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modern sofa bed/fabric sofa bed

1)model no:808

2)good design&high quality

3) Structure:Metal Frame +Foam + Fabric

 modern sofa bed/sofa bed/ fabric sofa bed

1) fabric metal frame modern sofa bed

2) Origin: China ( manufacturer)

3) Structure: Metal frame + foam + fabric

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Q:What color brick wall renderings of the home kitchen?
You can choose a fancy tile, which can not only decorate the wall, but also add a pleasant and lively atmosphere to the housewives. At present, in the market of fancy tile style is very much, there are flagship art, fashion personality, but also prominent natural phenomena, this personality is very distinctive. Kitchen wall tiles can also choose some cool colors, you can absorb the heat of the kitchen, you can also choose white, light yellow, or blue, these colors can add a color to your kitchen.
Q:How to clear room corners
Cabinet or sofa cleaning method: cabinet and sofa are usually covered, and not clean, easy to accumulate dust and hair, bacteria. When the new year is clean, if convenient, you can remove and clean small furniture. Relatively bulky big cabinets, not moving, you can wear old socks on the broom, extended to the cabinet below, electrostatic effects can be hair, dust on the stockings above.
Q:Kaida cabinets installed hole disinfection cabinet how to do? With seals, specific how to do?
The hole is not open, should be above a small sliver of disinfection cabinet, disinfecting cabinet ninety-nine percent cabinets should be 600 wide, seal width is 597, the height of the cabinet door height (disinfection cabinet size height +20), but if the election is a crystal plate like it is necessary to pay attention to because this kind of door, a sliver of the width is generally not less than 50 for you to buy the store cupboard, to do a shut it! To do a closing or change disinfection cabinet.
Q:How to clean the kitchen furniture oil?
Cooking oil liquefied gas stove with oil, rice cooker available on thick, until the rice scab after drying, with iron will blow gently, with rice scab removing oil. As with thin rice soup, soup directly or by cleaning, cleaning effect is good fish bone.
Q:OPPLE kitchen ceiling lamp 10cm x 10cm. How to disassemble and replace the broken tube?
Method 2: if the lampshade is convex, the protruding part can be grabbed by both hands. The inner side is extruded first. If there is no reaction to the other direction, the lampshade can be removed when the pin in the lampshade is pulled out of the lamp plate.
Q:What does ambry door plank material have, which kind is better?
Is molded door with MDF substrate, engraving and milling surface can be polished, plastic in various shapes, and then the surface of PVC film with a vacuum film forming, no edge sealing strong overall.The advantages of molded door panels are that the overall performance is better, without edge banding. Moisture-proof performance is better, can be used as bathroom cabinets, color choice, relatively large space, to meet your pursuit of color.The disadvantage of molded door panels is that they are not scratch resistant. Poor PVC film will fade. If the molding is not good, there will be bubbles.
Q:What products are included in the furniture
Furniture used in everyday life can be called furniture.Living room furniture: sofa, tea table, TV cabinet, bucket cabinet, leisure chairRestaurant furniture: dining table, dining chair, sideboard,Bedroom furniture: bed, bedside cabinet, dressing table, wardrobeBathroom furniture: toilet, shower, bidet.
Q:Stainless steel table top, good or smooth surface?
Advantages: strong, easy to clean, practical strong. In recent years, due to the "European and American Integration" new concept of modern cabinets strong impact, stainless steel table is also in accordance with the cabinet beautiful and practical combination of the development trend, made corresponding improvements. For the emphasis on "practical" considerations of consumers, the purchase of stainless steel countertops are also not a bad idea.Disadvantages: the vision is more "hard", and gives a "cold" feeling. There is no reasonable and effective treatment method for each corner position and the joint part of the cabinet table table, and the utility model is not suitable for the particularity of the crossing of the civil kitchen and the pipelines.
Q:Small family kitchen cabinets choose what color is best, suitable?
Cabinet colors affect people's appetitesWhat color is the kitchen cabinet? Generally speaking, the kitchen colour collocation with higher lightness can make kitchen furniture show clean and cheerful atmosphere, and thus stimulate people's appetite. Such as white, milky white, creamy yellow, yellow, the color seems to be milk, egg yolk, cream and fruit delicacy synonymous, a fall into a reverie. And the cool blue and green are also attractive, and the refreshing feeling is like the cool drink in summer.
Q:Home kitchen and toilet do waterproof, how should choose waterproof coating?
Home improvement with waterproof paint, this is acrylic as a base material, the construction is God's three coated cloth.
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