37mm 0.42X Fisheye Lens For Fish Eye Canon Nikon Sony Panasonic Jvc Camera Camcorder

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37mm 0.42X fisheye lens Fish Eye for Canon Nikon Sony Panasonic JVC camera camcorder


made of muilti coated optics glass lens

Mounts on any camcorder with 37mm lens filter thread
180 Degrees Circular Fisheye Capability


0.42x High Definition Professional Wide Angle Panoramic (Panoramic, wide pictures) Fisheye.


It fits right over your camera's existing lens system and affects the full zoom range of your camera's lens.A wide-angle converter MORE THAN DOUBLES your angle of view, allowing you to get twice as much in the picture, include more of the landscape, include more people in group picture, and interiors show more of the room. Your telephoto setting also becomes wider, this converter brings everything closer.


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Q:How to protect the camera lens
Second, the lens should not be damp, to be placed in a dry cool place. It is best to put the camera in a plastic bag with a desiccant (silicone) or a sealed box in the rainy season, or in the rainy season. Because the lens after the damp, the mirror will change or stains, affecting the effect of knot; more serious will make the middle of the lens layer of glue to produce mildew, or even completely degumming.
Q:Why is the lens of the camera not square
1, in order to maximize the amount of light, so that light through the lens, to ensure a clear picture. Such as the design of the side, near the edge of the amount of light and the amount of light through the middle of inconsistent, both strong center, four corners weak, according to the central light exposure, corners of the lack of exposure; by the corners of the light exposure, the central exposure.
Q:SLR camera lens must be installed UV mirror?
UV mirror is not non-loaded can not, the previous SLR installed UV mirror is to weaken the impact of UV imaging, SLR is now basically the CMOS sensor, UV mirror to become the role of the protection of the lens. Installed not installed to see the individual, installed to protect the lens, but how much will affect the amount of light, there are advantages and disadvantages.
Q:Camera lens how to do two filters at the same time use? The bayonet of the filter is one way
There is a circle in front of the glass of the filter. In the pinch lens cover you should know? SLR lens with the kind of principle is the card in front of the lens installed on the filter thread fixed. If the lens has been installed on the filter, such as UV, or can cover the lens cover, because the filter in front of the white and the front of the same lens, each filter are like this. So the filter can be theoretically unlimited installation
Q:Sony digital camera lens stretching with friction sound
If the sound is not too big, then no problem, you switch off the machine when you look at the lens is not a halt when the phenomenon of pause, if there may be into the sand, it is recommended to post-sale detection
Q:Card camera lens has been open, can not be closed?
Then you can go to the camera shop repair may be a card
Q:What are the lens links for Canon's SLR?
For non-full-size machine, only EF lens, but not the whole frame can be used in two kinds of lenses (only the full-frame lens used in non-full-time lens when the actual focal length to wind 1.6 this coefficient). Such as: EF17-40MM This full-size lens used in your 60D on the actual focal length is 27.2-64 mm, the equivalent of wide-angle shrink! )
Q:Canon digital camera lens how to wipe
The best is to use the eraser of the deer skin, or in the market to buy a dedicated lens paper, dip a small amount of alcohol gently wipe the surface of the oil, if the dust is best to blow clean in the rub, or may scratch the lens, In the light side of the side to see are clean on it. Generally have a small amount of dust will not affect the camera, hand touched the oil to wipe or will affect the shooting.
Q:What does the lens on the camera lens mean?
A lens; a group of lenses; The crystal of the eye The lens of a telescope, a microscope, a camera, etc Lenticular lenticular objects; car lights glass
Q:Why Casio digital camera will always show the lens error, and the lens can not shrink
Can be soil treatment. To find the thick book pad to the bottom of the camera fierce knock three, And then turn off the machine, repeated three or five times, generally just fine. It is not, to repair.

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