Super Wide 0.67X For Mobile Phone Zoom Lens Universal Clip Lens 3 In 1

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0.67x wide + macro + fish eye lens 180 


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Q:SLR lens stabilizer key what is the use
SLR lens stabilizer button is the lens anti-shake switch. Lens image stabilization is set in the lens of a special anti-shake compensation group, according to the camera's direction and degree of jitter, compensation mirror group to adjust the location and angle, so that the optical path to maintain stability.
Q:Nikon camera lens g ed vr what does it mean
  In short, G is a G-type lens, no aperture ring design ED: is ultra-low dispersion lens. VR is anti-shake lens Nikon brand lens technology logo there are many, in this unknown.
Q:Canon SLR camera lens d100 and Canon 5d series lens can be universal?
And full-frame body, such as 5D 6D 5D2 5D3 1Dx and so on these, in order to ensure the superior quality, can only use better quality EF lens.
Q:Can I replace the lens of the camera called micro single?
You can think of this machine as a reverse product between cards and SLR! But this product has a huge congenital defects, 1 is the price, much higher than the consumer product, enough to match the price of low-end SLR, 2 is almost no lens can be changed, there are two or three performance is not ye ye, that this thing than the price and portable far less than the card, more than the optical performance and the low-end SLR with a dog head to a tie There are expensive optical lens, superior performance of professional SLR view, those images better than the card, but not inflow
Q:Camera lens on a small amount of dust is not a little impact on the quality of imaging?
2, small aperture shot specific objects If you use a small aperture to shoot light objects, such as making blue sky and white clouds, quality will appear spot. Of course, if the amount of dust is particularly small, such as a small number of particles. Then in all cases will not affect the imaging.
Q:SLR camera lens how to remove from the fuselage?
18-55 This lens is a white point of the lens that is EF-S lens body lens mount at 2 points (a red, a white} The easiest way is to remember the white point of the red dot on the red dot Red dot unloading the lens, next to a lens release button, hold down the lens release button to turn the lens can be removed
Q:Card camera lens has been open, can not be closed?
Then you can go to the camera shop repair may be a card
Q:What is the meaning of the VR on the camera?
The camera's safety shutter is based on the countdown of the lens focal length, such as the focal length of 50mm, the safe shutter is 1 / 50s, if less than the shutter speed, in theory, it is easier to produce jitter. From this point we can understand that the longer the focal length, then the shorter the safety shutter, if the telephoto lens focal length to 300mm, its safe shutter is 1 / 300s, if the shooting conditions are not ideal lighting conditions, then very Difficult to reach the safe shutter, hand-held shooting jitter is difficult to avoid. VR damping technology can reduce the shutter speed of 2-3 files, so more conducive to the light conditions are not ideal at the same time can not use a tripod and other equipment in the case of shooting clear photos. So compared to professional high-end SLR lens, in the home digital camera popular VR anti-shake technology seems urgent. Especially in the telephoto digital camera, anti-shake function becomes more important. Anti-shake generation (VR) and the second generation (VR II), generation can reduce the three shutter, such as 50mm lens, do not open VR to have 1 / 60 to clear, open the VR generation, down three shutter, that is, 1/15 seconds can be clearly shot, the second generation down four shutter, cheap lens only VR switch, a little better lens mode selection, a normal mode , A chase mode, suitable for making animals, cars and so on.
Q:SLR camera lens where there is water mist, is the damp it, how to solve!
The water mist is a moisture that contains warm air to the cold lens, which condenses on the lens surface. Put the lens in the oven for a day and a night. If you still can not be removed to the maintenance point to see, it is not a mist.
Q:SLR lens STM what it means
STM means that the stepper motor is compared with the USM STM very quiet when the focus is very useful when shooting with the USM short film focus sound serious impact shooting

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