Wholesale 2014 Hot Sell 180 Degree Circle Clip Fisheye Fish Eye Lens For Smartphone Iphone5C Ipad Air Samsung/Htc/Nokia

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Wholesale 2014 hot sell 180 Degree Circle Clip Fisheye Fish Eye Lens for Smartphone iphone5c ipad air Samsung/HTC/Nokia/Blackberry


 This lens is specially designed for mobile phones and tablet PC with a camera,such as iphone series,ipad,Samsung Galaxy i9300,etc.


 A heavy DSLR camera can bring you accurate high quality photos,but it may be also a burden on you because of its weight when you are on a trip.So here comes this specially designed lens for your iphone,which can also bring you high quality images.


 The special point of this lens is it comes with a round clip,which permits the lens clip-on and detach quickly and easily on/from your iphone.



100% new.
Best Fit Design.
Compact design and lightweight.
Fish eye lens: 180°
Color: Silver
Size: 25mm x 15mm
Material: aluminum
Styly: clip-on version
Suitable for:
Iphone 3 3G 4 4S 4G 5
Ipad 2 3 4 ipad mini
Samsung Galaxy i9300 i9100 I9500
Other mobile phone and tablet pc with a camera
Package including:
fisheye lens for apple iphone 4 4S 4G i9300 etc x 1
clip x 1
lens cap x 1
case x 1


