58mm 0.43X Wide Super Angle Camera Lens

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Brand NameOEMModel NumberLL-9LogoOEM
Place of OriginChengdu ChianaMaterialOptical GlassFilter Ring aluminum
TypeWide angle lensSize58mmColorblack
Rear Threads 58mmFronts Threads82mmPackageleather 



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Q:How do I recognize the SLR camera with a telephoto lens and a short focus lens?
So when you distinguish, look at the lens of the focal length, you know is wide-angle lens, the standard lens or telephoto lens! For example, Canon 16-35, is a large wide angle - wide angle lens. 50F1.2 is the standard lens. The 70-200 is the standard - telephoto lens.
Q:SLR camera can be installed at the same time two or more lens, is the two superimposed and then what will be the effect
Theoretically can not install multiple lenses, because the full name of the SLR is "single-lens reflective viewfinder camera", only one bayonet, that can only take a shot.
Q:I would like to know the front of the SLR camera lens
Hood can also play a role in protecting the lens. Set the hood of the lens, you can block the finger to prevent it printed on the lens, but also collision effect. It can be said that this is only a side effect. Hood on the lens of the protective effect is actually better than the UV mirror, because the UV mirror will certainly affect the quality, and hood in the specific conditions can also beautify the quality. Therefore, in the recommendation of others to buy the camera, I often recommend them to buy a hood instead of UV mirror, unless the match is a very good lens.
Q:Camera lens how to do oil?
There is a lot of debate about whether or not to use a lens cleaning solution to clean the lens. Some poor quality noodle cleaning fluids do cause damage to the lens. Therefore, we recommend that you can use the suede and other tools to clean out the stubborn stains on the lens. Cleaning fluid, the last resort must also pay attention to the use of the amount should not be too much, and do not wash the liquid stained outside the lens, because some of the cleaning solution is acetone, it is easy to make the black lens fade, serious Will also make the lens around the deformation, remember to remember! In addition, we recommend that the time to clean the lens is best not to exceed 30 seconds, because too long wiping will cause unnecessary damage to the lens, if that is more harm than good
Q:SLR camera outside the lens can not wipe with a paper towel
The camera is the most critical and most vulnerable parts of the camera, so usually use the camera should pay great attention to the protection of the camera lens, do not easily contaminated with dust, not to let the camera was dirty "finger", only when necessary The lens is cleaned.
Q:Camera lens out fixed and retracted, can not open what can not take pictures of what ah?
Is what brand, I use the Canon, you slowly click on the click, if it is Canon that brand, the lens has such a problem, I have this card master N times, let me throw the bed, throw All right.
Q:SLR camera lens how to remove from the fuselage?
In the lens around the root of a button different interface position is not the same press the lens can be rotated to remove the
Q:What is the lens aperture?
Since the aperture can be small or small, how much time the lens of the best quality imaging? According to the above figure, the minimum aperture F22 when the aperture with the pinhole almost, the digital camera has become a pinhole camera, said before the pinhole imaging is not good; aperture when the hole has become the largest hole, imaging is also poor. Therefore, according to the Chinese national tradition of the doctrine of the mean, please bear in mind: The lens is best in the medium aperture (the picture is most clear). We call the best aperture for the best aperture. If it is 135 digital SLR, medium aperture is F8 or F11. Small digital DC depends on the specific model, if the optional aperture value between F2.5 to F8, the middle of the F4.6 for the best aperture. If the time is like water, the lens aperture is the faucet, it controls the size of the water (into the light). For the lens of course, we hope that the aperture of the bigger the better, it is like the taps at home, although we usually wash your teeth never wash it open the largest, but if one day home fire, we will immediately screw the maximum, and Hate why did not have a big point of the faucet. A lens is the largest aperture imaging is not good, usually we generally use the largest aperture; but in the special low light and not allowed to use the tripod case, such as the night of the street documentary capture, we will not hesitate to use the maximum aperture, And regret why did not buy a large aperture lens. But the price of a large aperture lens is very expensive, the weight is amazing. For example, there are two versions of Canon70-200mm, aperture F4 price of 4,000 yuan, weighing 700 grams; aperture for the F2.8 that a price of more than 8,000 yuan, weighing 1500 grams. This is because the aperture level, the lens is much larger, processing difficult. It is worth the first-class aperture to pay twice the money and weight of the sweat, this is a matter of opinion.
Q:What is the meaning of the VR on the camera?
The camera's safety shutter is based on the countdown of the lens focal length, such as the focal length of 50mm, the safe shutter is 1 / 50s, if less than the shutter speed, in theory, it is easier to produce jitter. From this point we can understand that the longer the focal length, then the shorter the safety shutter, if the telephoto lens focal length to 300mm, its safe shutter is 1 / 300s, if the shooting conditions are not ideal lighting conditions, then very Difficult to reach the safe shutter, hand-held shooting jitter is difficult to avoid. VR damping technology can reduce the shutter speed of 2-3 files, so more conducive to the light conditions are not ideal at the same time can not use a tripod and other equipment in the case of shooting clear photos. So compared to professional high-end SLR lens, in the home digital camera popular VR anti-shake technology seems urgent. Especially in the telephoto digital camera, anti-shake function becomes more important. Anti-shake generation (VR) and the second generation (VR II), generation can reduce the three shutter, such as 50mm lens, do not open VR to have 1 / 60 to clear, open the VR generation, down three shutter, that is, 1/15 seconds can be clearly shot, the second generation down four shutter, cheap lens only VR switch, a little better lens mode selection, a normal mode , A chase mode, suitable for making animals, cars and so on.
Q:What is the SLR camera lens motor?
The autofocus camera requires a motor-driven lens focus assembly when focusing. All Canon autofocus lenses focus on the drive motors are in the lens. Nikon lens where the lens models have AF-S words of the lens of the drive motor are in the lens, only the AF word lens must be driven by the camera body motor focus, Nikon's existing digital SLR, D40 D40X D60 D3000 D5000 are no body motor, the use of AF-S lens can automatically focus, the use of AF lens can only focus manually but can automatically expose. Other Nikon digital SLRs have body motors that can use all Nikon AF-S and AF lens autofocuss.

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