Enamel Casting Iron Bathtubs

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Specification of Enamel Casting Iron Bathtubs Best Quality

Seating capacity1 adult
Max. water volume(L)190
Min. water volume(l)130
Water massage jets(total)9 pcs
Water massage pumps1 HP
Underwater light
N.W/G.W48kgs/94 kgs
20'GP/40'HQ loading capacity17/39 sets
Packing wayPlywood box
Packing dimension1720x920x740 mm


  1. SIZE: 1650x850x630 mm

  2. Pneumatic Control

  3. Massage And Surf

  4. Change-Over Switch

  5. Handheld Shower

  6. Water Temperature Adjust

  7. Creepage Protection

  8. Underwater Light

  9. Waterfall water Inlet

  10. With Deodorization Function

  11. Automatic Discharge Sewage Function

  12. Drainer

  13. Pillow






Input Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Voltage Current: 3.41A

Power: 750W


 Pictures of Enamel Casting Iron Bathtubs Best Quality

Package of Enamel Casting Iron Bathtubs Best Quality


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Q:How to clean and maintain the countertop
There are man-made stone, fireproof board, stainless steel, natural stone, log and other materials, different cabinet materials, different cabinet cleaning methods:1, artificial stone and stainless steel cabinets do not use hard 100 clean cloth, steel ball, chemical cleaning or steel brush to wash, with a soft towel, soft scouring cloth wiping with brightener cabinet or cupboard, otherwise it will cause scratches or erosion of cabinet cabinet.2, fireproof board material cabinet can use household cleaning agent, with nylon brush or nylon ball cleaning cabinet, and then use hot and humid cloth towel cleaning, and finally use dry cloth to wipe cabinet.3, natural stone cabinets table should use soft hundred clean cloth, can not use toluene cleaning agent, otherwise it is difficult to clear the flower white spot. When cleaning cabinets scale, can not use acid strong toilet powder, dilute hydrochloric acid, etc., otherwise it will damage the glazed cabinet, so that the cabinet lost luster.4, if the cabinet is log material, should first use billiards to clear the cabinet dust, and then dry cloth or stained log maintenance special lotion to wipe cabinets, don't use wet cloth and oil cleaner cleaning cabinet.5, washing basin or gas stove and so on mesa, should avoid knock or knock ambry, two ambry table board is connected place, should avoid the long immersion of water.
Q:Is there any formaldehyde in the resin plastic wardrobe?
Shijiazhuang Shijiazhuang company in addition to formaldehyde better than good environmental protection engineering Co. Ltd. senior environmental management division Zhang Gong said that the main source of indoor air formaldehyde pollution: furniture and fabrics, wood products, packing building source, cleaning agents, cosmetics and personal care products, which is mainly man-made sheet.1, from the interior decoration of plywood, blockboard, MDF and particleboard and other man-made panels.2, from indoor furniture, including man-made board furniture, cloth art furniture, kitchen furniture and so on.3, from the composition of formaldehyde containing other types of decorative materials, especially substandard white latex and paint.4, from the interior decorative textiles, including bedding, wallpaper, wallpaper, carpet and curtain etc..
Q:What is the height of the kitchen range
The main dimensions of kitchen furniture mainly according to the features of current construction status of the kitchen and eating habits of our residents need, and referring to the part of the Eurasian ECOWAS (EN) coordination of standard size safety on kitchen furniture, the main dimensions of the provisions of the:1) bottom cabinet height: 700mm-900mm;2) bottom cabinet depth: more than 450mm;3) Diaogui depth: 400mm;4) additional product size requirements.
Q:How to make kitchen cabinets?
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Q:Kitchen furniture maintenance methods and matters needing attention
Redwood furniture maintenanceFirst, mahogany furniture is different from ordinary furniture, it should avoid wet, dry, so the mahogany furniture in particular should not be subject to exposure, avoid blowing air toward furniture.Second, mahogany furniture to reservoir is moderate, in the cabinet store items do not exceed the frame, if often squeeze hard, will cause the deformation of the door.Third, mahogany furniture mahogany surface is generally fragile, such as desktop, chair surface. We should always pay attention to prevent damaged crack, or if the use of moving, found on a delinking tenon and mortise department must re glue sealed before use.Fourth, mahogany furniture in general use of a longer period of time, so usually to protect the furniture surface coating, preferably every three months, with a little wax wipe once, not only to increase furniture beautiful, but also to protect wood.Fifth, prevent alcohol, bananas, water and other solvents upside down. Otherwise, the furniture surface will be long "scars."". Meet the furniture surface with dirt, wash with mild soap and water after drying, and then waxing once, to restore the original appearance, but do not use gasoline, kerosene, turpentine and other solvents liquid rub, otherwise it will wipe the surface of coatings and paint gloss.Sixth. Walnut oil used for maintenance furniture is only suitable for furniture that has not been painted or waxed. Use frequency should not be too high, under normal circumstances, 2-3 months to use once, in a relatively dry environment, you can properly shorten the interval between maintenance, maintenance about once a month.
Q:Is it good to have custom-made furniture in the decoration? What materials are used in general?
In the decoration, it is recommended not to do too many fixed furniture, it will make space flexibility worseBecause now the market of furniture varieties and styles are on the new sunrise do not necessarily your heart but picking in the market it is certainly the only choice but their love such as wardrobes but can be made into a fixed angle because it is usually found in the room does not affect the whole space flexibleBoards are generally integrated board, be sure to pay attention to the environmental protection plate, oh, E0 and E1 are spread
Q:About 10 square meters for the kitchen. How much do you charge for it? It's 3 meters high
Their own decoration, you can do this.Ceiling specification 300*300 aluminum gusset plate, 65*10=650Non slip surface brick specification 300*300 + artificial material (70+35) *10=1050Wall tiles specifications 300*450 + artificial material (70+35) *28=3940Wall, floor waterproof, full area waterproof 25*38=875The water and electricity section depends on about 1000The fog lamp lamp 4 smallpox 160
Q:Is the kitchen cabinet suitable or suitable?
There are very few on-site kitchen cabinets.Price: after many years of calculation, the total price made on the spot is almost the same as that of the manufacturer (on the basis of the same standard). Only the cabinet can be made on the spot, and the door panels and bedplate should be ordered outside. Plus hardware, carpentry fees, freight, upstairs fees and so on. It's not bad at last.Process ratio: factory production of products, it is certainly better than the site to do the system. For example: the edge of the cabinet, the site is hand paste, (summer high temperature easy to fall off), the factory's assembly line is hot press process, no comparison, because of high production efficiency, low labor costs.
Q:The difference between domestic and imported egger egger's
These are wood custom furniture factory store is raised from the grid plate imported from Europe, but also very cost-effective, need to make an appointment in advance
Q:What is the order of kitchen furniture?
According to the theory of the five elements, the East is the wood, and the south is the fire. Therefore, the stove should be directed toward the South and the fire direction is better. In fact, the cooker faces the east or the south very well in line with the five directions. For the fuel used for cooking in ancient times was nothing more than grass and firewood. When cooking, the burner was facing the East, so that it could match the direction of the wind, and it was easy to make a fire.
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