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Q:SLR lens magnification how to see?
Such as 50mm fixed focus lens is 50/50 is 1 times ah. That is called the magnification and zoom ratio is completely completely two concepts ...........- - || The magnification rate is like a diameter of 1 cm coin on the film is the size of 1 cm, then the lens magnification is 1: 1, if the imaging size is only half (0.5 cm), then the magnification is 1: 2 ( That is, 0.5 friends) Generally reach 1: 1 lens can be called macro lens, but now manufacturers are more wicked, can reach 1: 4 (that is, 0.25) of the lens will mark the macro words ... ...
Q:Canon's 40D is not on the coke, how to determine the camera or the lens of the problem,
My 40D is the problem, I tried the other lens found everything is normal, that is, the 17-85 sets of head focus is not successful, the lens motor repeatedly in the turn, that is, no coke and light, I suspect that the lens has a problem, and tomorrow ready to take Quick repair center check.
Q:How the camera lens size is divided
 First lens focal length. We know or choose to buy a lens when the first factor should be considered the lens of the focal length, this parameter directly affects the shooting angle, but also directly affect the subject matter we shot. The focal length of the lens is usually expressed in millimeters, such as 35mm, 85mm, 105mm and so on. The shorter the focal length (the smaller the number), the wider the viewing angle; the longer the focal length (the larger the number), the narrower the viewing angle. In addition to the width of the angle of view, the focal length changes with our another intuitive feeling: the shorter the focal length, the subject is farther away from the photographer; the longer the focal length, the subject is closer to the photographer. Therefore, the consumption of digital cameras on the zoom function has been able to bring "pull away from the" feeling, in fact, by changing the focal length of the lens to achieve.
Q:About wiping the digital camera lens
Lens spray on the clean cloth, along the center of the lens like a circle around, after the wipe, the lens against the different angles of light to see if there is no wipe clean.
Q:Sony digital camera lens stretching with friction sound
If the sound is not too big, then no problem, you switch off the machine when you look at the lens is not a halt when the phenomenon of pause, if there may be into the sand, it is recommended to post-sale detection
Q:What is the meaning of the digital camera lens quality?
Such as the lens of the light transmission rate control distortion ability, and many other factors are the quality of the lens Like a person's eyes to see things like it is clear to see your eyes really good, the camera is the camera's eyes. Probably on the meaning of the.
Q:Canon camera lens does not come out how is it going
Warranty station maintenance costs in the camera itself between 10% -80% price. If the camera is older or suggested not to repair, buy a new than cost-effective maintenance.
Q:Can digital camera lens and mechanical camera lens be interchangeable?
Can be, but conditional! First of all, must be a SLR camera, can only change the lens, digital SLR camera lens and traditional film SLR camera lens is exactly the same! So it can be interchangeable.
Q:Why is the camera turned black after the camera is turned on?
Lens failure will cause the display does not show the front three cases are excluded, that is, the lens failure, and need to send after-sales testing.
Q:SLR camera lens, how long will it be updated once? Which brand lens is durable?
   From the degree of leather point of view, but also better of Nikon, but now is not as good as the market, the results of the way ah

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