Universal Lens Company 2X Telephoto Lens Long Focal Lens Camera Lenses Accessories(Red Sliver)

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Universal Lens Company 2x Mobile Telephoto Lens Universal Cell Lens Long Focal Lens Camera Lenses Accessories(Red Sliver)  




Universal Lens Company  2x Mobile Telephoto lens Universal Cell lens, Long Focal Lens for mobilephone Camera Lenses Accessories
take  the distant figures  clear after fix the lens


package in cardboard Box includes:


* 2x  Universal Lens Company Mobile Telephoto lens x1

* lens cap x1
* Cleaning cloth  x1
* User manual(English)  x1


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Q:Canon 60d 18-200 camera lens down the old down, what is the reason?
There is such a situation, it should not normal, and Canon's 18-135 next to the lens is a drop-proof buckle, the lens received 18 focal lengths, you can stuck, to prevent the slide, if the photo shoot, hanging on the body Or take in the hand walking, you can buckle up to prevent the lens slide out and cause damage, which is some of the telephoto lens skills, pay attention to the use of methods!
Q:Nikon camera CPU lens is what the meaning of the best said some
In general, "CPU lens" this call, Nikon love to use Simply put, Nikon will be able to communicate with the fuselage through the contact lens called the CPU lens Previous CPU lens to D-type lens as the representative of D-type lens: Distance focus distance data transfer technology Later evolved out of the G-type lens, canceled the aperture ring CPU lens to achieve more advanced metering and auto focus function In the year is a technological breakthrough
Q:Canon SLR camera lens d100 and Canon 5d series lens can be universal?
And full-frame body, such as 5D 6D 5D2 5D3 1Dx and so on these, in order to ensure the superior quality, can only use better quality EF lens.
Q:Canon SLR lens how to choose?
1,18-200 lens image quality is weak, and 24-105 head picture quality is a lot worse. If you have a sharp picture of the picture, you can see the difference between the two. But can not say 18-200 can not be used, the head of the consumer groups are ordinary people, shooting is ordinary photography, not professional photography lens. So, if you are not so demanding on the quality requirements, the purpose of taking pictures is not to participate in awards, then this lens is still available.
Q:Can the Canon SLR camera lens be generic?
The adaptability of the above three kinds of bayonets can be summarized as follows: 1, EF bayonet camera, the lens for the versatility is relatively poor, can only use the EF mount lens, but the vast majority of the current lens, especially high-end lenses are EF bayonet. This type of camera is mostly full-frame camera, representative models have 1Ds series, 1DX, 5D series, 6D; Secondly, 1D series is not the full size (APS-H format), but also must use EF lens; again, Canon early APS-C frame models (before 2003), because EF-S bayonet has not yet come out, can only use EF lens, on behalf of models D30, D60, 10D 2, EF-S bayonet camera, the lens is very versatile, in addition to all the EF lens can be used, you can also use all the EF-S bayonet lens, but no matter what kind of lens, the actual focal length are Equivalent to 1.6 times the focal length of the lens. This type of camera are APS-C format camera after 2003, on behalf of models are: 7D, 70D, 700D, 1100D and so the vast majority of Canon in the sale of entry-level camera 3, EF-M bayonet camera, in a sense for the lens of the versatility is the strongest, in addition to matching the EF-M lens can be used, you can also install the adapter ring, the use of all EF and EF-S lens, focal length conversion factor is also 1.6. At present, only Canon's no use of the camera (in fact, that is micro-single, just because the name of the micro-single registered by Sony, and other countries can not be used), on behalf of models: EOS-M and EOS-M2
Q:What is the difference between a digital camera CMOS lens and a CCD lens? Which lens is better?
CCD and CMOS in the manufacture of the main difference is that the CCD is integrated in the semiconductor single crystal material, and CMOS is integrated in the metal oxide is called the semiconductor material, the working principle is not essential difference. CCD only a few manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic and other master this technology. And CCD manufacturing process is more complex, the use of CCD camera prices will be relatively expensive. In fact, after technological transformation, the current CCD and CMOS, the actual effect of the gap has been reduced a lot. And CMOS manufacturing costs and power consumption are much lower than the CCD, so many camera manufacturers use CMOS sensor components. Imaging: in the same pixel CCD imaging permeability, sharpness is very good, color reproduction, exposure can guarantee basic accuracy. And CMOS products are often transparent in general, the color of the material to restore the weak, exposure is not very good, due to their physical characteristics of the reasons, CMOS image quality and CCD still have a certain distance. But because of the low price and a high degree of integration, so in the field of camera or has been widely used.
Q:What is the meaning of the VR on the camera?
The camera's safety shutter is based on the countdown of the lens focal length, such as the focal length of 50mm, the safe shutter is 1 / 50s, if less than the shutter speed, in theory, it is easier to produce jitter. From this point we can understand that the longer the focal length, then the shorter the safety shutter, if the telephoto lens focal length to 300mm, its safe shutter is 1 / 300s, if the shooting conditions are not ideal lighting conditions, then very Difficult to reach the safe shutter, hand-held shooting jitter is difficult to avoid. VR damping technology can reduce the shutter speed of 2-3 files, so more conducive to the light conditions are not ideal at the same time can not use a tripod and other equipment in the case of shooting clear photos. So compared to professional high-end SLR lens, in the home digital camera popular VR anti-shake technology seems urgent. Especially in the telephoto digital camera, anti-shake function becomes more important. Anti-shake generation (VR) and the second generation (VR II), generation can reduce the three shutter, such as 50mm lens, do not open VR to have 1 / 60 to clear, open the VR generation, down three shutter, that is, 1/15 seconds can be clearly shot, the second generation down four shutter, cheap lens only VR switch, a little better lens mode selection, a normal mode , A chase mode, suitable for making animals, cars and so on.
Q:Double lens reflex camera can introduce
5. The lens interchangeability is limited. If you replace the camera lens, you must also replace the viewfinder lens. Today's TLR cameras typically provide interchangeable dual lens devices. 6. Imaging on the contrary.
Q:SLR camera lens where there is water mist, is the damp it, how to solve!
So, I judge the owner of the camera fog should be in a large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, the solution is very simple answer is the same temperature inside and outside the lens can also be used to dry the air blower, but pay attention to sealing must not care lens Too close to the side of the coating.
Q:Canon SLR camera lens is a bayonet? Can you use a domestic lens?
Is the bayonet, but then back, with the screw lens camera has been very rare Canon's bayonet size is Canon dedicated, deputy factory also has, but to Canon authorized Caixing, deputy plant is mainly Dragon, Tuli, Sigma, etc. Any domestic one can not be universal, but can be transferred through the adapter ring

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