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Product Description:

Detailed Product Description

modern sofa bed/fabric sofa bed

1)model no:808

2)good design&high quality

3) Structure:Metal Frame +Foam + Fabric

 modern sofa bed/sofa bed/ fabric sofa bed

1) fabric metal frame modern sofa bed

2) Origin: China ( manufacturer)

3) Structure: Metal frame + foam + fabric

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Q:Solid wood furniture and plate furniture which pollution is small?
Ordinary people think is certainly all solid wood furniture, but not at all, so when you buy furniture to ask all parts of materials, materials should ask, a desktop is solid wood, the leg of the table is not good, some of the desktop is wood, wood legs with smuggled goods, but the price is a good mark the price of wood.
Q:The cabinet is champagne, then what color frame should the kitchen sliding door be with?
As mentioned earlier, of course, the kitchen sliding door is replaced with the balcony of the white stainless steel glass door closest to the silver white sliding door. This works better. Blue border alone although it looks nice, but the interior decoration of the most basic and most important is the coordination, and the interior color should not be too much too complex.
Q:What color do you use in the cupboard?
According to the needs of their home decoration style, color collocation is below the cabinet opinion, with the view of. In general, the high brightness of the cabinet color matching, can make the kitchen furniture show clean and pleasant atmosphere, thus stimulating people's appetite. Such as white, milky white, creamy yellow, yellow, the color seems to be milk, egg yolk, cream and fruit delicacy synonymous, a fall into a reverie. And the cool blue and green are also attractive, and the refreshing feeling is like the cool drink in summer. The effect of different color collocation cabinet: beautiful bright colors to highlight the vitality and elegance of the black and white ash and wood color is another kind of charm, the color of the cabinet to create a peaceful and calm feeling, revealed on the tranquil life and quiet pursuit of the heart. If you like to stay away from the hustle and bustle of inner peace, then these color cabinets may be a good choice. Cabinet color collocation 1. red, black and white combination, red, black and white, perfect combination, show the kitchen dignified atmosphere.
Q:What color brick wall renderings of the home kitchen?
You can choose a fancy tile, which can not only decorate the wall, but also add a pleasant and lively atmosphere to the housewives. At present, in the market of fancy tile style is very much, there are flagship art, fashion personality, but also prominent natural phenomena, this personality is very distinctive. Kitchen wall tiles can also choose some cool colors, you can absorb the heat of the kitchen, you can also choose white, light yellow, or blue, these colors can add a color to your kitchen.
Q:Kitchen tile smoke too much, what good way to remove it?
Use easy cleaning material. The dining room and living room walls, the ground should be easy to clean and kitchen materials, the best selection of ground floor tiles, flooring and other materials, avoid paving wood floors, wood floors vulnerable to heat because of impact deformation, cracks easily stained with oil.
Q:What is the difference between the whole kitchen and the whole cabinet?
The whole cabinet is composed of cabinet, electrical appliances, gas appliances, kitchen appliances and other functions of more than one of the cabinet, to wash, cut, burn, storage and other functions in a series of cabinet system, basically achieve the scientific and integrated degree. The whole cabinet is used in the kitchen cabinet and the components meet the combined cooking, catering, cleaning, storage and decorative function, the whole cabinet is modern art carrier in the integral kitchen and all kinds of kitchen appliances, kitchen appliances and kitchen design ideas of the physical carrier, is the main body of the whole kitchen. The whole cabinet system including the cabinet, cabinet, cabinet, cabinet, high table and sink, hardware accessories which can be placed and all kinds of food cooking pots and pans and other kitchen furniture; the smoke lampblack machine, gas cooker, disinfection cabinet, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave oven, electric oven and other kitchen appliances; 3 all kinds of accessories, pull the basket, trash and other kitchen utensils.
Q:What does the whole cupboard contain?
The whole kitchen cabinet is composed of kitchen cabinets, electrical appliances, gas appliances, kitchen utensils and appliances, four in one kitchen cabinet. The characteristics of the whole cabinet is the cabinet and console and kitchen appliances and various functional parts are organically combined together, and in accordance with the individual needs of consumers in the home kitchen structure, area and family members, the overall configuration, the overall design, the overall construction, complete sets of products formed finally, to achieve the overall coordination of the kitchen work each operation procedures, and create a good family atmosphere and strong flavor of life.
Q:How to choose kitchen light
Taking into account the bathroom is a special place in the home, the use of lights need to consider three aspects, waterproof, dustproof, anti fog.
Q:What kind of solid wood furniture is better?
Now the furniture market furniture of several commonly used materials of rubber wood, pine, alder, birch, Catalpa wood, beech, ash, oak, cherry, etc.. Among them, pine, fir and other cork is not suitable for furniture, it is recommended not to buy
Q:How to distinguish lampblack exhauster?
If you are not familiar with the technical specifications of motor power, you can judge by your personal intuition when you purchase. Sometimes, the mall shopping guide will make some presentations to you, such as the following, a piece of paper if hood open the motor, the paper will quickly be tightly adsorbed on the suction outlet, in fact, almost all of the range hood can achieve this effect, it is not easy for you to force out respectively. The easiest way is to hand the test, first open the hood, put his hand near the suction outlet, feel the wind; hands on the outlet and feel the wind in size; hand on the cabinet seams, screws, check whether there is leakage phenomenon, negative pressure wind and no air leakage hood, large wind generated high and uniform, the smoke exhaust effect is relatively good. Note that the basin and paper sucking hood exhaust effect is not necessarily the best, the smoke extraction is the best balanced exhaust type.
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