0.5X85mm Broadcast Fixed Focus Wide Angle Lens

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Product Description:

0.5x85mm Broadcast Fixed Focus Wide Angle Lens

Broadcast         Lens
Item NO.Lens ElementsMount ThreadMagnificationLens Type
HD-0.6X851–185mm0.6xFixed Focus Lens
HD-0.75X854–485mm0.75xZoom Lens
HD-0.6X821–182mm0.6xFixed Focus Lens
HD-0.75X824–482mm0.75xZoom Lens
HD-0.75X82B2–282mm0.75xZoom Lens105mm
HD-0.6X771–177mm0.6xFixed Focus Lens
HD-0.75X774–477mm0.75xZoom Lens
HD-0.6X721–172mm0.6xFixed Focus Lens
HD-0.75X724–472mm0.75xZoom Lens
LX-0.75X72B2–272mm0.75xZoom Lens95mm
HD-0.55X581–158mm0.55xFixed Focus Lens82mm
HD-0.65X584–458mm0.65xZoom Lens82mm
LX-0.65X58B2–258mm0.65xZoom Lens82mm
LX-0.7X432–243mm0.7xZoom Lens67mm
LX-0.5X372–237mm0.5xFixed Focus Lens55mm
LX-0.65X372–237mm0.65xZoom Lens49mm
Fisheye           Lens
Item NO.Lens ElementsMount ThreadMagnificationLens Type
HD-0.4X821–182mm0.4xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
HD-0.4X771–177mm0.4xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
LX-0.4X721–172mm0.4xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
HD-0.3X723–272mm0.3xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
LX-0.4X581–158mm0.4xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens82mm
HD-0.3X583–258mm0.3xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
HD-0.3X373–237mm0.3xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
LX-0.25X373–337mm0.25xZoom Fisheye Lens62mm
MC UV58   62   67   72   77   82   86   95   105   112   127mm 
CPL58   62   67   72   77   82   86   95   105   112   127mm 

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Q:Film SLR camera lens on the aperture ring is how to use it?
The shutter can not be pressed. The The Exclude the cause of a mechanical failure. Some film cameras must be put into film to move the shutter.
Q:Camera lens why so many lenses?
The combination of multiple lenses can correct aberration to some extent. Second, if the lens zoom requires multiple lenses to change the spacing to achieve.
Q:The world's most famous three digital camera lens is what
3, Lycra lens; Ie leica. Was founded in 1849 by the 23-year-old German mathematician Carl. Carl Kellner set up the "Optical Association" in Wetzlar to start the development of the lens and microscope. Is currently one of the world's most famous lens manufacturers.
Q:SLR camera lens how to remove from the fuselage?
In the lens around the root of a button different interface position is not the same press the lens can be rotated to remove the
Q:What is the difference between a built-in lens and an external lens for a digital camera?
Fixed lens is generally used on a fool camera, usually zoom lens, small size, light weight, quality in general, the aperture is not, everything is dry, so dry. Is to meet the home ~ Exchangeable lens is not the same, although the volume and weight are not small, the price is also expensive expensive. But its optical quality and then how to say it will be better than the fixed lens ~ Moreover, it can be different for the subject matter of the film, each category of the lens will be based on the theme of the shooting features to optimize. Such as ultra wide-angle, fixed lens camera no matter how wide but wide camera wide-angle lens ~ for example, macro, fixed lens camera even if the paste does not have a dedicated macro lens in 30 cm away from the big ~
Q:Canon digital camera lens how to wipe
Generally do not see, no dust, no fingerprints can be, and will not affect the camera, you ask there are more ways, and made you a confused. But also asked to buy a special lens cloth, but also to buy a special lens cleaning lens cleaning fluid, with a lens cloth to wipe the mirror dust, and then dip the cleaning solution to wipe, and finally did not dip in the cleaning solution where more than wipe a few times There 's no trace of what you see.
Q:Camera and camera lens, in the south of the wet environment, the specific how to do moisture-proof mold?
  2. For the ordinary consumer level digital camera, if you buy a professional oven to save some obviously worth the candle, so we recommend a better sealed sealed box can be saved. Sealed storage boxes are generally sold in the supermarket, the size of the specifications are, the price range of 10-30 yuan, we can choose according to the size of the camera a suitable box. However, it is best to buy a good seal of the box, usually sealed with a sealed strip. The color of silica gel is the most commonly used moisture-proofing desiccant, it is dry in the blue, damp after the pink, then you can place the sun exposure or on the microwave oven, it turned back to blue, you can Use, and this silicone will not discharge toxic and corrosive gases, for the camera in terms of moisture is appropriate. General chemical stores have discoloration of silica gel, the general 10-12 yuan a can, 500 grams, the price is very cheap. Will be discolored silicone on the bottom of the sealed box, with a clean white cloth to do the isolation layer, the camera on the line on the line, in principle, do not let the digital machine directly touch the color of silica gel. One thing to note, put the camera before the first camera to remove the battery, with a soft cloth on the camera dirty and sweat clean. Finally, cover the lid, evenly press the lid to cover it, so as not to spill.
Q:SLR camera in addition to the lens outside the need to support things
1, tripod (monopod) and the shutter line, which is the essential parts of SLR photography, slow shutter dedicated; 2, a variety of filters, filters can make the photo more shocking;
Q:What is the better the zoom range?
For the overall quality of the lens, in fact, the greater the scope of zoom, the lens quality is also worse. 10 times the zoom lens is most often encountered two problems is the lens distortion and dispersion.
Q:The current high-speed camera up to the maximum speed of how high-speed camera with how the lens
Junda Transtech Services 10 series of high-speed camera frame rate of 4000 frames / sec, a small frame up to 25 million frames / sec. Ordinary SLR lens can be used, the specific choice depends on the application, shoot large field of view using short focus, wide-angle lens, shoot fine things can use macro lens, microscope, etc.

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