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Product Description:

Detailed Product Description

modern sofa bed/fabric sofa bed

1)model no:808

2)good design&high quality

3) Structure:Metal Frame +Foam + Fabric

 modern sofa bed/sofa bed/ fabric sofa bed

1) fabric metal frame modern sofa bed

2) Origin: China ( manufacturer)

3) Structure: Metal frame + foam + fabric

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Q:What is iron paint?
Electrostatic spraying, also known as spraying, general spraying material for powder, high polymer materials such as epoxy resin, powder is not negatively charged, metal parts with positive, using electrostatic positive and negative suction principle attached to the surface of the workpiece. After baking at 180~200 degrees centigrade, the resin powder is melted and covered. On the surface of the workpiece, the adhesion is better than that of air spraying. The coating thickness is up to 0.3~0.4mm. But the disadvantage is the poor surface roughness, coating color adjustment difficult, only less than 10 colors to choose from. There are two kinds of raw materials for electrostatic dusting. One is fluorocarbon material, one is non stick fluorine resin, and the surface of metal is sprayed with fluorocarbon resin. Because the resin is fluorine material as the base compound powder, not with the metal iron parts in the carbon elements have more consistent bond force, so kind of material spraying called fluorocarbon.
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Egger is manufacturer's name, is also called melamine board, particleboard, it is also the base of particleboard and mdf. This material is regarded as "no work, no", the price is very high, the shape is also attractive, suitable for general family use. Most of them are also used for cabinet door panels. The cabinet of this kind of board is well done by Han Li, and other big brands do well.
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