Bagged vacuum cleaner with ERP Class A#JC623

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850 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:


Model: JC623



Stylish shape design

Tool storage cabinet

Speed control on body (optional)

Washable outlet HEPA filter(optional)

Strong power


 ERP Class: A(only for 700W power)



1200~1800W nominal power

Cord length 5m

Dust bag capacity 1.6L

Speed control on body

Automatic cord rewinder


Product size: 334*256*223mm

Packing size: 400*285*310mm

Load qty (20'/40'/40H'): 850/1750/1950 pcs



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Q:Why do shop vacuum cleaners have a ball (sphere of plastic) in the frame that is covered by the filter?
Shop vacs are designed to suck up liquids and when the tank fills the ball will float and eventually plug the air suction opening to the blower. The ball is there to prevent liquid from the tank from being sprayed out of the vacuum and to protect the motor from that liquid.
Q:Why are cats generally terrified of Vacuum Cleaners?
Probably cause vacuum cleaners are generally loud, and the noise scares them. Plus the vacuum cleaner's a lot larger than the cat, so it may be intimidating. Cats seem to get scared of a lot of things easily though,
Q:Are tornadoes God's vacuum cleaners?
What brand vacuum cleaner do you use? I'll put it on a list.
Q:What you you identify as a sweeper?
some are vernacular and others colloquialisms. In the Midwest you'd say making dinner. In the south or southwest, fixin' dinner. We called vacuum cleaners Hoovers since they were the most popular in the 1930's. Sweepers were usually made by Bissell, and were un-powered. Lunch was dinner, and dinner was supper in Oklahoma.
Q:Can you use the spray and vacuum type rug cleaners with a bagless vacuum?
I would Not use the bagless vacuum, I'm thinking the particles from the spray my get lodged in the intricate parts of your vacuum and do something to it. If the particles are trapped in a bag no damage is done. I'm just guessing.Good luck.
Q:Military Wives?
I have a magnet on my fridge that says Boots - $85 Beret - $15 Having them home on the floor - PRICELESS! I have to second the comment about other women complaining because their husband's travel for work. I know just how you feel - my husband is gone 1 week every month. Oh I could just hit them... My favorite - being Household 6 and knowing that he knows damn well who's in charge at home!
Q:New dog preparation question ?
ok. That's not so good. You have to clean up everything small, just like with a toddler or baby. They could choke. Also, you must MUST hang up all cords, wires or strings up behind something or up high on a wall. They could bite through them and get electrocuted. NOT GOOD. Also, put up any candy bars, fruit or other people food. It is very bad for dogs to eat. hope this helps! :)
Q:Can anyone recommend an inexpensive vacuum for hardwood floors?
For hardwood floors I wouldn't use a vacuum. Just use a regular broom and dustpan. Then mop your floors. I use Murphys oil cleaner that you mix with water and mop your hardwood floors. It works great.
Q:I just applied for this job and was wondering if it sounded like scam?
Sounds At any rate, best of luck!
Q:Where Can I Find Cheap Central Vacuums?
buy cheap you'll regret it the rest of your life-go for the best...

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