Gold Universal 3 In 1 Clip On Mobile Phone Lens

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Gold universal 3 in 1 clip on mobile phone lens for iphone


1.Fish eye+Macro+Wide angle 3-IN-ONE Universal external clip lens for all mobile phone .

2.Design with clip is easy to use for all people.

3.Very small that can take it when you are traveling which you can take many beautiful photos as you like with the effect and you will enjoy your journey.

4.The lens of this product is high quality optical lenses, after twenty times polished, highly clear and very obvious optical effect, the lens with a three-layer film ( the same as the blue film and green film of our glasses). in order to prevent from deformation after several decades and affect the optical photographic effects, particularly using the framework in high density and hardness of the steel-plastic material .

5.This product is unique in that basically meet the needs of any mobile phone, Apple iphone series, Samsung K-series, HTC, millet, Meizu! As long as you like to take pictures like photography, this lens is your best choice!



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Q:SLR lens magnification how to see?
hint How to see the magnification of the optical zoom from the digital camera body ★ We can calculate the magnification of the optical zoom from the zoom range (focal length) of the lens. For example: Sony Cybershot DSC-F828 digital camera lens, clearly marked "7.1 - 51", which means the zoom range (focal length) from 7.1 mm to 51 mm. Then you can calculate the optical zoom multiplier of 51 ÷ 7.1 ≈ 7. ★ Many digital camera body or lens will directly identify the optical zoom multiple, such as Sony Cybershot DSC-F828 digital camera at the top of the fuselage, clearly marked "7x Optical Zoom" (see Figure 1). Today's digital camera optical zoom multiples of 2 times -5 times, you can 10 meters away from the object closer to 5-3 meters near; there are some digital cameras have 10 times the optical zoom effect. Home camcorder optical zoom factor of 10 times to 22 times, can be more clearly photographed 70 meters away things. Use the magnification mirror to increase the optical zoom factor of the camcorder. If the optical zoom factor is not enough, we can add a magnification lens in front of the lens, the calculation method is like this, a 2 times the teleconverter, set in a 4x optical zoom digital camera, then this digital The optical zoom factor of the camera is doubled, doubled, 6 times and 8 times from the original 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, multiplied by the magnification of the teleconverter and the optical zoom multiplier.
Q:SLR camera lens SLR lens classification
The third is the telephoto lens, usually 100mm or 135mm. Which is 100mm lens is generally macro lens, 135mm lens is portrait lens, but focus on the half-length portrait, and 85mm more focused on the body portrait. Focal length of more than 200mm is what we call the telephoto lens. In fact, the focal length of the lens is very useful, you can shoot scenery, portrait, or ecological photography (such as shooting birds, etc., especially 300mm or even more than 400mm lens). However, these lenses are usually large and heavy, and the lack of anti-shake help, use the restrictions or a lot, so the actual use of the opportunity is not particularly
Q:SLR camera lens play what role, the fuselage play what role?
And the use of SLR camera from the subject when the light from the lens focus, was oblique reflection mirror reflected to the focus screen imaging, and then through the top of the ridge to the "roof prism" reflection, the photographer through the viewfinder eyepiece can see the scene , And is up and down around the same scene with the image, so framing, focusing are very convenient.
Q:SLR camera lens should always hang UV mirror or polarizer?
The polarizer function is different, it is mainly used to eliminate or weaken the non-metallic subject surface reflection, thus eliminating or reducing the spot, is shooting water, glass and other strong reflective object ideal filter. As part of the light is filtered, so the use of polarizers will reduce the 1-2 into the amount of light. Uv mirror is long used in the lens, the lens play a protective role. If it is a long time to use, or the pursuit of transparent, high-quality photos or a separate use of good, because more than a layer as one layer.
Q:What is the meaning of the digital camera lens quality?
The quality of the lens should be said that the lens is used in a certain brand of the meaning of the lens, the Aoba lens, a Lycra lens, Fuji Rong lens, and so are well-known lens, which depends on what brand of the camera. In fact, these lenses are not bad, of course, there are differences between the landlord to see what their favorite lens, what brand camera slightly!
Q:Canon SLR lens how to choose?
3, if you do not meet the 18-200 head of the picture quality, but also need wide-angle shooting scenery, it is recommended on a 17-40mmf4L head, which is a very cost-effective Canon wide-angle zoom head. The only thing to do is that the lack of telephoto end, only through the other lens to make up. Also, travel photography, telephoto end usage is low, you can temporarily do not buy, after the need to re-purchase according to their own.
Q:What is the camera lens accessories?
Filter: the protection of the role of UV, protective mirror; gradient mirror - for the light than the sunrise sunset shooting; dimmer - used to shoot streams, waterfalls, make silky smooth; - for the macro photography; polarizer - used to reduce the reflective, but also can make the blue sky more profound, more prominent white clouds: color mirror - film age correction color temperature; star light mirror - let point light source star; Mirror - make the screen soften a sense of hazy
Q:Why is the camera lens anti-blue?
The camera lens is anti-blue because of Camera lens on the film, this can improve the camera's imaging results.
Q:Will the SLR camera lens focal length the size
Such a problem to see you buy a camera or lens to the instructions can be resolved. No longer be able to visit the user exchange forum. SLR cameras and ordinary digital camera is the biggest difference between the manual focus, so as to achieve a more perfect shooting. 50 meters away from the external focus, ordinary digital camera can easily achieve, of course, not to mention the SLR, but for the lens you have to see the needs of the. The lens does not need particularly good, the most common header on it. The specific use of what kind of head, you can refer to the following website in the recommendation. In fact, a lot of equipment around the family, photography and equipment family is really a lot of money ah ~ better than the late learning, what problems can be solved by the ~
Q:SLR lens filter function and type
Thirteen, the fluorescent mirror:         The fluorescent lens is a special color compensation filter. When you use the daylight color film to shoot under the fluorescent light, the picture will produce bluish blue, green tone, if you use the fluorescent lens to shoot, you can correct the color cast phenomenon, so that the screen color to restore the real. Fourteen, dimming night mirror:         Department of gray mirror class. By a strong role in blocking light. In the exposure of the appropriate choice under the premise of the sun can be taken to an excellent night effect. Fifteen, red reinforced mirror:         The mirror is a high-grade filter, made by the import of expensive rare earth elements made of imported optical materials. It can make the spectrum between 570-600nm turbid yellow and orange light completely absorbed, while the red light through. So it can significantly improve the red, light red, reddish red objects in the color saturation, make it more vivid, bright, strong. For example, the autumn maple leaves more red, strawberries and tomatoes are more seductive sunset atmosphere is more rich; wedding or Christmas more festive ... .... The mirror and the combination of polarizers can make the blue sky color thicker, more beautiful. Use this mirror to increase the exposure level of 1 / 2-1. Sixteen, gradient mirror:         The gradient mirror is one of the most important filters in photography art creation. It can be divided into gradient and gradual diffuse mirrors. It can be divided into soft gradients and hard gradients from the gradient form. The "soft" That is, the transition range is small, are based on creative features selected.

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