0.5X85mm Broadcast Fixed Focus Wide Angle Lens

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0.5x85mm Broadcast Fixed Focus Wide Angle Lens

Broadcast         Lens
Item NO.Lens ElementsMount ThreadMagnificationLens Type
HD-0.6X851–185mm0.6xFixed Focus Lens
HD-0.75X854–485mm0.75xZoom Lens
HD-0.6X821–182mm0.6xFixed Focus Lens
HD-0.75X824–482mm0.75xZoom Lens
HD-0.75X82B2–282mm0.75xZoom Lens105mm
HD-0.6X771–177mm0.6xFixed Focus Lens
HD-0.75X774–477mm0.75xZoom Lens
HD-0.6X721–172mm0.6xFixed Focus Lens
HD-0.75X724–472mm0.75xZoom Lens
LX-0.75X72B2–272mm0.75xZoom Lens95mm
HD-0.55X581–158mm0.55xFixed Focus Lens82mm
HD-0.65X584–458mm0.65xZoom Lens82mm
LX-0.65X58B2–258mm0.65xZoom Lens82mm
LX-0.7X432–243mm0.7xZoom Lens67mm
LX-0.5X372–237mm0.5xFixed Focus Lens55mm
LX-0.65X372–237mm0.65xZoom Lens49mm
Fisheye           Lens
Item NO.Lens ElementsMount ThreadMagnificationLens Type
HD-0.4X821–182mm0.4xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
HD-0.4X771–177mm0.4xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
LX-0.4X721–172mm0.4xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
HD-0.3X723–272mm0.3xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
LX-0.4X581–158mm0.4xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens82mm
HD-0.3X583–258mm0.3xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
HD-0.3X373–237mm0.3xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
LX-0.25X373–337mm0.25xZoom Fisheye Lens62mm
MC UV58   62   67   72   77   82   86   95   105   112   127mm 
CPL58   62   67   72   77   82   86   95   105   112   127mm 

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Q:When taking pictures with a normal camera, it is not easy to use. There is a "fool" camera,
Here to talk about why he does not need to focus on the problem can be clear, answer this question before you first talk about the "depth of field" concept. The depth of field is when the lens is focused on an object after focusing, the object in the focal plane (film or digital CCD) to form a clear image, but the focus of the front or rear of a range of objects can also be a clear image , We put this section can be clearly imaged area called depth of field.
Q:Can a SLR camera be placed on a micro single camera?
For example, GF series with 4/3-M4 / 3 ring adapter transfer Olympus SLR lens, Sony NEX series of micro-single use LA-EA2 original ring adapter Sony Alpha SLR lens, Canon EOS-M micro single use The original ring adapter Canon EF lens, you can use auto focus, anti-shake, electronic aperture and other functions.
Q:Sony digital camera lens stretching with friction sound
Do not know how the frequency of your camera trial, it is estimated that there is a little dry inside the grease. In addition, the camera has recently suffered a strong shock or collision, if possible mechanical position has been offset. Both cases are going to be repaired
Q:SLR lens filter function and type
Seven, blue mirror (B):         For black and white photography. The mirror through the green, blue, purple, red, orange, yellow and other colors. Wavelength of about 400-500nm range through the need to increase the exposure level 2 or so (according to the degree of softness of the mirror to master). Eight, gray mirror (ND):         There is a consistent absorption characteristic in the visible range. From the role of light, there is no color change. Is a commonly used to adjust the bright filter. Nine, Leiden 80:         The mirror color temperature conversion filter, points A, B, C, Leiden 80A color temperature from 3200K to 5500K. The use of the mirror can be sun-type film for artificial light source.
Q:Camera and camera lens, in the south of the wet environment, the specific how to do moisture-proof mold?
1. If the place to live is not very wet at the same time the camera commonly used, then do not need a professional moisture box and desiccant, only in the camera bag into a few packs of desiccant. We often eat some puffed food, such as "Wang Kuangxue" in the desiccant can be used. Method is: take a few bags of such desiccant, on the camera bag, ready to go to the tide, over a period of time, desiccant bag softened, according to the weather and shooting the actual weather changes, and then change a few bags The Simple and practical, lightweight and durable. But remember not to break up. If the camera has been due to moisture can not be used normally, you can put it in the air conditioning outlet, the air conditioning to the dehumidifier, blowing about 2 hours, it may ease the problem. For a long time without the machine, pay attention from time to time to the machine through electricity, but also to achieve the purpose of dehumidification.
Q:Camera lens has a lot of fingerprints how to do?
And imaging effects will be greatly reduced Note: Some stains such as fingerprints dry rub is not rub off, really erase the coating will be finished, you must use a special lens water !!!!!!!! There is the lens Can not clean the rub, can not rub the rub, the physical contact with the lens coating are damaged, can also use the lens paper, suede, resin glasses for the glasses cloth once the lens is damaged Can not be remedied, the only way is to change the lens.
Q:Card camera lens dirty, how to clean up?
Five, dry Whether it is DC lens, or the body of the electronic components, must be excluded from the wet environment. So after shooting in the rain, or the lens after the wet cleaning, are recommended to dry and placed in the oven. In fact, the dry box of our own, to the supermarket to buy a good seal, the size of the plastic storage box, collecting a little desiccant (many electronic equipment packaging, or part of the small food packaging are) placed in the box can be
Q:How to use air blowing, lens pen, cleaning mirror cloth, cleaning mirror paper cleaning SLR camera lens?
If the time is long, the lens into the gray, it is only blowing on the line, when the first blow and then rub, the general lens pen on the line. Lens paper is not recommended, and stack bad will hurt the lens, you have bought so advanced things, not on the paper.
Q:Canon's 40D is not on the coke, how to determine the camera or the lens of the problem,
My 40D is the problem, I tried the other lens found everything is normal, that is, the 17-85 sets of head focus is not successful, the lens motor repeatedly in the turn, that is, no coke and light, I suspect that the lens has a problem, and tomorrow ready to take Quick repair center check.
Q:SLR camera lens using a different focal length to shoot the same object, quality distinction?
You are talking about the focus after the focus, as long as the purpose of shooting according to the appropriate choice of focal length of the fixed focus is generally able to move around the zoom.

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