall kitchen is the overall kitchen cabinet and kitchen space matching and integration, including kitchen cabinet products, kitchen space, pipes and roof, ground, wall, including all elements of the system design and design. The whole kitchen is a designer for customized engineering products, according to the customer's home kitchen space structure, area, combined with ergonomics, engineering materials and decorative art principle, and according to the height of family members, color preference, culture and cooking habits for the overall configuration, scientific design, overall construction after completion of renovation the space project. The overall kitchen in the design and configuration, should take into account the spatial layout and functional zoning, emphasizing the family decoration style matching, and create a personalized kitchen environment.
Q:What's the size of the cupboard? What is the height?
Can be customized according to the height of individuals, and now available on the market, cabinets, table height is generally 80cm, 75cm, 65cm. Then the national standard cabinet table top height is 80cm. The layout of the kitchen cabinet table and the height of the work table shall be suitable for the height of the housewife, and the width of the countertop shall not be less than 900 mm * 460 mm.
Q:How to remove the peculiar smell in the cupboard?
Fruit flavor, the method is general, of course, for the sake of health, keep the cabinet dry and airy.1., tea in addition to flavor, put 50 grams of tea in the gauze bag, put in cabinets, can remove the odor,.1 months later, the tea taken in the sun exposure, can be used repeatedly, the effect is very good2., baking soda, in addition to flavor, take 500 grams of sodium bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate), packaged in two wide glass bottle (open the bottle cap), placed in the cabinet on the upper and lower levels, odor can be removed3. yellow rice wine in addition to flavor, 1 bowls of rice wine, placed in the bottom of the cabinet (to prevent outflow), generally 3 days, you can except net odor4. grapefruit peel in addition to flavor, it will make your cabinet filled with thick fruit
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Generally speaking, the kitchen colour collocation with higher lightness can make kitchen furniture show clean and cheerful atmosphere, and thus stimulate people's appetite. Such as white, milky white, creamy yellow, yellow, the color seems to be milk, egg yolk, cream and fruit delicacy synonymous, a fall into a reverie.
Q:How much would a whole kitchen cost?
It costs, the cost of labour left channel costs, Tilers tiling tiles, cabinets generally cost, price difference according to different brands, are generally in accordance with the extension rice, from the lowest 1000 yuan / meters, to several meters W yuan / extension.
Q:What's the difference between furniture, furniture and home furnishings?
From the point of view of words, furniture is a household appliance; in some places it is called furniture, that is, household sundries.To be exact, furniture has a broad sense and a narrow sense.Furniture of broad sense is to point to mankind to maintain normal life, be engaged in production practice and carry out social activity indispensable kind of apparatus.
Q:Euromonitor yupang egger is what plate? Is it imported?
Base on grid plate covered with a layer of special stains after processing, anti scratching, acid and alkali resistant surface, is widely used in furniture and kitchen furniture, English MFC. It's an imported high plate!
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