Bagged vacuum cleaner with big capacity#B91

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800 unit
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40000 unit/month

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Model No. B91
FEATURE:Nice bagged model
* Unit dimension445*260*175mm
* Color Injection/Spray
* Input voltage100V-240V 50/60Hz 
* Nominal power 1200-1400W
* Dust tank capacity4.5L
* Cable length 5M
* Speed control OPTIONAL
* Gift box: 490*325*230mm
* Master carton: N/A
* Quantity/GB: 1pcs/GB
* Packaging material: Double corrugated cardboard
* loading qty (20'/40'/40H'): 810/1670/1835pcs



Vacuum (Kpa):18-20




Additional Info.

Trademark:OEM, ODM

Packing:Gift Box / Export Cartons

Standard:CE, GS, CB, EMC


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Q:Why do some vacuum cleaners have head lights?
It makes it much easier to see in dark corners and darker areas, such as under beds and in closets. I have found quite a few things because the light from the headlight reflected off something that the room light didn't show up. Also, it makes pet hair show up easier, so you know when it's clean. I do vacuum during the day, but there's two dogs in my house, and some areas have more dirt/hair/lint/etc. than others.
Q:vacuum cleaners, i know nothing. :p?
Get her a Sharp Vacuum cleaner, for around $200.00, she will love it and it will last for years. Anything cheaper is noisy and worthless.
Q:Why are vacuum cleaners quiet in the TV adverts?
Funny, funny, funny! The question is what would it look like if the average man had designed it? I'd have to go with - Charles Laughton's version of The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Man's slanted view! (and by the way - I'm not sure where from - I think that I must be turning into Ozzy Osbourne) Again - nice one!.......Laughing!
Q:Does anyone know how to make a very organized looking pattern on the carpet when vacuuming?
You need to vacuum so the grain of the carpet is pulled up. You need to experiment, tho it sounds ike you did. You need the find the direction of the weave. And you need to hold the brushes on the vacuum so they brush the pile. And enough suction. Pull the vacuum slowly so the brushes work the pile.
Q:Which is the best vacuum to pick up dog hairs?
Q:Packing issue-Space Bags?
Ask the Hotel's housekeeping staff if they have a vacuum you can borrow Buy another Suitcase and pay the Extra Bag Fee. Stuff as much as you can into the suitcase. if you have someone who can keep sitting on the items and pushing them down. Go to a local shipping store and have them ship any extra items back by something like UPS/FedEx. If you can do without things for a few days, sending it ground may be a cheaper alternative to buying the extra suitcase and paying the extra bag fee. Decide what you no longer want to have and find a local charity to donate the items to. Leave them in the Hotel for them to just take or throw away.
Q:Hi Aussies, is my wage fair? (sales job) Should I quit?
As somebody else suggested, find yourself another job, and then quit. But, if you tell your boss you want to keep the job, then be careful if he gets you to sign anything that says you agree to stick with the company for a period of time. If you get given something like that, then I would say you should turn it down. As far as I can see, you are being paid only per sale, not per hour, so instead of working 10 hours/day, I suggest working until you get your first customer, then spend the rest of the day looking for other jobs. Your boss might want you to work harder, but he's not offering you any incentive to do so, so don't.
Q:Whats the best Hardwood floor vacuum?
I they are around 250.00 and +. So worth it
Q:The Kirby vacuum?
I actually went throught the whole vacuum choosing thing a year ago and we actually discovered a vacuum cleaner named wertheim to be the best!!!! it was $700 but its fantastic for cleaning much better than a dyson because it has a motor head
Q:What are everybody's opinions on the Kirby G3/G4/G5/G6/UG/DE/SE/SE II vacuum cleaners/carpet shampooers?
Agreed. Owned one...switched to Rainbow. Cost is high on the Kirby, but it's rated at being best in its' category...for vacuuming. I didn't like how cumbersome it was to use, or having to empty bags. Rainbow has several attachments, too...but all the dirt goes into the water trap, and you just pour it out when finished.'s gross and great, all at the same time. Great for allergies, and there are air cleaner/fresheners included. As you clean, the Rainbow will scent or clean the air. Read more about it, and you might like it better than the Kirby. Either one will require fussing between attachments...but having had both, I'll never go back to Kirby. Carpet cleaner WAY much hassle. Better to rent a cleaner, as needed, than to take up space storing a unit you seldom use. Hope this helped. It's quite an investment.

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