Bathroom storage chest,living room chest

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1. Name of commodity: Storage chest.

2. Material:Mdf.

3. All our products are garanteed against fault or defects for one year.

4. If your design is more beautiful, we could make it as per your requirements.

5.All products can be provided according to the customer of the size,the combination of special customization.

Model No.          W1005
Brand NameHuatai
Special Usebedroom room furniture
General Use
home furniture
Detachable or not
Foldable or not
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Q:Why should the open kitchen force the installation of gas alarms?
If your open kitchen is a kitchen, you should consider the harmony of living room, dining room furniture and kitchen furniture. Now the Home Furnishing furniture businesses to provide more diverse products and services can find some comprehensive operational projects for decoration or furniture enterprises, such furniture and cabinets can be in style to harmony, to ensure that "open kitchen" can naturally into the overall atmosphere of Home Furnishing.
Q:Do you need a fireproof board for making cabinets? What is a fireproof board?
Fireproof board is made of siliceous material or calcium material as main raw material. It is mixed with a certain proportion of fiber material, lightweight aggregate, adhesive and chemical additive, and is made of decoration plate by autoclaved technology. It is a new type of material which is more and more used, not only because of fire prevention. The construction of the fireproof board is more demanding for sticking glue, and the fireproof board with better quality is more expensive than the decorative panel. The thickness of the fireproof board is 0.8mm, 1mm and 1.2mm, which is the best material for the cabinet.
Q:New renovation of the new premises formaldehyde generally exist, how to remove?
A new house decorated with a series of measures can basically eliminate formaldehyde odor, but the residual formaldehyde usually taste very small, and even can not feel, and for 3~5 years. Therefore, whether before or after check to buy some suggestions in the removal of formaldehyde plant such as Chlorophytum, Sansevieria and aloe etc.. These plants are not only easy to grow and take care of, but also effectively remove formaldehyde, which is a good choice for beautifying the living environment. Usually a room Chlorophytum placed 1 to 2 pots can, but don't put in the bedroom.
Q:What is the double deck panel material?
Melamine resin after curing the veneer has good abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and other physical properties, smooth surface, easy to deformation, has the advantages of convenient cleaning and not easy to wipe hair etc.. And the fireproof performance, and excellent chemical properties (EGGER board as the representative of such panel) and therefore more suitable for kitchen furniture color, suitable for all ages of consumer groups.
Q:Is there any formaldehyde in the resin plastic wardrobe?
General renovation of the house, its formaldehyde content may exceed 6 times the standard, individual may exceed 40 times the standard. Studies have shown that formaldehyde content in the indoor environment is closely related to the use time, temperature, humidity and ventilation conditions of the house. In general, the use of housing for longer periods of time, residual amount of formaldehyde in the indoor environment is less; the higher the temperature, the humidity is bigger, more conducive to the release of formaldehyde; ventilation conditions are better, more conducive to building decoration materials, formaldehyde release.
Q:What is the width of the cabinet?
In terms of height, the height of human body according to our estimates, the following dimensions is appropriate: a table should be at the height of 89 to 92 cm; plane operating area from 40 to 60 cm depth is appropriate; the range hood and the cooking range would be kept within 60 to 80 cm above the operating table; the cabinet to make master operation does not meet the minimum distance is appropriate, it is apart from the ground should not be less than 145 cm, length of 25 to 35 cm, the distance between condole ark and operation platform should be 55 cm above.
Q:Wash the vegetable and hearth height disparity between the number of suitable
Overall layout: the kitchen furniture should be meticulous and comfortable in function, make full use of space, and be beautiful and integrated in form. Because in the kitchen, housewives to finish picking vegetables, vegetables, vegetable, vegetables, cooking, washing dishes and a series of work, it can be divided into washing, cooking, cut with the operation of three. So the kitchen furniture generally by the sink, stove, console, cabinet etc, and both can be fitted in the operation platform, to form a unified whole.
Q:An integral ambry, what cabinet fittings should have generally?
In addition to kitchen appliances, large hardware, cabinets accessories include: cabinet, connecting parts, three in one connector, hinge, foot, skirting line, steam support, hanging yards, handles, rails and so on. Large hardware generally includes balcony, basket, dishes, basket, seasoning blue, cabinet pendant, there are various types of high - pull basket, or corner basket (line called monster).
Q:What does the whole cupboard contain?
The whole kitchen cabinet is composed of kitchen cabinets, electrical appliances, gas appliances, kitchen utensils and appliances, four in one kitchen cabinet. The characteristics of the whole cabinet is the cabinet and console and kitchen appliances and various functional parts are organically combined together, and in accordance with the individual needs of consumers in the home kitchen structure, area and family members, the overall configuration, the overall design, the overall construction, complete sets of products formed finally, to achieve the overall coordination of the kitchen work each operation procedures, and create a good family atmosphere and strong flavor of life.
Q:How to choose the cabinet?
The cabinet is composed of a cabinet, door hinge, drawer, table, cabinets with these basic materials, divided into the cabinet, cabinet, table. The whole cabinet is equipped with kitchen lampblack machine, gas cooker, disinfection cabinet, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave oven, electric oven, birdbath, drawer pull the basket, all kinds of garbage crusher and kitchen utensils and kitchen appliances system collocation and into a new form of kitchen. The whole kitchen cabinet is also called integrated kitchen.

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