Handle Of Enamel Casting Iron Bathtubs-·1602

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Specification of Handle of Enamel Casting Iron Bathtubs -·1602

Polyester resin Acrylic Modified resinPavone® Acrylic resin 
Main material Unsaturated polyester(UP)Unsaturated polyester (UP) + Acrylic polymer100% acrylic polymer (100% Acrylic resin)
Molding process Hardening at room temperature; incomplete reaction; chemical residual. Hardening at room temperature or medium temperature; incomplete reaction; chemical residue.Molded under advanced production technology; ?no chemical residue.
Density and porosity Low density; porous Similar to polyester resin Molded under advanced production technology; high density; non-porous
Yellow-resistance Yellowing Subject to yellowing Excellent non-yellowing property 
Anti-staining Satins easily penetrate pores; dirt attaches easilySimilar to polyester resin Dirt stays on the surface; easy cleaning 
Chemical property Not goodBetter than polyester resin The product is National American Standard certified

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The following is a summary of Jincheng environmental protection small: the walls: glue products are actually the biggest source of formaldehyde, and the need to use a lot of glue to paint paint adhesion on the wall, so the wall will emit a lot of formaldehyde gas. Need to focus on prevention. Wardrobe, cabinets and other furniture: cabinets, wardrobes and other furniture, most of them need to brush the color, will use a lot of paint. In order to ensure that you do not paint, you also need to use a lot of glue, so cabinets, closets and other formaldehyde will also be distributed. In addition to solid wood furniture formaldehyde than synthetic wood furniture from the less, because many synthetic wood need to use formaldehyde in the processing process, the formaldehyde formaldehyde content is much larger than the solid wood furniture, so will be more green. Composite floor
Q:What is a cabinet hood?
Thin smoke lampblack machine with light weight, small volume and easy to hang, but the design of thin and low motor power, so that a considerable part of cooking fume can not be incorporated into the suction range, have the opportunity to escape in the room, the smoke exhaust rate was significantly lower than that of other two types. Therefore, most consumers in the purchase of lampblack machine, do not consider this type. If your kitchen wall thin (non bearing wall), bearing up the deep type of weight, because the kitchen layout constraints, and can not be placed cabinet of lampblack machine, lampblack machine is so thin, your ideal choice.
Q:What kind of cabinets?
At present, the majority of the market cabinets using several boards: double decorative panels (MFC), (PVC), paint film pressing plate 1, double panel is used as an intermediate particleboard substrate, the melamine impregnated paper in high temperature and high pressure onto the substrate surface. Double panel imports on the market at present is mainly used in Germany Feidelai (PHLEIDERER) board and the Austria Eagle (EGGER) board. Domestic double faced door panels, their fire-resistant decorative layer performance is not stable enough.
Q:Kitchen tile smoke too much, what good way to remove it?
Use easy cleaning material. The dining room and living room walls, the ground should be easy to clean and kitchen materials, the best selection of ground floor tiles, flooring and other materials, avoid paving wood floors, wood floors vulnerable to heat because of impact deformation, cracks easily stained with oil.
Q:How to display furniture looks good
The furniture of the whole living room should be concise, generous, convenient and practical, and highlight the furniture with the focus of the conversation area.
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Q:What kind of material does the Cabinet do better?
The wear-resistant plate is made of kraft paper and soaked in three hydrogen chloride solution. It is attached to the veneer. The surface will have different colors to choose from. This material has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and it is more economical and practical.
Q:How should the kitchen lamps and lanterns be chosen?
Combined with the overall lighting and local appearance, matching way to choose, to avoid too low brightness, can not see the tool, and accidents. With high-power lamps to provide the overall light, and then according to the stove layout, with the partial illumination of the wall lamp, light will be in all directions to minimize shading. Usually, a fluorescent lamp that maintains the primary colors of vegetables and fruits is not only a good way to attract appetite, but also helps the housewife to have high discrimination when washing.
Q:Is the whole cabinet good or carpentry?
Carpenter will use wood board, hand woodworking machinery cutting edge particleboard and explosive, blasting side plate can not use edge modification, wood board is suitable for the manual or machine operation, cheaper prices, better particleboard so that carpentry carpentry board preference.
Q:The kitchen is on the first floor. It's very damp. What kind of material should be used for the cabinet?
Fireproof boardIts standard name is refractory board. Fire board is just a habit of people, but it is not really afraid of fire, but it has a certain fire resistance. The fireproof board is made of fireproof board, and the shaving board is made of base material (also useful for density board). It is made by pressing the paste in the cabinet factory.
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