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Product Description:

Detailed Product Description

popular model sofa bed


2.Sofa size:800(L)*720(W)*780mm(H)

3.high quality&best price

popular model Sofa bed 7001


2.sofa size:800(L)*720(W)*780(H)

  bed size:1960(L)*800(W)*260(H)

3.high quality&best price

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Q:How to choose the board to do the cabinet?
The cabinet panel is an important part of the cabinet, and its role is to support the entire operating table, and to store the daily food ingredients, tools storage space. And our kitchen is a collection of water, electricity, gas, soot equal to one of the complex environment, so it on the wood itself moisture resistance, deformation resistance, formaldehyde emissions and other indicators have higher requirements. Therefore, when choosing cabinets, we should not blindly plan the appearance, we must clearly know what is the cabinet body of the cabinet. Here, I'll introduce some commonly used plates:
Q:How many floors are fit for an open kitchen?
Use easy cleaning materialThe dining room and living room walls, the ground should be easy to clean and kitchen materials, the best selection of ground floor tiles, flooring and other materials, avoid paving wood floors, wood floors vulnerable to heat because of impact deformation, cracks easily stained with oil.Furniture must be conciseThe kitchen, dining room and living room furniture either order or purchase, must choose a simple style, do not choose carving cumbersome Chinese style furniture, rattan furniture, sofa and chair and Liu Bianlei. This is to prevent contamination of oil, easy to clean. Open kitchen countertops should not pass away many cooking utensils to ensure their beauty.
Q:Is the kitchen cabinet suitable or suitable?
Do their own cabinets, basically the use of ordinary plywood and ordinary hardware accessories, can know the specific use of materials, the cost is relatively small, do some simple ordinary furniture can. The fly in the ointment is in the kitchen, smoke, humid environment, it is difficult to resist moisture, high temperature and corrosive substances erosion, easy damage, long service life. Since the cabinet, carpentry craft requirements are high, must start at home, long duration, the process will inevitably rough, color, style, simple function.
Q:What is the difference between cabinets and cupboards?
Simple point is that the light can not buy the cabinet back, the cabinet is a kitchen utensils cabinets, with smoke machines, stoves, basins, pots and pans and the like can cook, and this is called the whole cabinet.
Q:How to remove the fumes from kitchen furniture?
Cabinet: the material used is better, so when cleaning, apply a soft wet cloth to wipe, dip a small amount of detergent and scrub gently when necessary. Be careful not to scratch the surface. After cleaning the interior, be sure to wait for the cabinet to dry thoroughly, then put things in case of bacteria and mildew.
Q:How can the kitchen do damp proof?
Cabinets, sinks are indispensable in the kitchen protagonist, kitchen decoration is the easiest place to damp the cabinet. If the sink position is improper or the design is not considered, it is easy to cause deformation of the cabinet or material mildew. Designer decoration first paved floor, and then do the cabinet, so that not only can the exact size, but also can ensure the cabinet after sufficient drying installation, avoid excessive thermal or moisture intrusion cause ambry mildew.At the same time, the cabinet panel will release formaldehyde to varying degrees. Owners can choose some professional chemicals in the cabinet, both moisture-proof and environmental protection role.
Q:Home decoration, kitchen appliances choose what kind of integrated kitchen?
The utility model relates to an environmental protection integrated stove, which is provided with various functions of oil absorption, gas range, disinfection cabinet, storage tank, and a kitchen appliance, saves space, has good smoke exhaust effect, low energy consumption, environmental protection and energy saving. In the aspect of smoke exhaust, the method of comprehensive smoke exhaust is not entirely different from the exhaust smoke exhaust mode of the range hood. However, a professional manufacturer in the field of integrated kitchen smoke has patented technology, such as Hugo yogurt, and the fluid suction and exhaust dust separator patent technology". The use of air uniform wind field and micro dynamics principle, the use of air circulation to lampblack machine wind and natural gas costs will exhaust air seal and inhaled smoke channel, the purifying rate of above 99.7%, realizing "zero smoke kitchen" effect.
Q:What lamp does the kitchen use, what should be noticed when choosing kitchen lamps and lanterns?
From the brightness, because it involves many complicated cooking process has certain risk, so the kitchen lamp should try to pick a little brighter, because the brightness is not enough to avoid causing unnecessary risk, in addition, higher brightness to the eyes can also play a very good protective effect. Therefore, in the design of the overall and local play can be used to supplement the base combination, with large power ceiling lamps to ensure overall brightness, and then in accordance with the furniture and kitchen stove arrangement and selection of local lighting with the wall and take care of working face, height adjustable lighting chandelier, and install the row the lampblack machine off with light, conditional, lockers can be installed in the cabinet lamp, in order to guarantee the working face, the kitchen operations involved in the preparation of the dining table, washing table, corner have enough light.
Q:What ambry quality is good, the price is substantial?
Now generally use imported egger more, cheaper plastic (that is the home of Japan or Germany), paste film film, very practical.Hardware with Heidi, Blum and other imported parts, then the price will be higher, we should pay attention to anti fake. Domestic hardware also has clearance products, but there is a consultant in the next line.
Q:How to clear room corners
Cabinet or sofa cleaning method: cabinet and sofa are usually covered, and not clean, easy to accumulate dust and hair, bacteria. When the new year is clean, if convenient, you can remove and clean small furniture. Relatively bulky big cabinets, not moving, you can wear old socks on the broom, extended to the cabinet below, electrostatic effects can be hair, dust on the stockings above.
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