Brand New Macro Cpl Wide Angle Star Mobile Phone Camera Lens For Apple Iphone 5

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Product Description:

Stick the optical macro lens to shoot a close-up photo of the bee's face with your iPhone 5!



The CPL filter eliminates the scattered light in the air,as well as the reflected light from the non-metallic surfaces like water and glasses. It allows the parallel light to go through the lens only,so that the camera can enable colors to become more saturated and appear clearer with better contrast between the clouds and the sky because it can be used to darken bright skies. When yo rotate the CPL filter in its mount,the effects will show up immediately. The filter factor varies according to how the filter is rotated and its orientation to the sun.


The Star-cross filter creates a star in the picture where this is bright light,ideal for photographs of ladies wearing jewelry or other objects with strong reflections or light of night view.


The 3-image filter creates a special effect with 3 duplicated images,make fun for children.

The Close-up filter lets you fill the frame with a very small subject. It does so by magnifying the tiny subject so you can easily get the super-macro photography.

The 6-image filter creates a special effect with 6 duplicated images,make fun for children.



Housing: aerospace-grade aluminum alloy

Lens: professional optical photo lens

Adapt ring: 10mm alloy ring proprietary for iPhones.

Dimensions: D14*5.5mm

Weight: 3g
Color: Black 



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Q:SLR camera lens thickness, what is the difference!
2, the phase field size: In order to cover the phase field has enough imaging lens lens group also have a corresponding diameter, so the common frame in the frame full size, full width than C, C width of 43, and so on Such push To the DC nail cover so big phase field or even periscope lens is enough, 1-2 mm thickness 3-4 times the zoom lens are not elongated.
Q:Can I use the glasses cloth to rub the camera lens?
Now the lens in order to increase the incident light, reduce the reflected light, glare, and so on it, most of the lens are done outside the multi-layer coating, such as Nikon's N mark head, it seems what nano coating,
Q:Is the SLR camera lens easy to erase?
2. If you can use the blower ball can not clean the dust on the surface of the lens, we can also try to use a soft brush to clean the lens, in general, you can remove dirt and other dirty things, and stubborn stains, such as fingerprints, we will use Suede, lens cleaning cloth or lens paper with a lens cleaning solution to clean up. When scrubbing, be careful not to squeeze the lens surface, because the lens surface covered with a layer of vulnerable coating, it is easy to clean because of being wiped away. The cylindrical hair end from the center of the lens rotation outward, gently sweep, so go to the impurities in addition to the lens. In the purchase of lens paper, be sure to go to the regular professional photography store to buy, do not seek cheap and buy low-quality lens paper.
Q:SLR full lens and half of the difference between the lens?
In general, the two can not be seen from the outside. But there will be differences in the lens parameters. The fundamental difference between the two is: because the full-frame photosensitive components than aps frame (so-called half) of the size of the sensor more than doubled, the former is 36mm * 24mm, the latter only 24mm * 16mm. Therefore, full-frame lens imaging circle than aps frame lens much larger. Because of this difference, so full-frame lens can be used in aps frame camera, and the effect is very good (only the best part of the lens imaging of the middle). On the contrary, aps frame lens, if used in full-frame camera, it is likely to produce the phenomenon of black circles (zoom lens may have some focal lengths do not produce black circles), so not only lost the wide-angle screen, and edge imaging quality Also very poor
Q:SONY camera lens stretched out
Machine failure, although you did not fall, there may be your family, friends moved the machine accidentally broke it, repair digital machines, unlike the general appliance repair, of course, the cost of high, before my one Kodak machine put In the camera lights battery pack, was burned out of electricity, take the past to repair 500 yuan, I did not repair, and now still, bought a new Canon 450D. But your problem is not too serious, the maintenance staff like how much will be how much, no way,
Q:What is the meaning of the medium focus in the SLR camera lens?
Need to pay attention to how many mm this is the standard 35mm camera, for small format camera (Nikon called DX format) lens, is to be converted, Nikon's conversion factor is 1.5, Canon is 1.6, such as a 100mm lens , The DX frame camera used, the equivalent of 150mm standard (FX) frame lens.
Q:What is the difference between a digital camera CMOS lens and a CCD lens? Which lens is better?
CCD and CMOS difference: Since ccd and cmos are photosensitive sensors, why the price is so poor, what is the difference between them in the end, for the general digital camera novice is to consider their performance and other issues. CCD is currently more mature imaging devices, CMOS is seen as the future of imaging devices. Because the CMOS structure is relatively simple, with the existing large-scale integrated circuit production process the same, so that production costs can be reduced. In principle, the CMOS signal is a charge signal in units of points, while the CCD is a line of current signal, the former is more sensitive, faster and more power. Now advanced CMOS is not worse than the general CCD, but the CMOS process is not very mature, ordinary SMOS generally low resolution and poor imaging.
Q:How many mm is the camera's lens length or lens diameter?
Lens focal length is the main performance indicators of the lens, its length determines the size of the shooting, the angle of the field size, depth of field size and perspective of the screen strength.
Q:SLR camera to replace the lens when how to operate?
SLR camera replacement lens, the primary task is to avoid the camera into the gray, the specific considerations are as follows: 1, the best in the clean indoor environment replacement, try not to dust, or have a strong wind, rain environment operation.
Q:SLR camera lens where there is water mist, is the damp it, how to solve!
So, I judge the owner of the camera fog should be in a large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, the solution is very simple answer is the same temperature inside and outside the lens can also be used to dry the air blower, but pay attention to sealing must not care lens Too close to the side of the coating.

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