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Q:SLR camera lens which is divided into several?
(3) according to the focal length of the lens can change, can be divided into fixed focus lens and zoom lens two categories. Due to the level of optical design, the rapid increase in optical glass melting technology, the relatively rich photographers at hand have the potential to choose the focal length can be changed within a certain range and remain as immobile optical system. This can change the focal length in a certain range, so as to get different width of the field of view, different sizes of images and different scene range of the camera lens called zoom lens, referred to as zoom lens. Zoom lens does not change the shooting distance, you can change the focal length to change the shooting range, it is very conducive to the composition of the screen. As a zoom lens can take on the role of a number of fixed focus lens, travel not only reduce the number of carrying photographic equipment, but also save the time to replace the lens. At present, foreign production of high-end automatic fool camera almost all equipped with a small zoom ratio zoom lens. Zoom lens according to the different zoom mode, can be divided into two kinds of single ring and double ring. Single-ring zoom lens, zoom and focus using the same pull ring, push it zoom, turn it focus; the advantage is easy to operate, quickly. Double-ring zoom lens, zoom and focus on each side with a ring, respectively; the advantages of zoom and focus do not interfere with each other, the higher the accuracy, but the operation is more trouble. In the current market zoom lens, some in the front of the lens is also marked with "Micro" words, meaning for macro photography, but also for ultra-near photography, such a zoom lens is more versatile.
Q:SLR camera lens thickness, what is the difference!
4, special needs: the same full phase of the phase field and no anti-shake, Sigma 50 1.4 than Canon and Nikon's thick circle, filter size 77, the benefits of caliber is a little better performance, but some people like the caliber eclipse. Anyway, do not know how to think of Sigma, may be prepared to pretend to prepare, I do not like this head, people 200 to grams your weight more than you, if you are a D3, Malaysia and the like Even if, get hold of the entry behind the heavy foot of the experts to see a smile. In summary, the "rough" just gave the lens a space, the same focal length of the lens thicker than the thin easier to do better, but does not mean that the lens is better than the fine lens, the specific problems have to be specific analysis, Such as Sigma 1020 second generation 82mm, Tuli 1116 is 77mm, which we have a good heart, and Lycra, Fulunda and so on a few 0.95 lens which they are not thick.
Q:Nikon camera lens g ed vr what does it mean
G: G-type lens and D-type lens is the biggest difference is the G-lens without aperture ring design, now Nikon has G-type lens to promote the trend.
Q:Can the old SLR camera lens be used on a digital SLR camera?
Nikon's F bayonet from the 50's did not change, all F can be used, that is, some functions may not be such as auto focus, metering, cpu data, aperture control or something. This situation a lot, can specific point? Canon 80 years for the EF bayonet, before the old camera certainly not fit the new digital camera.
Q:SLR camera lens focal length problem
Of course, if you want to steal sister, it is still telephoto. If you are not a professional request, then buy a zoom lens to a mirror to go the world, so you can less things, reduce some weight. And a mirror to go the world is not appalling. Because the lens is now the worst shot is very good, as long as you do not enlarge to twenty-four inches or more, or with a professional look to assassination, then fully acceptable.
Q:My Sony digital camera lens can not play out, how do?
Your camera's lens but not out on the two possibilities ~ ~ the first lens with a bad lens can not be powered. The second is inside the lens into the dirty things such as sand stuck lens gear. The You first wipe the lens by hand and then use the ears to listen to whether there is no sound inside the repair
Q:SLR digital camera lens on the 3.5-5.6 what it means
Refers to the size of the aperture (unit F, such as F1.8 F2.0), the smaller the value the greater the aperture, the greater the aperture the greater the amount of light (according to the photos will be brighter). Generally this range refers to the wide-angle end of the maximum F3.5, telephoto end maximum F5.6 aperture (the principle is the longer tube light the smaller) Usually the greater the aperture the lens the higher the price, the better the effect. Such as 50 1.8--50 1.4--50 1.2
Q:What is the lens aperture?
Since the aperture can be small or small, how much time the lens of the best quality imaging? According to the above figure, the minimum aperture F22 when the aperture with the pinhole almost, the digital camera has become a pinhole camera, said before the pinhole imaging is not good; aperture when the hole has become the largest hole, imaging is also poor. Therefore, according to the Chinese national tradition of the doctrine of the mean, please bear in mind: The lens is best in the medium aperture (the picture is most clear). We call the best aperture for the best aperture. If it is 135 digital SLR, medium aperture is F8 or F11. Small digital DC depends on the specific model, if the optional aperture value between F2.5 to F8, the middle of the F4.6 for the best aperture. If the time is like water, the lens aperture is the faucet, it controls the size of the water (into the light). For the lens of course, we hope that the aperture of the bigger the better, it is like the taps at home, although we usually wash your teeth never wash it open the largest, but if one day home fire, we will immediately screw the maximum, and Hate why did not have a big point of the faucet. A lens is the largest aperture imaging is not good, usually we generally use the largest aperture; but in the special low light and not allowed to use the tripod case, such as the night of the street documentary capture, we will not hesitate to use the maximum aperture, And regret why did not buy a large aperture lens. But the price of a large aperture lens is very expensive, the weight is amazing. For example, there are two versions of Canon70-200mm, aperture F4 price of 4,000 yuan, weighing 700 grams; aperture for the F2.8 that a price of more than 8,000 yuan, weighing 1500 grams. This is because the aperture level, the lens is much larger, processing difficult. It is worth the first-class aperture to pay twice the money and weight of the sweat, this is a matter of opinion.
Q:Why is the camera lens to be coated? What are the disadvantages?
In order to improve the lens transmittance and image quality, in the modern lens manufacturing process on the lens should be coated. The lens coating is based on the principle of optical interference, in the lens surface coated with a layer of thickness of a quarter of the wavelength of the material (usually fluoride), so that the lens of this wavelength of light reflection to a minimum. Obviously, a layer of film only for a shade work, and multi-layer coating can play a variety of shade. Multilayer coating is usually used in different materials repeatedly coated on the lens surface with different thickness of the film. Multilayer coating can greatly improve the transmittance of the lens. For example, the reflectivity of each surface of the uncoated lens is 5%, the monolayer is reduced to 2% and the multilayer coating can be reduced to 0.2% Can greatly reduce the lens of the lens between the diffuse reflection, thereby enhancing the image contrast and sharpness. The disadvantage is that the coating layer is more delicate, easy to be bruised.
Q:SLR camera lens, how long will it be updated once? Which brand lens is durable?
3.G11 can not change the lens ah 4. As for the lens durable, we generally say Nikon lens durable, worthy of the old users, basically do not change the mouth of the Canon changed the mouth, the old user's lens to the PASS, and Sony to the original beauty of the also to the cost.

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