Handle Of Enamel Casting Iron Bathtubs-·1602

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Specification of Handle of Enamel Casting Iron Bathtubs -·1602

Polyester resin Acrylic Modified resinPavone® Acrylic resin 
Main material Unsaturated polyester(UP)Unsaturated polyester (UP) + Acrylic polymer100% acrylic polymer (100% Acrylic resin)
Molding process Hardening at room temperature; incomplete reaction; chemical residual. Hardening at room temperature or medium temperature; incomplete reaction; chemical residue.Molded under advanced production technology; ?no chemical residue.
Density and porosity Low density; porous Similar to polyester resin Molded under advanced production technology; high density; non-porous
Yellow-resistance Yellowing Subject to yellowing Excellent non-yellowing property 
Anti-staining Satins easily penetrate pores; dirt attaches easilySimilar to polyester resin Dirt stays on the surface; easy cleaning 
Chemical property Not goodBetter than polyester resin The product is National American Standard certified

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