Ib-H8002 Universal Clip 180 Degree Fisheye Lens For Iphone

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Product Description:

IB-H8002 Universal Clip 180 Degree Fisheye Lens For iphone


Descriptions:  Lens For iPhone

 With its hemispherical shape, similar to the eye of a fish, the fisheye lens captures a wide, panoramic view — an approximately 180-degree field of view. This ultra wide lens is designed for shooting very wide angles and is especially useful for photographing extremely wide panoramas of landscapes and the sky, and for close-up subjects in crowds, interiors, and architectural settings.


Features:     Lens For iPhone

1) Universal Fisheye Photo Lens

2) Blue coating,Optical glass

3) 180 Degree fisheye lens

4) For mobile phones  & Tablets

5) Attach and remove in seconds



 Package Includes:    Lens For iPhone

 Fisheye Lens   1x

 Lens Cap          1x

 Pouch               1x



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Q:SLR lens magnification how to see?
Such as 50mm fixed focus lens is 50/50 is 1 times ah. That is called the magnification and zoom ratio is completely completely two concepts ...........- - || The magnification rate is like a diameter of 1 cm coin on the film is the size of 1 cm, then the lens magnification is 1: 1, if the imaging size is only half (0.5 cm), then the magnification is 1: 2 ( That is, 0.5 friends) Generally reach 1: 1 lens can be called macro lens, but now manufacturers are more wicked, can reach 1: 4 (that is, 0.25) of the lens will mark the macro words ... ...
Q:What is the SLR camera lens built-in zoom
For example, you take a picture in the grasslands, there are horses in the distance, the lens pulled 17 to see the whole scene you see down, that 18 paragraph than 17 to see a narrow point, and so on to 70 Even more narrow to 135 can only be photographed on both sides of the film can not shoot. 18-135, is a tour of the mirror to go the world of the lens, go out with a lens on it, and want to shoot wide-angle also, want to shoot the details of the distance there.
Q:Camera lens points can be stretched what can not pull what is called what
The lens is divided into two kinds, Can be stretched called "zoom lens", stretching the action can change the focal length of the lens, that is, people do not have to move, you can change in the lens to see the object of the distance.
Q:Is the lens of the camera as long as possible?
However, the longer the focal length of the lens the greater the color difference, the more difficult to correct, consume more materials, the higher the price this is the fact.
Q:My SLR lens and both sides of the fuselage have AM What is the difference between the two AM?
No difference, the body of the AF and the lens of the A are the meaning of auto focus. Use, the lens and the fuselage must be allocated to A, in order to auto focus, there is a not A, can not complete the auto focus. Are allocated to M is the manual focus
Q:SLR camera lens with a magnifying glass before going to shoot macro, so there is no problem photography, right?
Although this can be, but the ordinary magnifying glass will seriously reduce the image quality, and the higher the impact of the more serious; so it may choose to use optical experiments with high-quality lens or buy close-up camera is more suitable for taking pictures
Q:Ricoh film camera lens can be used on the digital camera?
1, is it a SLR camera? 2, Ricoh SLR cameras have m42 and pk two bayonet, m42 through the transfer can be used in most of the digital SLR and all single power, pk bayonet can be used directly in the Pentax SLR, through the transfer can also be large Part of the digital SLR and all single use on the electricity.
Q:What is the depth of the camera on the lens there is a circle around the symmetrical aperture scale, what is the role of how to adjust the aperture and speed to meet the required depth of field requirements
If you need a large depth of field, give priority to select a smaller aperture, with a slower shutter to ensure that exposure to moderate. On the contrary, if you want to highlight the theme of small depth of field, with a large aperture, fast. In the static state of the object, the speed can be set too slow, select a smaller aperture; shooting moving objects, in order to avoid shooting images made virtual, should choose fast, large aperture.
Q:Digital camera lens suddenly shrink back? Camera is the Canon IXUS 210 how to do?
In the table pad the book, shut down after the camera at the bottom (tripod screw face) down a few pounds, the intensity of their own grasp the shell is not broken on the line, boot recovery. I have just solved this, I do not believe at the beginning. Very useful.
Q:Why Casio digital camera will always show the lens error, and the lens can not shrink
The lens of the drive components are broken, there may be sand into, or the internal device is broken, repair it! The Telescopic lens prone to this problem!

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