Air Conditioning Pump KT Series ISO2858 Standard

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Introduction of Air Conditioning Pump KT Series ISO2858 Standard
The pump mounting meeting ISO2858;Design pressure up to 1.6MPa; Seal cavities construction is suitable for both mechanical seal and soft packing seal; the key wet parts are stainless steel precision casting and good appearance. To match different liquid application, material can be Cast Iron, Stainless steel and bronze alloyetc. The motor and pump share one shaft., high efficiency,good balance.

Advantage of Air Conditioning Pump KT Series ISO2858 Standard
Quick mantainance
Higher Efficiency&saving energy
Low noise
Stabel runing and longer operation life
Save Installation Space
Exellent Performance
Compact Structure

Technical data of Air Conditioning Pump KT Series ISO2858 Standard
Diameter of Discharge Flange: DN25 upto DN450
Max Working Pressure:1.6MPa
Max Operating Temperature:120degree
Rotation Direction: from the driven end, the pump rotating direction is CW
Solid Grainn: less than 80mg/L

Model meaning of Air Conditioning Pump KT Series ISO2858 Standard
KT 100/315
KT KT Series Air Conditon Pump
100 - Suction Diameter (mm)
315 Impeller Diameter Normal size 315mm
A- Impeller Trimmed Code

Applications of Air Conditioning Pump KT Series ISO2858 Standard
Civil, Chemical industry, Metallurgy, Light industry.
Such as : Buildings, water works, irrigation, HVAC ; oil processing, Steel industry, silver-smelting, copper-smelting, iron-smelting, Tin-smelting, aluminium -smelting, zinc-smeltingetc non-ferrous metal smelting. Foodstuff, pharmacy,power plant, drink water, clean water, alcohol, desalination of sea water and water treatment.

FAQ of Air Conditioning Pump KT Series ISO2858 Standard

1. Are your pumps protected against dry running?

No, unprotected centrifugal pumps are not generally designed for dry running. It is important to give us or your dealer as much information as possible about the system in which the pump is used. Inlet pressure, the type of liquid to be pumped, together with relative density, viscosity and temperature, for example, are required in order to allow CNBM to recommend the right pump with the right gaskets for a long operating lifetime.

2. How can I get trained on CNBM products?

Yes, we provide training courses in our factory (products, general and specific pump technology, hydraulics, and practical applications). Please consult your sales manager or get in touch with our headquarters for more information.

3. Are your pumps cheaper than those of your competitors?

CNBM aims to give its customers the highest standards of quality and service and delivery times, all at a reasonable price.

4. Do you have self-priming pumps?

Yes, our product portfolio also includes two ranges of self-priming pumps: self-priming electric pumps and self-priming side channel pumps.

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Q:help.. how do I change the water pump?
I had a 98 civic I did one on... The water pump runs off of the timing belt, so yea its a lot of work. You are going to have to remove an engine mount (pass side) support the engine with a jack and remove alot of the covers on the passenger side of the engine. I would suggest you get a repair manual at the auto parts store, probably the best $20 you'll spend (and more then I can cover here). Since you are in there, I would do the timing belt and the timing belt tensioner. Be careful not to turn the overhead camshaft when you have everything apart or you will have to set your cam timing again. Good luck, its probably a 7 out of 10.
Q:How much does it cost to get the timing belt changed including:?
You better shop around on that one but you're looking at a few hundred dollars minimum. The newer the car, the more you're going to pay to get it fixed.
Q:radiator problems.....or a broken water pump?
All water pumps have what is called a weep hole and when the water pump seal goes out antifreeze will come out of the weep hole and stain the surrounding area. If your radiator was leaking its probably best to replace it and never use any of those stop leak products. They are more of an emergency repair to get you home until you can get the leak fixed properly. Have you changed the thermostat. When you put in antifreeze do you mix it with tap water or distilled. Distilled is always the best as tap water will leave mineral deposits inside your cooling system. Also on the thermostat they make what is called a fail open thermostat that allows for coolant flow even if the thermostat fails where as a regular thermostat fails in the closed position and will cause overheating. Always run at least a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and distilled water because it not only protects from freezing but raises the boiling temperature as well. Good luck.
Q:Does a Insurance policy cover if your Well water pump?
power outage doesn't burn out water pump. it would simply stop. so insurance would reject this. cause of burnout depends on type of pump and situation. you'll have to dig deeper for the real reason. [breaking the seal on a pump that is immersed in the water would burn it out. dollars to donut holes though that isn't covered by homeowner's insurance -- would be treated the same as a breakdown of your heating unit due to wear.]
Q:What made my water pump lock up?
Warranty on the first pump has run out, you won't get any help there. Parts, even new parts do fail, that's why manufacturers offer warranties. I would suspect however the pump that was installed was a rebuilt unit, and perhaps the re builder didn't properly grease the bearings. Another possibility for early failure is the belt being adjusted up too tightly which will wear bearings out quickly. When it is repaired this time, push on the top of the serpentine belt to see if it has some deflection. There should be about 1/2 deflection along the longest run of the belt.
Q:Is a 3000 watt generator sufficient to power a 3/4 horsepower water pump?
Danny and GTB give a good answer, I just add some: As a rule of thumb, 1 horsepower (HP or hp) is equal to 750 watts, and a motorized electric equipment at start up will suck electricity power about twice as much as its specification. Is you pump equipped with a three phase or a single phase electric motor? You have to suit it with the generator. As for the generator, if possible you choose a generator with big flywheel, with slower RPM -rotations per minutes- than a generator with high RPM, because a water pump will frequently on and off according to the usage. This could cause the generator to wave down and up accordingly. Or a generator equipped with an electronic governor that will react fast enough to the frequent on and off load of the water pump. Hope the best and God bless you and good luck day by day!!
Q:Water won't pump?
The pressure says it is at 50 which means there is water at that point or you have a faulty gage(happens all the time with those gages). Replace the gage and then you can determine if the pump is pumping and if there is a clog after that point in your line, which is actually quite common when one works on these systems., if it isn't pumping, could be a bad foot valve, pump, well ran dry, needs to be primed, ect...
Q:Well water pump trouble...?
. do you have air pressure tank inline of your system ? bet it lost its precharge. Put air gauge on it most are set about 30 psi .. They are usually labeled. For psi
Q:how to change a water pump on 1999 chevy venture?
If you gotta ask this question that it should be very obvious that you should let someone else work on it!!!!!!! It is on the front of the engine where it always is
Q:The water well pump is surging water pressure is dropping and keeps tripping the breaker?
Your bladder in your tank has a hole in it. You need to replace the tank and pressurize it. There is no fix for a broken bladder in an air tank.

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