adjustable scaffolding galvanized scaffolding steel props

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Scaffolding Parts,Scaffolding parts,open thread, cup, removable
Scaffolding Part Type:
Scaffolding Props
galvanized steel props
AC-P5648 scaffoling prop
41.70 Kg
Steel Pallet,customized package
Concrete Construction Works
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Powder Coating,Hot-dip Galvanized,Electro Galvanized,Painting

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Packaging Detail:Steel pallets,Customized Package.
Delivery Detail:About 10-25 days on receipt of your payment.


galvanized steel props
1.made of steel q235
2. length range:1.6-5m
3.1.6/1.8/2.0/2.2mm thickness

adjustable scaffolding galvanized scaffolding steel props

(Shoring Scaffolding Props, Steel Scaffolding Props)

Product Description


1. Description of Steel Scaffolding Props

Scaffolding Prop

1.Adjustable steel scaffolding prop is vertical tubular type scaffold for supporting slab and decking beams.

2.The length of shoring prop can be adjust to any length within its range. AC steel prop have many size you can choose.

3.The steel prop's plate can be a base plate or u head or T head, as you required; the tread can be open thread or others.

We also can provide tripod and Forkhead to make your steel props system more steady and safe.

4.The surface of AC steel prop is high protected painted, color is dard red, but you also can choose other surface finishing.

2. Important information of AC Shoring Scaffolding Props

NameScaffolding Prop
TypeMiddle East type, Spanish type, Italian type
BrandAC brand

MaterialQ235 carbon steel
Dia(inner tube/outer tube)40mm/48mm, 48mm/56mm, 48mm/60mm
Tube thickness1.6mm/1.8mm/2.0mm/2.2mm/3.0mm
Adjustable length1600-2900mm, 1800-3200mm, 2000-3500mm, 2200-4000mm,  other size also available
T head  specification600*50.76*50.76*4mm or other size as you require
Surface treatmentPowder coated; painted
ColorRegular color is red, other color available
Welding techniqueCO2 arc welding
Supply capacity500 tons per day

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Q:How to calculate the deflection of steel pipe support column
Pressure does not consider the degree of tension, consider the amount of compressionIf it is to do the program, according to the constraint conditions of the bar, check the stability, as if there is a coefficient of what it is
Q:Why subway steel erection erection to the design elevation of 800
First -0.4m; -4.3 m; third -7.8m; -11.0 m; fifth -14.2 M.
Q:What are the steel support specifications
General internal tube is 48, the outer tube is a tube of, 2.0-3.5m steel support wall thickness 2mm, 2.4-3.9m steel support wall thickness 2.75mm...
Q:The support system of the steel roof structure of a single storey workshop is composed of
The supporting system should be set up according to the requirements of various types of steel structure, span, the height of the workshop, the tonnage of the crane and the seismic fortification of the building.The commonly used steel support material section has angle steel, round steel, channel steel or square, round tube.
Q:Why should the deep foundation pit support axial force monitoring?
When the retaining wall to the foundation pit displacement occurs, the axial force of steel support will gradually become largerI do not know how much of the total value of the pre reinforcement can be achieved when the first Afterburner
Q:The formwork of the steel concrete foundation is the 1 steel formwork steel support and the support of the 2 steel formwork
Don't make a simple problem, if the bid, according to the above method can be selected as template, I do so regardless of the construction process, ensure the quality of the project, as long as you can, you can also use gold as a template, but the price is according to the template for you.
Q:What is the size and wall thickness of the steel support inside and outside?
KBG sheathed and buckling type electric cold galvanized steel conduit, made of high quality cold-rolled steel strip, with high precision and high frequency welded pipe welding machine, double-sided galvanized protection, uniform thickness, smooth weld pipe, smooth edge burr, thread safe and fast.With the characteristics of thin Daihou light weight, convenient transportation. Smooth weld. The product of KBG galvanized pipe and galvanized tube KBG. KBG joint use. The product for bending can be matched KBG elbow. The outer diameter of the product is divided into 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, the wall thickness is 1.2mm, the standard length is 4000mm.JDG fastening connection galvanized steel wire electric cooling tube, made of high quality cold-rolled steel strip, welding a molding by high-frequency, double-sided galvanized protection, uniform thickness, smooth weld pipe, smooth edge burr, thread safe and fast.
Q:How to calculate the axial force of steel support in deep foundation pit
Preload is generally not more than 450kN, because of the use of pile anchor structure is mostly sand, silt, or clay, anti pulling force of this stratum and anchor is limited, 450kN means that the prestressing design tension reaches 450/0.95~450/0.7, which is basically the ultimate anchor in this ordinary formation, if not met to consider the encryption of anchor spacing.
Q:What is the steel plate support
Steel pipe support structure figure 1 as shown. The utility model is characterized in that the movable end head is similar to a drawer structure, and is composed of two parts of a movable end and a movable end. By the end of the channel plate, a telescopic rod, etc. the stiffening rib plate assembly welding end part into activities. The channel steel telescopic rod is arranged at the movable end to accommodate the steel pipe, and the telescopic function can be realized under the action of the hydraulic jack.
Q:What is the pre - steel brace
The general use of prestressing steel support in foundation pit supporting structure, the principle of prestressed anchor cable with similar, because the steel is flexible material and deformation of prestressing steel member variable small force, increasing the support effect of steel support, suppression of foundation pit wall deformation.

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