3In1 Fisheye Lens + Micro Lens + Wide Angle Kit Universal 3-In-1 Clip Lens For Iphone/Samsung/Htc

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3in1 Fisheye Lens + Micro Lens + Wide Angle Kit UNIVERSAL 3-in-1 Clip Lens For IPhone/Samsung/HTC


Universal 3 in 1 clip lens for smart phones and tablets. LQ-001 New in box. Includes Fish Eye Lens, Wide Angle Lens and Macro Lens


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Q:Digital camera lens inside the moldy how to remove?
Hey, a lot of people could not bear to spend three or four hundred to buy a dry box, and finally destroyed thousands of lenses ah Put the oven two months, wait until the mold can be used to clean the dry, of course, mold will not disappear, to remove the demolition of the lens
Q:Is it possible to wipe the camera with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol?
To sell the camera where the camera to buy special paper, and then Kazakhstan gas, gently from the middle to the surrounding rub. Must be light, the camera lens is very fragile, otherwise there will be scratches!
Q:Shoot macro, what camera and lens to buy?
In the general digital camera or normal normal lens before adding a magnification magnification is not large, you can simply close to the subject, photographed macro effect. But because adding a magnifying lens, the quality will be lower than the original lens, but can make ordinary digital camera to enjoy the fun of macro photography. Another way does not affect the quality of the method is only applicable to the SLR or micro single camera, between the lens and the fuselage plus a close-up ring (with the brand camera and lens compatible close-up not only bayonet fit, There are the same electrical signal transmission contacts, if the purchase of the original brand with the same close-up ring is better, but the price is not low) method, this access ring is usually 12mmm, 24mm and 36mm several, can be a single Use or group use, so that the original ordinary lens image from double to double the focal length, and produced a magnified image, this method is characterized by shooting the lens to maintain the original optical quality, but the actual aperture Will be reduced, the light is weak when the viewfinder will be slightly difficult. The easiest way is to remove the ordinary standard lens, and then buckle in the fuselage of the lens can be connected, you can also take a macro picture, but then there is no TTL metering, the aperture can not change, the focus is not easy to control, Vulnerable to the camera and the fuselage between the stray light dry.
Q:NIKON D90 camera how to take the lens
NIKON D90 SLR camera to remove the lens is not trouble. Press the lens lock button in front of the camera, press the camera while counterclockwise direction, SLR camera lens was successfully removed from the camera. Tip: Remove the lens after the replacement method, put the lens to pick up the lens to be replaced, the lens at the red on the camera bayonet, and then clockwise twist the lens, know that heard the sound, this Description has been successfully replaced the camera lens
Q:Camera lens has a lot of fingerprints how to do?
And imaging effects will be greatly reduced Note: Some stains such as fingerprints dry rub is not rub off, really erase the coating will be finished, you must use a special lens water !!!!!!!! There is the lens Can not clean the rub, can not rub the rub, the physical contact with the lens coating are damaged, can also use the lens paper, suede, resin glasses for the glasses cloth once the lens is damaged Can not be remedied, the only way is to change the lens.
Q:SLR camera lens area distinction
8. Clear at night the general need to shoot people flash, shooting still life can be used for a long time exposure. All the cameras have three basic parameters: shutter, aperture and exposure, adjust the parameters of the ultimate goal is to ensure the appropriate exposure, the faster the shutter, open the time is short, less light into the sensor, so the shutter is too fast Easy to lead to underexposure, the aperture has two purposes, mainly to control the same aperture, the larger the caliber (f value is smaller) the same time to enter the sensor more light, but the larger the caliber, the more shallow the background, By controlling the depth of field (relatively small depth of field) to achieve, the higher the exposure, the more sensitive sensors, less light into the normal exposure, but the exposure is too high and easy to noise. Entry-level SLR is generally recommended not to be greater than ISO400. (Canon can go to ISO800) 9. other people answered too much, I will not repeat. Hope it helps you. There is the size of the sensor area is the camera body parameters, and the lens has nothing to do, the larger the sensor area, the unit area of ​​the pixels on the more, if the same pixel, the larger the area, then the larger the area of ​​a single pixel, The effect is better and more real.
Q:SLR camera lens how to see the model to identify the quality
Fixed focus is the same, the same focal length, the greater the better aperture. 50 1.2 and 85 1.2 are better than 50 1.8 and 85 1.8. But 85 1.8 better than 50 1.8, this will have to see the experience. Of course, you are determined according to the price is right, but a lot of the lens you get the hands do not know the price, then see the aperture is no problem.
Q:Can digital camera lens and mechanical camera lens be interchangeable?
Second, different manufacturers, the lens interface is not the same, only the same interface, it is completely interchangeable.
Q:Is the camera's lens longer and more expensive?
Almost can think so. But not comprehensive, nor is it absolute. Only from the appearance point of view, some short lens may be longer than its long lens. If you look from the appearance of the lens of your cheap, but also from the size of the lens point of view. The larger the lens, the thicker the tube diameter, the more expensive! From the raw material point of view, the lens of its cost of material ah. The main cost of the lens is those glass lenses. The thicker the lens, the larger the lens,
Q:Do professional studio photo, what is the type of camera and lens?
Also, the studio with a lens, as far as possible with a large aperture and constant aperture of the head! First, the location of the big cloudy day we still get! Second, non-constant aperture will affect the shooting speed! Day 5,6 sets of clothes shooting (wedding) unhappy not ah! Finally talk about my configuration, of course, I have no money: D300 + Tuli 11-16 + Dragon 17-50 + Nikon 50 / 1.4 + Nikon 85 / 1.8! Give you a reference! You will have a question to see it, why I want to use the 11-16 lens, Oh, and now wedding location ultra-wide use of a lot of the kind of deformation is now guests like very popular! Especially those after 85-90! Some "fashion" youth, you have to set the photos are shot with a long focal length aperture, they will say that this photo is too earth! Ha ha! no way! Studio is also a fashion industry, to follow!

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