Enamel Casting Iron Bathtubs

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Specification of Enamel Casting Iron Bathtubs Best Quality

Seating capacity1 adult
Max. water volume(L)190
Min. water volume(l)130
Water massage jets(total)9 pcs
Water massage pumps1 HP
Underwater light
N.W/G.W48kgs/94 kgs
20'GP/40'HQ loading capacity17/39 sets
Packing wayPlywood box
Packing dimension1720x920x740 mm


  1. SIZE: 1650x850x630 mm

  2. Pneumatic Control

  3. Massage And Surf

  4. Change-Over Switch

  5. Handheld Shower

  6. Water Temperature Adjust

  7. Creepage Protection

  8. Underwater Light

  9. Waterfall water Inlet

  10. With Deodorization Function

  11. Automatic Discharge Sewage Function

  12. Drainer

  13. Pillow






Input Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Voltage Current: 3.41A

Power: 750W


 Pictures of Enamel Casting Iron Bathtubs Best Quality

Package of Enamel Casting Iron Bathtubs Best Quality


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Q:How to clean and maintain the countertop?
The erosion of chemicals in cabinets is not allowed for many cabinet materials. For example, stainless steel cabinets, countertops stained with salt may be rusty, so should also pay attention to avoid the soy sauce bottles and other items placed directly on the cabinet table.5, man-made board ambry should avoid seeper, stay in ambry mesa for a long time.
Q:What's the size of the cupboard? What's the height?
Cabinet table size minimum 200mm width, maximum not more than 600mm, floor door height 500mm to 700mm between, this depends on the height of the cabinet, skirting board height, and the height of the table top droop. The cabinet table size can be from 300mm to 1000mm wide, if it is 300mm to 700mm between the small drawer, you can use ordinary three day slide can, if it is 700mm to 1000mm such a large drawer, you need to use stealth slide or horse pulling.
Q:What's the difference between furniture, furniture and home furnishings?
From the point of view of words, furniture is a household appliance; in some places it is called furniture, that is, household sundries.To be exact, furniture has a broad sense and a narrow sense.Furniture of broad sense is to point to mankind to maintain normal life, be engaged in production practice and carry out social activity indispensable kind of apparatus.
Q:The cabinet is champagne, then what color frame should the kitchen sliding door be with?
If your room elsewhere also set up such as the living room and balcony sliding door, sliding door, should pay attention to coordination between each other, with the same color frame and surface decoration, the so-called big environment, so that the indoor feeling has echoed, with a sense of continuity. You better choice here should be white border, good collocation, also more elegant. The kitchen sliding door frame need not be overemphasized, so that the color of the kitchen furniture jumped out, prominent out, the effect will be better.
Q:How to get rid of the filth on wooden furniture?
The white paint on the furniture surface will turn yellow in the long run. Use cloth dipped in toothpaste wipe, pay attention not to overexert; also the yolks of two eggs, with a soft brush to painted yellow, dry with a soft cloth carefully wipe clean can. In addition, attention should be paid to the use of direct sunlight to avoid furniture for a long time.
Q:What does the whole cupboard contain?
Cabinet materialsHomemade cabinets often use ordinary plywood and common hardware fittings, so the production of ordinary furniture, of course, can be used, but for the production of cabinets, it is difficult to resist the kitchen damp, high temperature and corrosive substances erosion. And professional cabinets use high temperature, corrosion resistance and moisture resistance of high-grade fire board, not easily deformed, damaged, and easy to clean. Therefore, the professional manufacturers of the cabinet life is relatively long, with a few years later, for a style of door panels, it is equivalent to change a new cabinet.Processing technologyThe cabinet is generally in the housing renovation, decoration carpentry to fabricate the cabinet requires deep understanding of its production process is rough; and professional manufacturers cabinets are all industrialized production, from cutting, polishing to install are strict norms, but when the product process than "sophisticated products".The whole cabinet can be disassembled and used two timesA set of high-quality cabinets, service life can reach more than 8 years, and can be at any time in accordance with the needs of the owners of any combination, adjustment and removal. The vast majority of decorative company cabinets for on-site manufacturing, directly with the nails, etc., directly connected to the wall, if there is change, it can not be handled.
Q:Kitchen cabinets at least how long the table, cooking will not be more crowded
Kitchen is an operating space, if the layout is not good, will affect the mood of the operator, if there is no place to put the refrigerator, it is best to buy a double basin or a large basin, large pool work will be very comfortable. Meals are best between 80 and 90. Cooking ranges and condiments are best at 1 meters to 1 meters, or about 2.
Q:What is the difference between refined decoration and luxury decoration?
Lite refers to the house is the simple decoration, including the kitchen, bathroom tiles, floor tiles, wall scraping porcelain, wash basin, toilet installation etc.. The decoration is simple and the cost is low
Q:How to clear room corners
Glass window or porch cleans a method: the glass window in the home can be wiped with damp cloth, wipe with old newspaper again, can remove water stain. If the entrance glass is uneven, you can use the toothbrush to remove the glass recess and window stitching dirt, and use sponge or dishcloth to remove dirt, and then wipe it with detergent.
Q:What kind of material does ambry door use commonly?
Melamine decorative board melamine board name is melamine impregnated paper veneer artificial board, is a different colour or texture of paper into the melamine resin adhesive soak, and then dried to a certain degree of cure, the pavement in particleboard, medium density fiberboard or hardboard surface formed by hot pressing. Melamine decorative doors to German egger as representative, has the advantages of smooth surface, bright color, not easy to deformation, wear and corrosion resistance, and the price is moderate. With a natural seal note, giving a muddy as one of the visual effects. Domestically produced melamine veneer panels are represented by the Lushuihe board, and all the indexes are up to international standards.
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