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Product Description:

Detailed Product Description

modern sofa bed/fabric sofa bed

1)model no:808

2)good design&high quality

3) Structure:Metal Frame +Foam + Fabric

 modern sofa bed/sofa bed/ fabric sofa bed

1) fabric metal frame modern sofa bed

2) Origin: China ( manufacturer)

3) Structure: Metal frame + foam + fabric

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Q:Solid wood furniture and plate furniture which pollution is small?
Popular, solid wood furniture certainly little pollution, but the market is full of a lot of smuggled goods such as solid wood furniture, wood veneer, it is in the middle of particleboard, attached to the outside bark that is solid wood furniture, the furniture and furniture does not have what difference is in my opinion, choose a good solid wood furniture from the material, process see.
Q:What's the difference between a cupboard and an integral cupboard?
The whole kitchen cabinet is composed of kitchen cabinet, electrical appliance, gas appliance, kitchen function appliance and four in one kitchen cabinet. So it's called the whole cabinet.Cabinets in functional design, in general, the most able to reflect the scientific and technological content of cabinets, that is, its function, design. Ordinary cabinets generally only basic storage function, for the goods to take, and how to maximize the use of space and many other aspects of the lack of consideration. Professional manufacturers of cabinets, in a functional design is considered very carefully: sink, stove design for embedded, elegant appearance; the drawers are installed slides, use a variety of functional ease; accessories, convenient access and effective use of space. In fact, the cabinet is mainly in the style and function of the change
Q:What color do you use in the cupboard?
Put red, black, white, these three strong contrast colors into a space, give people a sense of the moment. Red and white, against each other, color coordination and collocation, white and black share the powerful power brought by red, and the festival of a more comfortable and simple life.
Q:What is the best place for the kitchen cabinet?
Grain cabinet is a common storage area, and heavier, usually designed in the ground cabinet, and from the water to a cabinet. In the cabinet design, from left to right, respectively for the preparation area, cleaning area, processing area, cooking area.
Q:What products are included in the furniture
Inside the house, except for electrical appliances and some soft decoration unexpected things
Q:What is the order of kitchen furniture?
According to the theory of the five elements, the East is the wood, and the south is the fire. Therefore, the stove should be directed toward the South and the fire direction is better. In fact, the cooker faces the east or the south very well in line with the five directions. For the fuel used for cooking in ancient times was nothing more than grass and firewood. When cooking, the burner was facing the East, so that it could match the direction of the wind, and it was easy to make a fire.
Q:Log furniture painted lacquer has no formaldehyde
First of all, to eliminate a misunderstanding, and now the paint is basically no benzene and other things that are bad for the body, formaldehyde is mainly produced in the adhesive, that is, glue inside. General use of bone glue is very environmentally friendly, the formulation of wood, if it is all solid wood, then a lot of good, if it is plywood or finger joints, then there may be problems.
Q:How to keep the kitchen moist?
Sanitary corner for dehumidificationSewers, ceiling and wall is often the kitchen corner, easy to gather moisture or shelter evil people and countenance evil practices. Experts remind that the kitchen sewer and sewer connections, if there is no strict seal, it is easy to water seepage and stink. As the water interface is in a more secluded place, the decoration is completed, acceptance is easy to ignore, it is recommended that the decoration workers will interface gap with glass glue or other adhesives sealed. In addition, the water in the sink cabinet hole installed on the cover can be moisture-proof.Kitchen ceiling to the accumulation of oil droplets and water trace deformation. If your kitchen installed a ceiling lamp, but also often maintain the ceiling and ceiling connections, in case the ceiling light drop, causing danger. As for the smaller kitchen, you can use the lime bag to absorb moisture. If you do not have a lime, you can also substitute coffee grounds or soda.
Q:What are the skills of kitchen furniture?
Kitchen furniture knowledge - tool placementThe tools used in the kitchen should not be hung on the wall or inserted on the turret, and should be included in the drawer. The kitchen is not hanging garlic, dried vegetables, because these things are easy to absorb yin.The kitchen if useful to the microwave oven, electric cooker, should be placed in one of the four masters of Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan in the sockets to, the same principle is the same, oven, oven soup. Cooking utensils can not be placed under the window or under the window, which means that the family does not have to rely on.
Q:Which is the best ventilator?
You can't listen to the salesperson, but listen to the used people, especially the parents, and listen to what they say. My mother is especially clean, so she pays special attention to soot hoods. My family and her kitchen a contrast, and found that I bought FOTILE used, the kitchen is not easy to dirty, a year off, soot is not very heavy. I think this is enough to illustrate the problem, the kitchen clean smoke less, it is because soot extractor force, so soot is not easy to go elsewhere, can be taken away in time. I think I bought it right.
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