Universal Clip Fish Eye Macro Lens 3 In 1 Clip Mobile Phone Lens, 180 Degree Fisheye Camera Lens

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Product Description:

Universal Clip Fish Eye Macro Camera Lens for Smartphones



1. 100% brand new and high quality product 

2. .Make your short-sighted phone camera into a Telephoto one

3. Can be used as a telescope separately

4. Suitable for watching match, concert, travel, animal observes fans

5. Quick and Easy to install 



Fisheye lens with 180 degrees field of view, appears a full view which is totally from your left side to right side over front, and from up to down that bring you an imaginative world.

Wide Angle lens expands the native viewing angle 2 times, that appears 2 times larger range view of front forward and width.

Macro lens focus distance of close to 12mm, that appears extremely tiny details for you.


Packing Details:

1)Lens Caps for both ends

2)Microfibre lens cleaning cloth bag

3)Fisheye lens

4)Macro Lens

5)Wide-angle Lens 



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Q:SLR camera lens must be installed UV mirror?
The new lens to buy the best or to install, one can protect the lens; Second, a good UV mirror can also filter the light does not need to make the film out more clearly.
Q:Is the SLR camera lens easy to erase?
3. wipe with a lens pen: the use of the lens before the pen must ensure that the surface of the lens to ensure that there is no dust particles, and then gently pull the lens from the middle of the lens clockwise out, after a time to blow off the lens surface off Lens toner, and then observe the effect, then rub and then blow! Repeated 4-5 times the lens should be bright as new! The expert said that any of the actions of the lens are hurt lens coating! Although the lens pen is a relatively safe tool, you should also be careful to use, with the lens pen gently wipe, it should be noted that the lens pen is also life, when the brushed polished, it must be replaced. The lens will always blow more rub!
Q:Canon lens ef what does it mean
Canon digital SLR lens has two kinds of bayonet: EF and EF-S respectively. EF mount lens, not only can be used in full frame SLR above, and all Canon digital SLR cameras can be used. EF-S lens can only be used in Canon APS-C frame SLR. The reason is simple, because the size of the EF-S lens group is relatively small, but also a small length than the EF, such as installed in the full frame body, full frame SLR reflector will hit the EF-S lens After the group above, so EF-S lens can only be used in the Canon non-full frame (APS-C frame) above the body to go.
Q:Can I replace the lens of the camera called micro single?
Look at the following comparison: Micro-interchangeable lens single-lens camera, in fact, there is no uniform official name, casually called it. And SLR is still very different, the biggest difference is to cancel the complex expensive optical viewfinder system, the advantage is that the body can be made very small, and significantly reduce the cost that is the technical threshold! There is a huge gap between focus speed, system response, and spare parts support. In fact, whether it is micro single or single power, we can clearly see it is not SLR's technological evolution or extension, with more business is out of competition and to avoid technical barriers to try, that is not a SLR system (Nikon, Canon) through the long-term precipitation construction of almost indestructible technical barriers to the market! Other manufacturers in this technology competition more and more powerless (including Sony) then wanted to find another way to bypass the very complex framing, focusing and other systems under the guise of fashion, the protection of the market under the guise of a means.
Q:Digital camera lens fell, probably the lens fell down, Canon ixus115hs, now the lens does not go back
According to your phenomenon, if there is a sound, it should be the lens zoom with the guide column broken or the lens group inside something broken, it is estimated that more dangerous. Send you a private letter, with that method you go to try it, maybe you can engage in the set.
Q:What is the meaning of the VR on the camera?
VR (Virtual Reality, that is, virtual reality, referred to as VR), by the United States VPL company founder Lanier (Jaron Lanier) in the early 80s put forward. The specific content is: the comprehensive use of computer graphics systems and a variety of real and control interface equipment, generated in the computer, interactive three-dimensional environment to provide immersive feeling of technology. Among them, the computer-generated, interactive three-dimensional environment to become a virtual environment (ie Virtual Environment, referred to as VE). Virtual reality technology to achieve the carrier is a virtual reality simulation platform, namely (Virtual Reality Platform, referred to as VRP).
Q:My camera lens stuck
Non-lens problem maintenance, the cost is often very low. So, when you repair the most important thing is to know where the camera is the root, where you have the right to ask the maintenance side to tell you the reasons and maintenance methods, and then determine whether the maintenance costs outrageous. In addition, according to personal experience, boot LCD display lens error and then automatically retracted to go, this should not be the lens of the action of the gear, so you can exclude the camera did not fall .
Q:What are the lens links for Canon's SLR?
All the cards are the same, only the sub-Canon interface, Nikon bayonet, which is generally other brand lens, do the time, will speak, but absolutely no Nikon original lens, is the Canon bayonet, just like you go Unicom, China Telecom charge mobile phone calls, obviously want to hit people places.
Q:What does the lens on the camera lens mean?
[Lime] lenticular oil; lenticular ore body The lens of the lens is the lens of the lens. The lens of the lens is the lens of the lens. Lens lens Lens lens Lens lens
Q:SLR camera lens focal length how much to how good
And like the lens of 18-200, what can be shot, but in the same person to use the case, the effect is worse than all the above listed lens. Answer the fifth floor, this lens I have not used, but if not accident, the imaging effect than 70-200 / F2.8L poor, more focal lengths of two to three times the zoom lens I am not familiar with, but with the red Circle head imaging will be better than it is.

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