Mini Fisheye Lens For Mobile Phone Magnetic Lens 180 Degree Camera Lens For Galaxy Note 3

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Do you want to take a greater, more recent and broader picture? Magnetic-handling simple series of exchangeable mobile phone lens will do that. You can taster the different feeling. Just paste a ring on the location of concentric circles of camera, with simple skills of taking a picture; you can lave a beautiful and touching moment permanent.



Material metal:high-quality aluminum

Glass lenses:multi-coated optical glass

Central:3M adhesive stickers

Lens cap:high-strength engineering plastics

The lens with high grade green lens coating. Better light transmittance.

Magnification:180° FISH-EYE

Lens construction: 3 elements in 3 groups


Lens size: Diameter: 16.5mm High: 10.5mm

Ring size:  Inside/Outside Diameter: 9/13.5mm*2pcs(notched ) , 10/13.5mm*1pcs



Lens compared:

From left to right is Mini Fisheye lens / 180degree fisheye lens / 190degreee fisheye lens / 235degree fisheye lens

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Q:My camera lens can not stretch
This type of fault is mainly the lens telescopic gear position shift, or indeed a foreign body stuck, but these two questions if it is not on the electrical repair is very good. Generally can only find professional repair. The price of about three hundred.
Q:Canon 60d 18-200 camera lens down the old down, what is the reason?
Time with a long time, the lens zoom telescopic ring damping will become loose, the camera once down, the lens will fall down, so the Canon design time, in the lower right corner of the lens plus a: LOCK health. You do not have time to lock him, it will not happen this problem. Note that in the intermittent camera as far as possible to the camera flat on the neck, or the camera lens up on it. Hope it helps you.
Q:Lengthen the camera lens focal length is zoomed in or out
When the telephoto lens is stretched, the focal length also increases. 1, the longer the focal length of the optical zoom lens larger, the longer the focal length of the smaller the angle of the lens;
Q:Camera and camera lens, in the south of the wet environment, the specific how to do moisture-proof mold?
1. If the place to live is not very wet at the same time the camera commonly used, then do not need a professional moisture box and desiccant, only in the camera bag into a few packs of desiccant. We often eat some puffed food, such as "Wang Kuangxue" in the desiccant can be used. Method is: take a few bags of such desiccant, on the camera bag, ready to go to the tide, over a period of time, desiccant bag softened, according to the weather and shooting the actual weather changes, and then change a few bags The Simple and practical, lightweight and durable. But remember not to break up. If the camera has been due to moisture can not be used normally, you can put it in the air conditioning outlet, the air conditioning to the dehumidifier, blowing about 2 hours, it may ease the problem. For a long time without the machine, pay attention from time to time to the machine through electricity, but also to achieve the purpose of dehumidification.
Q:What is the difference between the optical zoom of the SLR camera and the optical zoom of the card machine?
The difference between the two: 1, SLR large volume weight, card machine small and light. 2, SLR high quality, poor quality card machine. 3, SLR machine can follow your intention to photography, and automatic card machine to make your intentions tend to fall.
Q:Camera lens material problem
Weight and this related. Resin afraid of the fire, the glass is better. Glass wearably. Resin lighter. But now the general dc is made of resin.
Q:Vivoxplay why the camera failure, can not connect the camera lens
4. Try to clear the exception data via "Settings - More Settings - Restore Factory Settings - Empty All Data". Note: This will lose all the data stored on the phone, including the phone book, SMS, third-party application software, the relevant account information, the data stored on the T card will not be lost.
Q:Does the SLR camera's lens need to be stored in a drying cabinet? What is better?
I suggest you pick high-strength cards, I heard that they have a special cabinet is used to store the camera lens!
Q:Camera lens g, d, e type what is the meaning
but the E-lens in order to save money, a large number of plastic components and resin lenses, a significant reduction in the cost, the price is very low, then low Side of the market development of the lens.
Q:SLR camera lens focal length how much to how good
Such a large zoom, it is prone to lens distortion, if forced to control within the acceptable range, will cause the lens weight increases, and the price is expensive, even so, than the same level of small zoom lens in the same focal length performance.

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