For Iphone 5 Camera Lens 3 In 1 Lens Kit Hot!!!

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For iphone 5 camera lens 3 in 1 lens kit

1) Macro + wide + fish eye camera lens
2) Fashion design
3) White color
4) Compatible with iphone 5


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Q:Why is the lens of the camera not square
2, due to the need for light through the lens lens into the camera in the film or electronic sensor on the exposure imaging, in order to ensure accurate imaging, the lens lens needs to be processed into spherical or other types of surface, the use of circular structure to facilitate the lens Polished and cut.
Q:Will my Canon 600d camera lens how automatic focus can not!
The lens has a recent focus distance limit, in this focus distance is not on the coke, which in your side of the lens will be marked, you can look at, there is a darker in the light, you focus on the object color comparison Uniform time, the camera will be very difficult to focus, these two issues are not the lens of things. do not worry
Q:Yaxika mechanical camera lens, if the use of Y / C conversion bayonet switch to the digital camera, what brand should buy digital camera
2.NIKON digital camera, you can also transfer Y / C lens, but because NIKON digital camera F bayonet caliber smaller, it may not be able to transfer all the Y / C port lens.
Q:Micro single camera lens that kind of good
Micro-single-camera anti-shake is mainly using the body anti-shake and lens anti-shake. Olympus's micro-single body with anti-shake, Sony, Panasonic, Nikon is the use of lens image stabilization. Fuselage anti-shake any lens can play the effect of anti-shake, the lens must be anti-shake to buy anti-shake lens to play the effect, and the lens anti-shake because of the lens through the more quality will be reduced , So the body anti-shake better.
Q:What is the difference between the optical zoom of the SLR camera and the optical zoom of the card machine?
The difference between the two: 1, SLR large volume weight, card machine small and light. 2, SLR high quality, poor quality card machine. 3, SLR machine can follow your intention to photography, and automatic card machine to make your intentions tend to fall.
Q:SONY camera lens stretched out
This is a camera failure, not necessarily the problem of falling. Camera This part of the transmission are plastic gear, you long-term unused, part of the rotating parts is not flexible, or stuck, the motor does not move, the camera since the protection (so shut down). In fact, the problem is not big, but you may not get.
Q:SLR camera outside the lens can not wipe with a paper towel
n the best time to blow the ball blowing dust or brush with a soft brush gently brush out, if you encounter more stubborn dust, be sure to use a special lens cloth or lens paper gently wipe, remember not to use paper towels, etc.
Q:Can the camera lens be mounted on the camera for a long time?
pay attention to change the lens When: 1 remove the lens after the lens body interface down; 2 hand to change the lens at the same time to find the direction of installation; 3 hands at the same time operation 'gently' alignment mark, soft tight in place. Do everything for the fuselage does not enter the dust, the lens, both sides of the interface is not flawed.
Q:The world's most famous three digital camera lens is what
3, Lycra lens; Ie leica. Was founded in 1849 by the 23-year-old German mathematician Carl. Carl Kellner set up the "Optical Association" in Wetzlar to start the development of the lens and microscope. Is currently one of the world's most famous lens manufacturers.
Q:SLR camera lens, how long will it be updated once? Which brand lens is durable?
   From the degree of leather point of view, but also better of Nikon, but now is not as good as the market, the results of the way ah

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